Anyone interested in Starting November 5, (Monday) 2012....

  • Hi Sparkle and Karen,

    Happy Birthday Sparkle!!!!  Hope you had a great day! (I bet you skipped the birthday cake too.)  I am so excited for you that you're seeing results.

    I just did that leg workout.  I only did 2 sets.  I think I need to work up to 3.  My legs feel like jello! With the toes pointed in kind of hurts the hips, maybe I'm not doing it right??

    Karen, are you noticing that your clothes are fitting better?  Sometimes the scale won't show any change, because you're building muscle.  Give it more time.  

    Good luck girls!

  • Thanks, JanZim! You are right - I did not have any cake!  It was a great birthday because I feel so good about myself! I went into my son's school the other day and saw a mom I hadn't seen for several months.  She told me I looked different. She didn't know why, but something looked different about me.  I did have a big winter coat on so she couldn't really see my body. She continued by saying that my face looked so fresh and relaxed!  Little does she know that the stress is gone and I feel so good and I am working on my posture - so I am holding myself taller. It is all because of the exercise!  Exercise fixes so many things! I am kicking myself for wasting all that time dilly dallying about how much I hate exercise.  I am really loving it!

    JanZim, I think you may be turning your toes in too much. It is just a slight toe in and toe out. At the club we do it holding a ballet bar. I have done it at home in the basement holding on to the bar or the treadmill. You can even use the back of a couch. I just finished class with Mr. World record! We did 800 crunches. He had us vary our positions after every 25 or 50 crunches.  We were on a mat doing the old fashioned crunch and then he had us put our legs out straight, just lifted off the floor a little. That was so hard! He says just keep doing it the best you can and don't stop. You will get it! I love his advice and he is the most sought after trainer at the club! Tonight he told us that we will get stronger, develop muscle and lose weight if we work our abs and legs 3 times a week. He said we would see major change in 9-11 weeks!  I have been following him now for about a month and I am seeing small changes! Of course, it requires eating correctly too! Hang in there, Karen - it will start happening!  Once you start seeing results - you won't turn back!

    Another idea from the cardio sculpt class which I thought was great when we travel it to use a band that goes around your ankles.  We had to walk side to side with the band and forward one foot at a time. That really works the inner and outer thighs. It is so portable too!

    How is the eating going?  I don't have any new ideas for eating! Oh yes, I have been making Quinoa! It is so good for you! I highly recommend it!

    There is a lot to be said about crossing the abyss!  I have definitely crossed over and it has taken me years to get there.

    Great to connect with you both!  Have a great workout today! 

  • Hi JanZim and Karen,

    I will be out of town until Tuesday. I am going to see my son at college in Omaha. I will connect again on Tuesday!

    Keep up the good work! 

  • Hi JanZim,

    I am ready to get back on track!  It is so hard to stay on any kind of a schedule while traveling. I spent 13 hours total sitting in a car traveling to and from Omaha! I was pretty careful with what I ate, but did zero in the exercise department! I also sat and watched 3 baseball games. That doesn't do much to help the waistline!  I plan to attend a class tonight and go for a power walk this afternoon! I remember reading somewhere -  "It doesn't matter what you do some of the time, it matters what you do most of the time." I like that quote! It gives me hope!

    I hope things are going well for you! have a great week! 

  • hey there fellow BFLifers,  In the middle of week 6....Im most certainly developing muscle although not much fat far as I can tell....and Im hungry all the time....having trouble eating at work, just seems no time to stop.  Hoping the next half of the 12 weeks brings my gut up to par.

    Sparkle you are doing so well...and dont give up JanZim....we can do this!

    have a great week


  • Hi Sparkle and karh(karensgreatbody).

    Well girls, I feel like a farce.  I've done a few workouts here and there, but haven't committed myself since the passing of my loved one.  I hope it's just a grieving faze, and that I'll get my **** together soon.  I've bought new magazines and that new Oxygen book, tried your leg workout Sparkle, but it's just not sticking.  Very frustrated.  Where did my motivation go??

    We're packing up my family member's place this weekend and cleaning it out to sell.  Maybe once that is done things will change in my mindset.

    Sorry to sound like such a drag.  But I feel better just admitting to it. That's the first step I guess.

    I'm off to start the packing tomorrow, so  I won't be back on here until Monday.  And hopefully my next post is to tell you both that I just had a great workout!  

    That's my goal.  

    Have a great rest of the week girls, and great workouts!!

