Anyone interested in Starting November 5, (Monday) 2012....

  • Hi JanZim and Karh,

    Fantastic, JanZim!  I know the hardest part of exercising is getting started! I should know - it took me years to get started and actually enjoy it! I sure don't want to stop, because I don't want to go through the agony of getting started again.

    I took myself to the store today and bought some cute workout clothes! I am tired of just wearing t-shirts.

    The old saying: If you fail to plan you can plan to fail! That happened to me today since I didn't do any planning with my meals! I just started in on my day and didn't stay on schedule with my eating! I didn't blow it by eating bad food, I just didn't eat the right combination of foods at the right times. I was kind of hungry all day.  I am going to try and not let that happen again!

    I went to a killer kickboxing class tonight! I went up on the weights again!  We did a lot of squats and ab work too! I really love the stretches afterward. I am thinking about attending a 7:00 am class on Saturday! I don't know if I can be at the gym that early on Saturday morning. We'll see!

    Keep on going Girls!  Enjoy your Friday!

  • Good morning JanZim and Sparkle,

    Wow, thats really great news JanZim....sometimes just not listening to your brain and self talk is the best way to go. Sort of "Ya I hear you thoughts"....and just take action anyways.  Seems the best way for me to have pushed on through in those beginning weeks.  :)

    Wow, Sparkle   you just keep going and going....great work!  Wondering about your food combinations?  I wonder if thats why Im so hungry all the time...might you provide a sample of your weekly eating?  That may be just what is missing for me.

    have a great day ladies.....we are being hit with a huge storm this morning...I just put my summer tires on the car, so it looks like I'll have the day off work today.


  • Hi Girls,

    Sorry I have not checked in for a few days! I have been dealing with everyone else's problems!  The exercise is going well, but I need to plan meals a little better. Here is an example of a good day of eating for me:

    Breakfast - hard boiled egg with cut up veggies (onions, tomatoes, radishes, peppers), a slice of Ezekiel bread with coconut oil, a half of banana.

    Mid-morning snack - apple with peanut butter

    Lunch - rotisserie chicken, broccoli, sweet potato

    Mid- afternoon snack - handful of raw cashews and half a banana

    Dinner - salmon with green beans and sauerkraut

    Snack - Greek yogurt with blueberries

    I am messing up by sometimes just eating the apple without the peanut butter or I will have the cashews without the banana. If I do that, then I am not eating the correct combinations and I get hungry before the next time I am scheduled to eat. When i eat the foods exactly as they are listed above, at the correct time of the day - I am never hungry. But, many times circumstances get in the way -  being away from home too long, didn't bring food along, someone in the family had a crises and I had to come to the rescue . . .  You know how things go! It is important to keep nutrition bars in your car or purse for those occasions, otherwise you eat whatever is available. If I plan - this won't happen!  I am working on it!

    I hope this helps!  It just takes some planning. If you record everything you eat - you can look back and use it for suggestions on what to eat when you are out of ideas.

    Hope both of you are having a great week!

  • Hi Sparkle, Hi JanZim....

    Hope you are both starting this Saturday on a positive note. :)

    Sparkle thx so much for the food sample, im going to give it a shot.

    Well its actually happed my daughter said hey look a little leaner around the waist...whats up?

    never thought anybody would notice, but there you have it....lets hope its just the beginning...ive been working so hard and havent really noticed any changes it was uplifting to hear.

    Have a wonderful week girls


  • Hi Sparkle and Karh,

    Thanks Sparkle for the sample meal plan.  It's do-able.  I just have to get my mind in the "game".  Still struggling a bit, but it's slowly coming along.  Can you believe we had snow again this evening???  This is unbelievable.  The farmers are wanting to get into the fields soon!!

    Karh, that is very uplifting to hear that others are beginning to notice.  Good job on your hard work.

    Well, almost the beginning of another week.  One week closer to summer and bathing suits!  Yikes:)

    Later girls.

  • Hi JanZim and Karh,

    I am so sorry to hear you are still getting snow!  We had a hint of spring, but of course winter came roaring back with torrential rains, wind and colder temperatures. We didn't flood, but a lot of people in the Chicago area had their basements flood.

