I made my decision to change yesterday

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    Had a brilliant Upper Body last night.  Lifted heavier weights, did a full set of everything and just felt good.  I was DEFINITELY not pushing myself before.  It is amazing what you are capable of when you just stop lying to yourself!

    Food was ok, it was a pretty un-prepared week, as I am having my binge day today (Sausage rolls for breakfast!) I am going to do all my shopping on the weekend, healthy days and be ready for the up coming week.

  • Hi Mr Cynical! I have to tell you I just read all your posts. I was feeling pretty put out and down... like I was not up to this... , I felt like I am not doing it right and there was no point and I am just not up for the challange. Then I read what you wrote and it really picked me up!  It is nice to know that there is some one out there with the same feelings, mistakes and hatred of stairs as myself!  Thanks!!!

     Please, Please, please keep the posts coming!  If not for yourself do it for me, and everyone else on this program because you are an inspitration to at least one person!  

    YOU ROCK MAN!!!! Keep it up!

  • Wow, glad I checked this blog! A lot of great support going on here! :)

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

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    Free day = Binge day.  Cripes I need to cut that down, I went NUTS!  I discovered a new and dodgy bakery near work, so my day was sausage rolls, pizza bread, energy drinks and skittles.  We then had work drinks which was a couple wines and more bar snack,s which I topped off with Burger King.  I think I might be taking the piss.

    I am planning Friday as my free day again, as it is movie night, this time I am going to keep it a little less crazy.

    Weekend was AWESOME though, I had no junk food at all, I made some kedgeree which I brought in for lunch today, at lots of vegetables and had two great workouts.  Even when I was just lying in my hammock reading a book (which normally is "reading a book and EATING CHIPS) I felt content with my apple.  Probably because I was still full from Friday, but besides the point!

    Results wise, at the end of two weeks.  I don't think there are a lot of changes, I am definitely lifint a little more, and running a little faster, but pants aren't falling off and weightloss is pretty much non-existent.  But I think that might have been because I weighed myself right after free day.

    This is going to be my big week

    I have not stuck to more than two weeks on any programme for literally years.  Two weeks and I always gave up one way or another, excuse after excuse.  Well not this time, time to see some results!


    Thanks Merianne and Katiebug!  I find this forum helps keep me honest, I can't lie to myself AND the internet! :)  Definitely find other peoples hitns, results and struggles really inspiring.

  • FOOD PORN, LOL!!! Yeah, sometimes my free days are like that too, but yesterday was better. I enjoyed not having to eat until 11 (I usu have two meals before then), and then I had some fruit and candy. We went to a hibachi place for dinner and I ate pretty casually; I prob got the most calories from the wine and beer I drink between 5 and midnight, ha! I guess you "learn" to control your free days :)

    Keep it up, MrCynical!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

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    Entering uncharted territory today, I am officially one day longer sticking to a workout/diet regime than I have been in literal years.  Had a great day yesterday, bringing food to work with me, including delicious healthy leftovers for lunch, is an utter key for me, stops the cravings and running out for cafe food.

    Going to crank up my running a bit tomorrow as well, and utterly looking forward to my upper body workout tonight.

    Managed to do a quick measurement of my waist this morning (well, across my belly button is where I have been doing it) and I have lost 3-4cm!  I have to get a new battery for my scales to see how much weight I have lost (stupid future) but I expect great things from this week.

    Also, to keep me from being too complacent, as I sat down on the bus this morning, I felt the usual feeling of my stomach resting over my belt...still a lot of work to do!

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    Good day yesterday, food was brilliant, had the last of my leftoover kedgeree and had ginger satay tofu for dinner (leftovers today, boss is going to be jealous).  HAve to say that building up a decent pantry is quite expensive, but I guess in the long run it will work out cheaper.  I have four different vinegars now, up from...none.

    my UPBWO was mixed, I had my first 10 bicep workout which I felt great about,but just failed at my shoulders, to the point of swearing (had the gym to myself) and I whacked my shin as I got off the machine, which had more swearing.  Normally this would have ended my entire workout (It was only my second muscle group) but I rallied and went on to do the rest really well.

    Was doing the wide grip pull down and on my 4th rep I just couldnt get it down and hold it long enough, hopefully will be better next time.