  • Hi JanZim and Karensgreatbody,

    Oh JanZim it is so hard what you are going through! It is usually the aftermath of someone's death that really takes its toll on a person. Don't get down on yourself! You can't commit yourself 100 percent to BFL until you work through your emotions and complete the process of preparing and selling the property. Do what you can in terms of eating and exercising. Just don't completely give up! It's great that you bought the Oxygen magazine! It will give you motivation. Just don't beat yourself up!  It will all come together!  I am pulling for you!

    Karensgreatbody - That's great that you are starting to see muscle! Are your clothes feeling looser?  Are you eating every 2-3 hours? I find when I eat every 2-3 hours and I eat a protein, veggie and a carb at each meal - I am usually satisfied.  I know it can be hard to follow a schedule at work - but can you eat at your desk? It is a disaster if I skip a meal. I always keep a nutrition bar, some fruit or some type of nuts, like cashews, in my purse for hunger emergencies. Keep on going! You should be seeing some noticeable results soon! Are you changing up your workout routine?

    Wishing you both success!  So much fun communicating with both of you! 

  • Hi JanZim and Sparkle,

    janZim, Hang in need time, rest and love.....begin with loving yourself and everything else will anturally fall into place.  Don't give up on your goal...begin again when you are ready, you will know when the time is right.

    Sparkle, what an inspiration you are.....I love your words of wisdom...thank you so much.

    I have begun week #7 today.....frankly Im quiet surprised at myself....for sticking with the program so far.  I would have to say today is the first day I feel like maybe some of my hard work may even show just a tiny bit at least.  looking forward to beginning the next 12 weeks when this one has been completed.....geshhh did i just say :)

    Have a wonderful day guys and know Im sending good vibes for all your hopes and wishes to be fulfilled.


  • Hi Girls,

    JanZim, I hope you accomplished what you had planned this weekend in terms of packing and preparing the property. I hope once you get everything in order you will be able to turn your attention to your BFL program. Just take baby steps and don't get upset with yourself. It will happen just the way you want it to.

    karh - Congrats to You! Week 8 is right around the corner! That is when others start to notice your weight loss.  Let us know when people start to comment! That is the best part! The other thing to remember is a person loses weight in the skinniest places first, like your ankles and wrists and then the rest follows - all the places we want to lose fast like stomach, butt, thighs and abs.  It's not fair!

    I am plugging along with my exercise classes and food prep.  I have not been getting up in the morning and working out on an empty stomach. I am thinking I should start doing that, because I really think that was the key to my success the first time I did this program 10 years ago. Maybe I am not losing as quickly this time, because I am 10 years older. It would be a good test! Tip of the day: I have been using almond milk in smoothies and I drink it alone just as a beverage.  It is very good! I buy the vanilla kind and it does have 13 grams of sugar, but that is about all the sugar I consume in a day. I use Stevia if I need sugar on something. You can also buy the regular flavor almond milk and add Stevia to sweeten it.

    Have a great day!  Spring is here!  As you know I live in a suburb of Chicago and some places are setting up and getting ready to sell flowers! I can't wait!  Hope you both are having good weather in Canada! 

  • Hi Sparkle and karh,

    Well, it was a busy weekend with the packing and everything, then throw in a vball tournament and some hockey too!  Crazy busy.  I feel like I'm still in a daze:)

    I am looking forward to starting my workouts tomorrow.  I am way behind you girls.  I have a lot of catching up to do!  I'll be needing some inspiration, speaking of that, I just looked at another post before writing this, and there's an amazing photo of a young woman.  I'm not sure what week she's in, but her body has changed dramatically so far.  It's giving me a bit of motivation/inspiration that if she can do it, I can too.

    And knowing that both of you are seeing the results of your hard work is inspiration as well.  Keep up the great work girls!

    My  father-in-law drinks the almond milk as well.  I haven't tried it, for whatever reason, but he swears that it's the best.  He's a runner and thinks that the regular milk slows his performance down.  He may be right, only he would know.  May give it a try some day.

    And by the way, the weather is awful here.  It snowed again almost all weekend!!  We still have big snowbanks here!!  Where is spring????  Lucky you, Sparkle, to experience spring already:)

    Later girls...

  • Hi JanZim and Karh,

    Yes, JanZim, I saw those pictures of the woman in the BFL posts!  She looks amazing!  She is a big inspiration to all of us!  Isn't the human body just amazing - to make such a transformation?

    My husband took me out to breakfast this morning! It was a nice treat! I had a veggie omelet with fruit!  There was some cheese in there too. I probably ate more than a fist size - but at least I passed on the hash browns!

