Anyone interested in Starting November 5, (Monday) 2012....

  • Hello Everyone - Today was my first day and I got up early and did my 20 minute cardio. I felt great when I finished! The eating is going very well since I am planning my menus. I am so happy to be a part of this group. It helps to communicate and hear how others are progressing. Keep up the good work! 

  • I posted that at 12:22, so we are apparently on the same time zone somehow! (DST, I guess).  I will try this week to follow the schedule as written but I will probably have to move some things around in my week.

    Does anybody use a smartphone app to track workouts rather than the old pen & paper route?  I am much more tech-oriented and hate to drag around paper and pen when working out.  Any suggestions for a good app from anyone?

  • WHOO HOO! Today is Day 1! The time has come to divide and conquer! I am already jonesing for the feel of my lifting gloves and that haunting burn! WHOOT :D:D

  • Just got out of work and getting ready to hit the gym for my UBWO. Only managed to get in 2 meals so far because it was absolutely insane at work (it's 4PM where I am now). I was planning on having 5 meals a day but it's looking like only 4 today!

  • Hey, so glad to have everyone join me on this journey.....Good luck everyone...keep the faith, and work hard.....we can do this. :) Karen

  • Hi Vie_diva - I use a free app called My Fitness Pal.  You can track your workouts and log in your meals. It even calculates your calories for each day. It keeps a diary of all your information so you can look back on your accomplishments. It is very helpful and so easy to use.  Hope this helps! 

  • Well, I don't know about anybody else, but I am stiff and hurting. And I love it!  Feels good to know that I worked my muscles hard today.  Looking forward to the cardio tomorrow morning, at 6:15.  

    Anybody else feeling it today already?

  • Good morning! It's 7:50am and I'm about to get my cardio done. Jan, I am DEFINITELY sore and stiff! I felt my muscles aching all night long, and I loved it too! It's a reminder that I did something good for my body, and that once again I am on the road to fitness. I'm looking forward to the LBWO tomorrow! I hope everybody else had a successful and productive fitness day yesterday!

  • Hi JanZim.....I'm very sore as calves really seem to be hurting the most, not certain if I've over done it somehow???  Feeling good all the same though.  Does anyone else use a tredmill for cardio workots, and if so, might you have any tips on using it successfully?  Stick with it JanZim, your doing great!. K

  • Hello and good morning to everyone.  Yes BrooklynGurl, my soreness is worse than I thought it would be.  But in a good way.  I will have to spend some time stretching tonight!  I did my cardio this morning, and after re-reading that part in the book about pushing yourself past your comfort zone, well, I can say that I have that runner's cough now.  Feels so good to be at this again!

    Hope everyone else had a positive day today.

  • I am a few days behind you guys. Can I tag along too? I have almost 50 pounds to loose and I am so out of shape : (  Would be nice to have some company in this journey.

  • Great to see/read about all of you motivated BFL-ers!  I am on Day 5 now, started on the first, and slowly but surely cleaning up the eating.  I love to exercise, so that is not usually the issue for me..... Have just started spinning classes with my 20-year-old daughter, and I am finding them to be a fat-burning blast!!  Really tough, though, and longer than 30 minutes, so I am wondering how that affects my diet plan...

    Great week to all!  Pam

  • Hi Peacelily.  Yes, we'd love to have you!  Most of us just started yesterday, so you're not that far behind.

    And Pam, I too love to exercise, but it's the eating part that I often struggle with...mainly my addiction to chocolate!!  I am hoping we can all stick together.  I'm eating my lunch right now, spinach salad with chicken breast, tomatoes and peppers.  And a big glass of water!  I'll save the chocolate for my free day.


  • The junk food on free day tastes AMAZING, like a real treat, just make sure it is all out of your house by the time free day is over, as (for me at least) the temptation to eat the leftovers the next day is too high!

    Anyone cursing the fact they live/work in a building with stairs today? :P)

  • Oh my goodness, best workout today, I've had so far.....although I did eat 4 halloween mini chocolate bars last night.....not feeling great about that.  Hoping I can keep the motivation from a hard workout today to carry me through the rest of this week.