    I am shattered this morning though, I skipped my walk into work, I figure I will get my scale battery today and hopefully that will get my motivation back up.  But still here and still doing it, I am going to pass a huge milestone when I hit 3 weeks on sunday!

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    A term to describe my mood the last couple of days would be "wavering but hanging in there".  I finally bought a battery for my scale, and weighed in this morning...2 miserable kilos down.  Technically I should be happy, as that is about a kilo a week so far, which means I am on track...but IT IS SO SLOW!

    I know in my head what I am doing is right, I have crash exercised/dieted before and lost about 5kg in 2 weeks...but then stopped, and piled it on again instantly.  This is the way to do it, but WAAH NOW NOW NOW NOW.

    I had a couple of miserable customers at work the last few days (right at the end of the day too) and that used to always make me get pizza or chips on my way home, but I haven't done that.  I have had quite delicious and healthy leftovers to come home to which is definitely helping me keep on track.  But its tiring work, in the time it takes me to make an (admittedly delicious) brown rice, feta, spinach and sunflower seed casserole (I'm not even a vegetarian!), I could have just bought and devoured an entire pizza - and for cheaper.

    BUT I am in this for the long game.  I actually did have a really good day yesterday, perfect food and great workout.

    However, if anyone tries to keep me from Nachos on my free day tomorrow, I WILL CUT THEM! 

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    Had a sulky cry yesterday.  I gave up my lower body workout after 1 and a half exercises :S  I had a crappy day at work, i frogt my towel, then when i went back to get it I forgot my water and was in n o mood to go back again, so after one exercise I was thirsty as hell, and I had no water at work that day either for no good reason, THEN this other guy (the only two in the gym) decides to do his workout all of 1m away from me, and he had crocs on and the weights were heavy and WAH WAH WAH sulk.

    Was annoyed I wasn't already skinny, annoyed that I couldn't drown my sorrows in skittles, and annoyed that if I don't actually do something I am going to be a chubby whiny wuss for the rest of my life.

    Luckily I had no bad food at home so I couldn't binge, and I still went ahead and made my lunch for the next couple of days.

    So I haven't given up.  Haven't.

    One of my major issues in the past, sticking to any routine, was that I would have a bad day and then I would wait for some even to start again.  Might be a Monday, might be a meeting at work, might be after a certain party, but would usually involve several days of eating crap and not exercising and then when that day comes around, well my motivation is gone.

    I still have motivation, I just have to work through this!

    But free day tomorrow and ALL THE BACON WILL BE MINE

  • Glad to hear you are sticking with it.  Much the same as you I would give up after one bad day.  Today wasn't good for me but I am sticking with it too.

    Keep up the good work.  You will be where you want soon.

  • Hey there Mr. what is a sasauge roll? I have been reading a little british lit and they eat them too. I have wondered what they are. Really have enjoyed reading your posts. Your still going and that is the main thing! Progress. VAL

  • Mr Cynical..... I am with you 100%!  I have not weighed myself - and probably won't unilt the end of week 4 (next week) because I am pretty sure my weight has not budged.  And I don't want it to get me down.  But more than that I don't want to quit.  I am at the point where I have told myself I am doing this to prove that I can.  I am with you that I have NEVER in my entire life completed a program over 3 weeks, and if - I mean when - I make it to Sunday (end of week 3) I will be happy.  When I get up Monday morning at 4:30a.m. and continue my journey, I will be PROUD!  I am proud of both of us becasue I think we are very alike and I feel your pain, your joy, your craving for skittles, and this sinking feeling that people are trying to sabatoge your day by being pissy!  

    Please, tell me what this kedgeree is.... I don't even know what it is and it is making my mouth water!  

    Don't get frusterated at workouts and don't fell bad that you miss or skip. I only  have 2 weights: 5lbs, and 15lbs.  Right now I am at the point where it doesn't feel like I am even doing anything because the 5 lbs are a bit too light.  But I am afraid to hurt myself with the 15lbs.  What to do?  Wahhhhh! :)  

    If you try to be perfect you will be dissapointed.  I slip too.  I ate about 100000 little tiney donuts today because I was stressed at work.  But, I know the rest of the day can still be good.  And tomorrow will be even better.  