    I went to cardio sculpt class tonight and it was tough! We did weights, bands, Bosu ball and ab work on the mat! I really found it hard to hold a plank. I was working so hard I was getting dizzy!  The instructor told me I am probably holding my breath and not keeping an inhale/exhale rhythm. I need to work on breathing properly!

    Today's tip: I heard on Dr. Oz that green bananas have less calories than ripe ones. As the banana ripens, it develops more sugar. I thought that was very interesting! The cardio teacher told us to use the next level of weights. We did 12 reps with each exercise - and she wanted us to do as many reps as possible with the heavier weights.  She said it would get easier after about three weeks, but it is important to increase the weight. I am glad she told us to increase the weight - because I was content to stay with the same weight. She said it is the only way to get stronger. My arms are going to kill tomorrow!

    I hope you both enjoy your day!

  • Good morning JanZim and Sparkle,

    I haven't seem her yet. but when i get home from work today I'll have a look.  Where do i find her?

    Good for you Sparkle, you are so good at controlling yourself...when you may have ordered bacon!!!...yum. :)  The Cardio sculpt class sounds hard but well worth the effort if you can make it through....great job!

    Janzim, Today is a new day. :)  You can do it!!!

    Lower body today...and my upper body is still sore from last workout....I increased my dumbbells to my high weight lift @ 20lbs each.....whata tough lift for beginning @ 5lbs and not thats an improvement I think....still having trouble with cravings...darn it!....ate half the container of chips last night....oh well todays another day, and  I shall begin anew. :)

    have a wonderful day


  • Hello Sparkle and Karh,

    Karh, you'll find her picture on "first half of challenge done", or something like that.  It's pretty inspiring for me.  

    Tonight is my first evening where I have nothing going on.  Making a date with my workout clothes:)  I usually like to do it first thing in the morning, but I've been so tired from the weekend.  Maybe I'll get my "mojo" back after this first workout.

    Great job Sparkle on your self control.  This may sound terrible, but yesterday was the first day in I don't know how long, that I didn't have chocolate.  Chocolate and bread, not a good diet base to lose weight.  Once I get past the first 3 days of no sugar, (chocolate especially) the cravings are a lot less.

    Way to go both of you for increasing your lifting weight!

    Enjoy the day:)

  • Hi Girls,

    I just finished class with Mr. World Record! He had us do the leg routine with toes in, out and straight forward. We went through the entire process again on our toes! My legs are so sore!  I do love that feeling though!  We also worked a lot with the stability ball. We were on our backs with the ball between our feet and we had to lift the ball up with our feet, transfer it to our hands, lower our feet to the floor and bring the ball down to the floor extended over our head. He had us do 3 sets of 25! It was so hard!

    When I think about the classes I am taking, I realize i am not following the exercise guidelines in the BFL book, because most of the classes are a mixture of cardio and weights and the entire body is targeted. I am not doing upper body one day, lower body another day or strictly cardio another day.  I wonder if I would see results faster if I followed the book exactly!  Any thoughts??? I would hate to stop going to my group classes now that I finally learned to like exercise!

    I was also wondering If both of you are journaling your meals? I was doing it with My Fitness Pal and decided I liked the old fashioned way - pen and paper ( I think I mentioned this to you JanZim). I have to be better about journaling! I let days go by without entering anything and then I forget what I ate. Just wondering what works for you?

    JanZim - Have you ever tried Ezekiel Bread? I like to toast it and of course use coconut oil in place of butter.  It is a very good bread to have on the BFL program as a carb. You can find it in the frozen section.  

    Karh - I like to eat radishes and raw carrots as a snack because they both crunch when you eat them.  I know they don't taste as good as chips, but you might develop a taste for them. Just a suggestion!

    Have a great day! 

  • Well girls...I did it.  

    Finally got a workout in.  Felt great.  Lets hope it continues.  I counted the weeks out until summer, and there's exactly 12, so I better stop procratinating if I want to look better in a swimsuit this summer!

    Sparkle, I wouldn't worry about following the BFL workouts so much.  What you're doing seems to be working, you're exercising AND enjoying it with the women in your classes.  If I had the options of all those classes like you, I'd definitely take advantage of it!  The class that's offered in the nieghboring town is good, but it's on the same nights that I have to take my daughter to vball practices now:(

    Thanks for the tips on the bread.  I'll look for it.  And I haven't been journaling my meals.  I didn't want to see how badly I was eating written down.  Now that I'm getting back on track, I'll start again.  I like the old pen and paper too!  Although it is interesting to see how many calories I consume in a day once in a while.

    Karh, how are the cravings going?  I'm on day 3 with NO CHOCOLATE!

    Enjoy your day:)