I made my decision to change yesterday

  • Gym Song of the Night: Broken Heels - Alexandra Burke

    I think I am starting to notice a firming of my chesticles.  Doing side raises in the mirror (for form, I'm not one of THOSE gym guys) and there was a definite firmness there than never used to be.

    by gum I think it is starting to work.

    I'm sure my love handles are down, but STILL SO FAR TO GO.  That is my big annoyance, there are jeans I want to fit, and shirts that I want to wear that I don't want to hug in all the wrong places.

    Today is my off day, and I AM HAVING MCDONALDS, nothing will stop me.  I decided free day should be today, as tomorrow is a new month and I don't want my brain to have an excuse to wait until Monday to restart.  

    Tomorrow will also be 5 weeks!  Can't believe I am still doing this, I am very happy with this.

  • I can believe you are still doing this Mr Cynical!  You are stronger than you know! You don't WANT to let yourself down, we all see that in your posts!  You are keeping many, many people going.... Thank you!

    You are one week for being half way through the program.  Look back now and see how far you have gone. Look ahead and see the finish line - it is not too far away, and I see a new you!  Keep up the posts - they are the highlight of my day.  No joke.

    My new favorite word is chesticles.


  • Gym Song ot the Weekend: Parachute - Cheryl Cole

    Cripes, Sunday was touch n go.  About 7pm I was just lying on bed reading a book and SO MUCH URGE to go buy chips, there is a 24hr service station that I know has the goods, and it's not far and SO MUCH contemplating.

    But I didn't go.  Just.  I did grab a couple of fingerfuls of peanut butter to ease the cravings though (because I am all class).  

    A good weekend nonetheless.  I had my off day on Friday (Maccas, chips, skittles, fizzy, good times - Goldfinger is my new favourite bond movie.) but made sure I got rid of any uneaten food so that the weekend was clean, and it was!  Good workout on both days and ate well, made an avocado and chickpea salad and it was delicious.

    Today I'm not so prepared at work, will have to get cooking tonight


    Tell me about it merianne, can't believe I am still here!

  • Gym Song of the Night: Levels - Avicii

    phew, tough few days, but came through it!  Monday started off ok, i didn't bring my food though so had to rely on fcafe, but kept portions small and chose buns with mix of veges, carbs and protein.  By the end of the day though, I was pretty much hating everything and everyone in the world for various reasons.  I picked up the stuff I needed to make Chicken Laksa on my way home, did my cardio workout, and then basically just went to bed.

    Tuesday...sigh.  Again, nor prepared due to not making dinner, still kept the food good though, but by 3:00 due to much work drama, I snapped and had some reeces peeces thingies and a pack of nerds.  

    Now, normally, this is where I would have just given up, I would have had BK on my way home, bought chips, played video games till 2am and just gone into super sloth mode...


    I went to the gym, did upper body and finished all my sets, even lifted slightly heavier on one of them.  I made Chicken Laksa and holy crap that tastes AMAZING!

    Brought it in to work on Wednesday and ate fantastically all day and had my fastest run yet.  I am now down 8cm and definitely starting to see shape in my chest.


    (I'm still having Burger King on my off day tomorrow though)

  • Gym Song of the Night: Little Secrets - Passion Pit

    Great day yesterday, had the gym to myself so got to crank the music while I was doing my lunges, makes it slightly less painful.  Food was good as I finished off my delicious Laksa, but I think the portion sizes were bigger than they should have been in the evening, and that is something I will make sure I watch from now on.

    I am actually starting to see consistent change now!  I managed to put on some jeans I haven't been able to fit for a couple of years.  Sitting down in them is another matter, as it damn near cut me in half, but progress is progress.

    In saying that, I'm still having a whopper with Thunderball tonight (I am watching a Bond a week) :)

  • Hey there cutie! You sure are fun to follow. I am starting my challenge tomorrow and look forward to keeping up with your amazing progress :)



  • Holy CRAP I had a bad few days.  Depression is a crapping kick in the pants when you are trying to make something out of your life.  Work has been really awful the last few days and it really got me down.  Monday I started off well, but bought a cookie on my way home and then just zoned out in bed, didn't do my Cardio.

    Tuesday was worse, i ate ok at work, but it just kept kept getting worse, i bought a kebab on my way home which i could have justified because I was doing weights...but then when i finished it i just went and bought a bag of chips (the big kind) and s nerds rope, ate it in bed.