    I want it now now NOW too!  but, I have to remind myself every day that I am one day closer than I was yeaterday.  We are 3 weeks CLOSER than we ever have been, and  next week we will be closer still.  

    Look me right in the computer screen and tell me you haven't felt a bit better each day.... You haven't had a bit more energy?  Tell me you don't feel a tiney bit spunky when you crank up your tunes and start your workout?  You know what that feeling is?  It's YOU getting SEXY!!!!

    PS my tummy hangs over my pants still too... but go to the mirror, put your hand on your forhead and flex your arm... it will blow you away!  

    YOU are my inspiration too!

  • Hello, all! I am SO enjoying reading your posts, MrCynical!

    Unlike y'all, I haven't done measurements but I have weighed- 3.5 pounds down, yay! Week four starts today for me; free day was yesterday and I splurged on wine and cheese ravioli :) yummmm!

    Hitting my "10s" with cardio, but it's a little harder with weights. The bigger muscles groups, particularly my hamstrings, are soooo hard to hit "10s" with. I just can't seem to get there, but I am getting closer.

    Btw, any as SORE as I am??! I spent 10 minutes stretching before I went to bed last night. Geeeezzz, glad I don't have a workout today.

    I want to say one positive thing: I am craving more healthy foods more often and the cellulite in my butt and legs is dissipating, bit by bit! I am SOOO happy about that!

    I am also going to have to agree with Merianne by saying that motivation is that "I am getting sexy" feeling!!! I am enjoying your posts immensely, MrCynical!!

    Keep on keeping on, we're with you!!!

    -katiebug <3

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

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    Tumultuous last few days.  I have again learned another thing about free day, don't buy food the day before!  Friday started off great, ate well at work, we left early and it meant I got to the gym early for a great cardio...and then dammit whole packet of rice crackers and a handful of skittles went my way.  Rice crackers may technically be healthier for you than normal chips, but not when you eat the whole damn pack :S  Still, at least I got my cardio in.

    Saturday was free day, and I had set the breadmaker on Friday night and I had a bacon, cheese and cornchip (doritos for any americans :)) sandwich for breakfast and it was amazing.  Had guys over for movie night and that was much pizza, chips and more skittles (we are sugar fiends more than big drinkers).  However I made sure that people took any unopened packs with them, and I tipped out any non diet drinks and half opened packs that night.

    However about 1am Sunday morning, frigging depression hit.  I thought I had fought it off the last few days but It whacked me hard and I just hated everyone and everything instantly.  I sort of have to remove myself from my friends when this happens as I get all attention whorey and then start saying things I don't mean (joy of cyclothimia which is basically a poor mans bipolar).  On one hand I didn't want to leave the house which meant no gym (all of 2 minutes was too far) but that also meant I didn't go buy any chips so I couldn't binge.

    This, is the other reason I always fail at weightloss, going fine then bam my brain chemistry explodes.  This time, i'm harnessing it.  It is still sitting there and I know what i'm like, but I am using this anger and frustration and i'm going to run it out.  I KNOW food doesn't make me feel better (otherwise I would obese but happy) and I am pretty sure one of the triggers was there were 1 or 2 opportunities I turned down due to self esteem in the last week.

    So today, renewed vigour!  Got a morning and lunch time walk in, have been eating well and will get food for rest of week from supermarket on my way home.



    Hi Katie, I think I have wussed out on my leg workouts, need to really crank it up a bit.  But that dull ache seems to come and go with a good regularity.

    Merianne - hope you made your 3 weeks! :)  This is the kedgeree, I actually left the fish out (the most important ingredient!) but I used the rice base to bring into work and I would add chicken to it to heat up, I just didn't want a fish smell to stink out the office kitchen.

    One thing I have definitely noticed is that I no longer grumble when I go to the gym, there might still be the occasional "maybe I shouldn't go" in the back of my head, but it is far overshadowed by "this is the next step!"

    happymom, sausage rolls are awesome, its basically "meat" (best not ask what kind, no one can be sure) wrapped in pastry, but opened at each end.  It is a staple of New Zealand lunches everywhere http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcmxcj6uoD1qhz7tl.jpg 

  • Gym song of the morning: Duran Duran, "Hungry Like the Wolf" !!

    Oh yeah, get sexy! Wooottt!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall