Anyone interested in Starting November 5, (Monday) 2012....

  • Just finished my LBWO and I think I'm going to go to a hot yoga class at 4pm to help stretch out all of my sooooore muscles. Eating is going great--I never feel hungry and actually have to keep reminding myself to get in the 5 meals. I also track my meals over on My Fitness Pal--feel free to 'Friend' me, I'm AML04143 over there. Hope everyone else is having a good day 3!

  • Hello everyone. Congrats to everyone who has taken the bull by the horns in a quest for health and fitness. Today is day 3 and I did my lbwo today and it felt great. Like many, I struggle with food but I am trying hard to stay focused on the program and focus on what I should put in my body instead of what i can't eat lest it provoke a craving in me. I don't plan to go crazy on my free days and I definitely won't post the specific junk foods I eat as I am attempting to render them powerless over me and break free of this love affair I have with sugar, salt, and empty calories.  Stay strong friends! Forward all the way! Can't wait till cardio tomorrow.

  • Hey futuremrsm, I'm going to try my fitness pal. Currently I use livestrong.

  • Thanks Karen for starting this.  It's awesome to have support on this fitness journey!

    Keep up the great work everybody.  

    Cardio tomorrow, not my favorite.  But's ONLY 20 min.  I can do that!

    Good luck everybody!

  • Your Welcome Jan.  Wanted to mention as well for those who are interested.  I am currently using what seems a good workout/weight tracking program.  You can find it at  I find it easy to use...with features I have yet to discover as I havent checked out the whole site yet.  A place to set and manage goals...with charts, graphs, with lists and other ways to keep track and update your personal data.  Looks good so far.

  • Day 8 for me today, starting new week.  Out in a restaurant last night, always a problem, and then a glass of wine or 2, and then my resolve melts!  So for today, strict eatibng, stay true to the plan, and NO RESTAURANTS, ha ha.  I don't know about all these other sites for charting workout progress.  Find it's hard for me in my life to find the time.... But I do have a BFL Success Jorunal which I turn to early each mornibg and write out my goals and fitness and food plan for the day.  It is easy and a nice way to structure the day ahead of me.

    Good luck to everyone, keep it up!  Cold blustery winds outside, in the NE, brrrr!  Pam

  • Just checking in!  Workouts are not great this week.  Day 3 of a mrigraine, but I hvae been eating well.  Lost 4 pounds this week!!  Looking forward to to my Cardio if the headache is gone this weekend!!

  • Hello everyone. Happy Thursday. Did my 20 minutes of HITT cardio this morning, and then an extra 20 min at a moderate pace. Doing well so far. Not eating 6 meals a day. Using Isagenix products and eating 4-5 times a day. Have to increase my water. My body feels different already. Glad to be doing the program. I hope everyone is doing well!

  • Restaurants are a ***, but its an excuse to go to a really expensive one, that way you will know you will get a lot less food and you also order less! :)

  • Got on the treadmill this morning and was amazed at how much better and stronger my legs felt after doing spinning classes these past two weeks instead.  I guess mixing it up is a good idea, mentally AND physically!  Now to stay true to the plan all day and tonight, Friday night.... Focusing on salads first at dinner, to fill me up, a nice big glass of sparkling water, ha ha!  You are right, MrCynical, the miore expensive the better for my diet, haha.

    Have a great Friday all.   Pam

  • Hi everyone!  The week is going good so far.  My arm felt quivery" again this morning after my UBWO.  Had a hard  time hitting my 10's in my LBWO on Wed. with just my free weights.  Looking forward to my last cardio tomorrow, and my little piece of chocolate on Sunday!!

    Happy weekend everone!

  • How is everyone feeling after their first week?  Anyone go a little bit overboard on their free day? (DEEP FRY ALL THE MEALS!)

  • Hello all.  Ready for week two?  Stephanie, I hope you are feeling better and can get back on track.  

    Karen, I checked out that Bodybuilding website you suggested and found all kinds of good stuff on there.  

    Enjoyed my free day, chocolate especially!  But very ready to get back to eating well again.

    A friend of mine sent this quote to me a while back.  Not sure who wrote it, but it's on my wall where I workout.

    "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it".

  • Hello, everyone...a little check-in...Went for a run today, and I must say my legs feel stronger, although for some reason I've put on can that be ?   I've been eating correctly and doing weights...wondering if I may need to step up the cardio a bit?!!

  • Morning, all.  I have not been able to log in from home because my lappie won't talk to the network and my iPhone won't log on...but here I am!  Last week was very good diet-wise but not so good exercise-wise.  Getting into the routine of doing the workout every day is the hard part for me, but one I get into the swing then I stick with it.

    Got only two good workouts in last week but they felt SO GOOD I am itching to get back in today - and I have made working out the priority now.  Instead of trying to fit it in around my other obligations, my other obligations have to fit in around working out.

    Still, I lost 4 pounds last week so it was not a total waste.  I know that will slow significantly now that I am doing the weights correctly and consistently, but a little scale love is always a nice start.

    Here's to a great week two for everybody!