    I am still trying to adhere to the eating plan, but have been sidetracked by stress and frustration!  I start the day out well and then by the middle or end of the day I have either skipped meals or not eaten the proper combinations. I hate when I do that! I plan well, but I have 2 kids away at college who periodically call home with problems I have to spend time solving - such as class schedules or housing for next year. I tend to put everything on hold until I figure it out.  JanZim, I think I am going have to go back to the meditation techniques! I let things get to me too much! I have been consistently going to my exercise classes. I enjoy seeing some new friends each week at class! I don't exercise Friday, Saturday or Sunday and I should probably work out at least one of the three days!

    Karh, what a great compliment from your daughter! You know kids are brutally honest, so I would definitely believe her!

    Keep going girls! The warm weather will be here before you know it!

    Have a great Monday!

  • Hi Gals....Holy mother of God....I actually squeezed my butt into a size 10 today.....what is the world coming to....I have been a 16 to 18 for a very vary long for me this is something I never expected nor would have believed...and to think I almost stopped for pizza after work today.  geesshh.

  • Hi girls!

    Karh.... That is awesome!!!! Great job. Very inspiring! Keep going!

    We hit +16 today! And we're inside a rink all weekend:(

    Enjoy the weekend you two.

  • Thank you Jan Zim........I have to say scale has yet to budge even one pound......that said I am no longer looking to it to measure my results.


  • Hi Girls,

    Sorry I haven't communicated in awhile!  I have been attending many baseball games for my 2 sons and I had to move my oldest son home from college for the summer!  It has been crazy!

    FANTASTIC NEWS KARH!  You must feel wonderful!  I am so happy for you!  You are going to be so ready for summer!

    JanZim - I understand your hockey commitment!  Hope things are going well!

    Have a great week!

  • Hi Sparkle and Karh!

    Well, I think spring is finally here! And with that, the realization that my summer clothes don't look as good on me as I was hoping:(  It's been a struggle girls, I won't even try to deny that.  But slowly my life is coming back to normal.  

    How have you two been doing? Sparkle, it sounds like your life took a very busy turn!

    Karh, how are the size 10, or are you in a smaller size now???? So proud of you, that's 3-4 dress sizes down! Wow! Awesome!

    A few more weeks of hockey and 1 more weekend of vball, then we're done, by mid June:) Imagine if we had baseball in their too???

    Anyways, just wanted to check in with you guys. It's been awhile.

    Bye for now:)

  • Hi JanZim and Karh,

    Yes, I have had a very busy spring!  My boy plays college baseball and if we aren't driving to Omaha, Nebraska we are watching him on TV   My  little guy is graduating from 8th grade - so a lot of things are happening.

    I have been doing great with exercise and pretty good with the eating. My weight is standing still, but my clothes are fitting better. I don't know how that happens.  I really do feel good after the exercise.

    Sounds like things are coming back to normal for you JanZim!  Keep up the good work!  Once you really start to see results you will have the incentive to keep on going. I know how youth sports can take a toll on you, because it is hard to fit in your exercise and eat properly

    Stay positive!  I will check in soon!

  • Hi Sparkle and Karh,

    Good for you Sparkle to keep up with exercise and proper eating with your busy schedule. You must really be enjoying the exercise. And to think just a few months ago you didn't!

    I have lost 2 lbs so far since the beginning of May. (Or I should say that I've gone down 2 lbs. I hate to say "lost" because it seems like they are always waiting to be found again!) Anyways, I am feeling more or less like myself again. I'm working out and enjoying it, and not beating myself up if I miss a workout here and there. Kids are still busy with their sports. My daughter has her last vball tournament this weekend, so we're gone from Friday until Monday. I'm sure the hotel has a gym, so maybe I can get in a workout, but I'm not counting on it too much. They sometimes have to play at 8:00 am., so that means we will be gone from the hotel all day.

    Karh, how are you doing?

    Chat later girls!

    Have a good long weekend.

  • Hi JanZim and Karh,

    Fantastic JanZim! When you start to see changes - that's all the motivation you need! Are you doing your workout tapes or taking classes somewhere?  

    You are so right about me and exercise!  I hated it, but I enjoy seeing the same people at the classes each week.  The pool opens next week and I am planning to do some swimming.  I have so many baseball games to attend for my boys.  It is a 3 hour event each time where I just sit on a chair. I think I will bring my tennis shoes and do some walking while I wait for the game to start.  My weight is at a standstill. I am going to start using My Fitness Pal again. It shows exactly where I am messing up - which is usually too many carbs.

    Hope things are going well for you Karh!

    Have a great weekend!