    I kind of had an epiphany then.  I can't either be depressed and fat, or depressed and fit, and I chose the fit one.  The words going around and around in my head was "I can't" and it wasn't "I can't go to the gym or eat well" but "I can't go back to how I was, I cant keep on being fat and miserable, I can't move backwards in my life"

    So yesterday was better, still a bit screwed up, had lunch at 11:30 but jus go so distracted with work that all I had to eat at 2pm was a reeces pieces cup and a (sugar free) energy drink.  I had to work late so didn't get home till about 7pm and went to do my cardio, and it was AWFUL.  I only managed 14 minutes before damn near falling off the treadmill.  I sat on the bench for a while, having a little cry, but then got back ON the treadmill and finished it out, albeit slower.

    Today is better, I'm still utterly knackered from yesterday, but food is going to be good today and I am determined to get back into it.  Because IT IS WORKING!  My pants finally are feeling loose, there is some actual definition in my chest, and my face has lost jowels.  I CAN'T stop now!

  • Gym Song of the Night: Alejandro - Lady Gaga

    Yesterday waaay better.  Had a work function after work and there was food all over the place to eat, but i kept to the tiny sandwiches and deli meats, and STILL had a great legs workout when I got home, much later than normal, that night.  Good to be back on track, I hope to hit 10cm lost by the end of the weekend.

    I am still having my off day today, so I dont feel the urge to cheat on the weekend.  You Only Live Twice and a kebab tonight should recharge me :)

  • Mixed, very mixed weekend.

    Friday was good, it was my off day, but I bought a big bunch o grapes to keep the sweet tooth at bay, and it worked, though my kebab was heavenly.  You Only Live Twice, also a good bond movie.  

    Saturday was good, made a Keralan Veggie curry which was very healthy and delicious, got my cardio off in the morning and it shows that nutrition makes all the difference, as I finished the 20 minutes on a good high.

    Sunday.  Not good, I just...I dunno I was sick or something, or I made myself sick, I never left my bedroom, except in the evening to go get a packet of chips to eat.  It was not a good day at all.  I'm working through it, and set for gym tonight, but yeah...depression is a harsh ***.

  • Gym song of the night: 2 Hearts - Kylie Minogue

    Did better yesterday, at a bit too much cafe food due to lack of being prepared, having a near breakdown on the weekend does not put one in a good mood for cooking, but I still ate ok and finished my cardio.

    OK is the interesting word here, my last meal before cardio at about 4pm (cardio at 7) was a small packet of cornchips, they were low in saturated fat, but not much protein, high in sugars and carbs and my workout did suffer because of it.

    I'm on track today though, stopped by the supermarket on my way to work!

  • Last couple of days have been great!  Very proud.  As always being prepared is key, had fruit and veges all day and delicious curry leftovers for lunch, managed a protein shake before I went home to give my lower body workout some fuel.

    The workout could have been better, I actually had to lighten some weights to get through it, which is what happens if you skip work outs like I did :S  But to make up for it, I added in a couple of quick upper body ones to make use of that protein!

    Yesterday also good, ate well all day and we had a work function to go to where I only drank water, and had literally a handful of the snacks there, little meatball things on skewers and a couple of hotchips.  Got home about 8pm, but STILL managed to pull off a cardio workout.

    Weight is also now finally starting to drop off regularly as well as getting some definition, I am 8 weeks just before christmas and I'll put up some photos. :)

  • Yesterday still going strong.  There was a Christmas fair outside the office after work and I did have a "bacon buttie" but I don't know if I subconsciously sabotaged my cravings, but instead of bread, butter and loads of bacon, I got the one with salad and multigrain bread!

    Still had a good upper body workout too, though I am starting to plateua on a couple of exercises which I will change up in the New Year, though it might have just been from my crap week last week, still change is always good when it comes to muscle workouts.

    Pretty stoked when I put on a t-shirt this morning, where the sleeves used to be quite loose, its now clinging, oh so slightly, to a bit of bicep!

  • MrCynical.... i can not tell you how inspiring you are to me.  I have been depressed as well due to my poor choices in nutrition.  Especialy at Christmas time... can't anyone give out brocolli and whole wheat pasta?  Why is it always Peanutbutter covered in chocolate or chocolate covered in peanut butter?  I am only human... but yeasterday (Christmas day) I walked past the bathroom mirror and I looked exactly the same way I did when I started this program 9 WEEKS AGO!!!!!  I want to say, why bother?  Becasue YOU wouldn't give up... that why I keep going!  I may not be a victoria's Secret model by the end of this challange, but I may be after the NEXT challange.  and if I am not, I will do another challange and another, until I get my poop in a group and get that body I have always wanted.  And I want to thank you because nothing does my heart better than reading your blog.  

    I have said it before and I will say it again... "you ROCK Mr Cynical!"  (It is my mantra.)  :)