I made my decision to change yesterday

  • I was very crabby yesterday.  I think you are right Kaitebug.... only use the book as a guide and ideas, not a plan.  I just can't afford it!  I have to remember to eat right, not EXCATLY what the Eating for Life book says to eat.  I was trying to make every one of my meals out of that book. The meals are soooo good!  But with a household of 4 it is very difficult to grocery shop like that, and it was stressing me out majorly!  So, I kind of had an epihany this morning... thanks to all my fruitless efforts to keep up with ever changing meals, my frige and pantry is stocked with good healthy choices... I just have to be creative on my own to make my meal plan.  But it hurts!!!!  I am a terrible cook!!!!!

    This week is going to be a great week!  I have two or three things I have been waiting a long time to get done, and they will all be complete this week and I can not tell you how much of a weight that will be off my shoulders.  Next week I am going to up my wight limit to 15 lbs... and I should start to hit 10's again.. it has been awhile.  Anyone know of someone giving away a weight bench and some weights?  I asked my co-workers, and wouldn't you know it - two of them said they JUST took thiers to the dump!  :( I should have asked sooner.  Oh, well, everything happens for a reason, right?

    Keep up the good work guys!!!!

    Together we are strong!!!!!

    PS I LOVE me some DuranDuran!!!

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    Yesterday was good.  Food was excellent, I made the feta/spinach/brown rice casserole thing but used half yogurt instead of cheese.  Still tastes great, especially with a yogurt/sweet chilli sauce topping.

    Cardio was also good and sweaty, didn't let my mood keep me from it, and I walked to and from work as well (about 2k each way)

    There is something about that feeling you get when you are lying in bed at night, after having a healthy day, that just feels really good.


    Lol at Duran Duran, damn you eighties and your catchy songs.

  • MrCynical –

    First, thank you for the entertainment.  As a dual Yank-Aussie citizen I truly miss the Kiwi/Aussie humor.  And as a bonus, I understand everything you have said (#missessausagerolls), does that make me bi-lingual if I know the jargon even if it’s still English? 

    Now, down to business – “Was annoyed I wasn't already skinny, annoyed that I couldn't drown my sorrows in skittles, and annoyed that if I don't actually do something I am going to be a chubby whiny wuss for the rest of my life.”  No truer words have been spoken and even though I know you were making light of a pretty serious emotional moment, I’m not sure there are any of us in this family who haven’t experienced the same low points on numerous occasions during our challenges. 

    There is a group on this forum/site that I have found to be amazingly supportive, amazingly gracious, and amazingly humble.  What I know to be certain is that if you need or want support, this is the place you will get it, unconditionally with no judgment.  When you are feeling low, don’t hesitate to reach out to any member (via private message or public forum) with questions or merely to vent, you’re struggles are our struggles, we have all been in your shoes, and some of us quite a few times.  Keep killing it, keep your optimism, and keep your eyes on those skinny jeans ; - ) !!!

    Semper Fi,


  • Here Here Brez!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!  

    Long live support!  


  • In regards to the original post, nothing "p!sses" me off more than forgetting I should be eating well, eating a pizza and Skittles, or a couple of Snickers and a Coke, and then feeling like poo for the next several hours.  I can be very impulsive with my food and it can be frustrating.  Good luck with your journey via Body for Life.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

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    I think yesterday was good.  Well this morning was good at least.  My mood is still pretty, well, crap, but I didn't placate it with food.  Ate very well.  I think that is one of the benefits of being single and having a room mate with incredibly unadventerous taste buds (he has been buying the same brand of tomato sauce for years) is that when I do cook, my leftovers last for a few lunches.

    My workout could have been better, I think I need to lower the weights on my shoulder pull downs as my form is suffering and it is frustrating.  

    What annoyed me the most was that I became incredibly aware of my love handles.  It seems every exercises I had involved brushing them or resting against them and it was driving me insane.  I know what I am doing is going to eventually make them go away, but BE GONE NOW DAMMIT.  

    HOWEVER, this morning I weighed and measured, weight still hovering around the same which was a mighty sigh, but I have lost at least 4cm off my waist!  This actually means I am on track even though I might not feel or see it yet.  It definitely gave me a boost this morning, and made sure to walk instead of take the bus all the way in to work this morning.


    Thanks Texas Brez, this forum is definitely keeping me honest and it is nice to see that the issues I battle with are incredibly common.

    JonnieZ, yup know exactly what you mean, meal planning is SO important to combatting that, if you have everything you need to eat ready for that day, you are far less likely to go "off plan" :)

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    Things are going well, weight is down and cm are down and I didn't have an emotional breakdown yesterday (I am making no promises about today).  I think a lot has to do with cardio, 5 minutes into a run and I am in another world and just really getting everything going.  With weights there is a lot of downtime, and hard bits and banging against things and GRRR.

    I watched a doco last night, on young people changing their bodies.  Some having nose jobs and boob jobs, some getting hair transplants and some doing extreme diets.  They followed a girl doing a "nutrition shake" extreme diet, and for the first week she was all "yeah, this is amazing, woo" but on the first week weigh in she didn't lose as much as she wanted.

    Then she admitted going out drinking the second week.

    Then she stopped after 3 weeks.

    I have to admit I laughed, I'm not immune to schadenfreude, and it just reinforced that we are on the right path here.  What we are doing might be an extreme change of PACE from being a slob, but the eating and exercise itself is very reasonable (and often delicious).  I didn't see a lot of results the first couple of weeks, but there is no denying that measuring tape now!

  • Shadendfreude: I must admit that I enjoyed their pain, but this time it's me that's broken. - Pete Townsend.

    I guess I enjoy people's pain at times myself.  I don't understand how people can get on the tube and do that stuff.  The Biggest Loser here in the States, with some mouth screaming at you to work harder.  I am surpirsed they never lost someone to a cardiac event.  I'm even more shocked Jillian Michaels never got slugged in the kisser.

    I agree about the weights, a minute between sets seems like an eternity at times, and yet, at times I wish it were 5 minutes.

    Keep up the hard work.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

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    Depressing is a kick in the nads sometimes.  I still did good last night, ate well, I made a jungle curry which was surprisingly delicious, I need to add bamboo shoots to more food, they add a great texture.

    Gym was...bleh.  Started off well, got my lunges over and done with, but when it got to calves there was no stepper and I just haven't been getting a proper workout from the tip toe thing, and if i'm honest, i'm pretty happy with my claves as they are, so decided to swap it to the bicep workout that i failed at last time.

    And I failed it again.  Not that the weight was too heavy, just that stupid thoughts kept swinging about my head and it just makes you stop everything, I only managed 3 reps before just dropping everything and walking out.

    However, what I didn't do, was give up.  I didn't go eat junk food like I normally would.  Back at it today, looking forward to my run this evening and doing my measurements tomorrow (and my BLAT!)

    Tomorrow is going to be tricky for me, I know now that Free Day should not be Binge Day, it just puts me too far back.  I know to not buy snack food today, and I know to get rid of all snack food ON the day.  But...I just need to NOT EAT SO MUCH!

    I'm going to get food to MAKE something nice tomorrow, nothing I can open and scoff on Friday easily, and all going to plan I won't leave the house so won't be tempted by going to the dairy and buying sweet, delicious skittles.

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    I am a month in, I have only lost about 2kg but I have lost over 6cm around my middle!  I am very happy with that, as originally I only predicted a 10cm loss over 12 weeks, that will have to be revised!  

    Hopefully the kilos will start to shift in the next few months.

    I think the main thought going through my head right now is that I didn't waste the last four weeks!  I have made positive change in my life for a month, that is the longest I have stuck to a lifestyle change in longer than I care to remember.  \

    It has renewed my dedication and the next 4 weeks are going to be even better.

    I still had a binge day on Saturday, but it was my "Best" yet, my bacon sandwich had avocado, lettuce and tomato (instead of just cheese and corn chips), I only ate a SMALL pack of skittles (you don't get the jaw ache that you get from the large size, odd that) and chips in the evening, so pretty happy with that

    I also worked out on Sunday, got in a good upper body, lifted some heavier weights, oh and upped my speed on the treadmill on Friday.  All in all going exactly the right way!

  • Hello again, everyone!

    Wow, my Thanksgiving free day turned into three free days :( I am SO ready to get back on track now that I am home. Enjoyed catching up with everyone's progress. Does week 5 start tomorrow for those of us who started 29 October?? I think so....

    Good luck!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

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    Oooh yesterday was a lucky triumph.  I was having a good day eating at work, having walked in, and was feeling happy about my month in, and the thoughts going through my head? "celebrate, have a burger...have some chips, start again next week"

    *** brain.

    But I didn't succumb, I hit the treadmill, did my fastest run ever and had a nice vege sandwich for dinner.  This morning it was NOTICEABLY easier to do my work pants up!


  • Keep it up Mr Cynical!!!

    It works from within... that's what I keep telling myself, because when I weighed in Monday morning (5 week mark) I had GAINED 1 lb... but I will not give up becasue It is called the 12 Week program not the 5 week program!  

    Tell me more about this Jungle curry.....

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    I hate doing lower body, I think because I have to look in the mirror a lot, for lunges and squats to make sure the form is right, and I keep getting glimpses of my extra chin or side flab and it is just disheartening.  GO AWAY!

    I think i might have seen a bit of change in my chest the other day, but all i want is my love handles to go and it is taking forever.

    But, there is nothing else for it.  I got myself into this situation, and I have to get myself out of it.  If I stop now, it will never happen.  If I diet and exercise drastically I won't last a week.  KEEP AT IT JULIAN DAMMIT KEEP AT IT!

    Despite all that, I did have a good day yesterday, no bad food, good exercise and FINALLY lost some weight.

    This is my Satay Tofu on brown rice with a mung bean salad (yogurt and sweet chilli dressing)


    Merianne, will have to dig up the website, it is spicer than I normally do, but delicious.  I feel your pain about the weight gain/loss, but don't forget to take measurements!

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    I think I have a new routine, and eating healthy and going to the gym is now part of that.  There are times I don't want to, just seeing a picture of a burger will make me want one, but I won't have it, because that isn't my routine now.  IT is like going to work, sometimes I just want to stay home and play video games, but I can't as I have work commitments.

    I now realise I have body commitments.  I'm sticking to them.

    Just wish it was FASTER!  I had a great cardio day yesterday with flawless food, and I just wanted to be instantly skinny today...dammit.