I made my decision to change yesterday

  • I started reading the book last week but got to the page where it asked if I had made the decision to change...I stopped reading, it felt like as soon as I made that decision I would have to do something, and I believed I wasn't ready.

    I was on the bus home from visiting family yesterday morning, having loaded up with skittles and pizza the night before, and feeling a bit bloated and gross that morning, when the bus started filling up with...well...hot guys.

    Hot guys from all walks of life too, bros, hipsters, professionals, backpackers...and all of them slim, smiley and relaxed.  I had this rush of thoughts through my head

    • These guys weren't dressing to hide their love handles
    • Those backpackers wouldn't feel awkward about using a public shower
    • The hipsters weren't looking at skinny jeans and sighing "one day..."
    • The professionals didn't just have to buy a new set of pants going up a couple of size
    I read the rest of the book cover to cover last night and started today.
    Bring it on.
  • OMG, I love this.  So we are starting around the same time.  Best of luck to the two of us and everyone else on the program. :)

  • It is posts like this that get me all fired up!!!  You ROCK MrCynical!  I support you 100%!  Bring it!!!!

  • Welcome to BFL and Congratulations on your resolve and new committment.  Best wishes to ya. Keep Moving Forward and Plan to Succeed!

  • Day one went well.  It was probably the first day I have been without chips or candy in a long time (admittedly, right now I am craving the sweet release of nacho cheese corn chips).  My food was good, if anything I probably didn’t eat enough in the morning – I still had my pizza/skittles/curry hangover from the weekend.  I started off with cardio, and woah, harder than I thought.

    It was running along thinking “man I can’t believe this is so hard, its only been a couple of weeks since I was last in the gym” when I realised...that 2 weeks is actually a MONTH.   So easy to delude yourself!

    Just had youghurt and almonds for breakfast, it is weights for the first time in MONTHS tonight, I feel tomorrow is going to be painful!

  • Gym Song of the Day: Starlight - Superman Lovers

    (day before was I Will Survive/Survivor Mashup - Glee Cast)

    Day two went well!  Food was good, actually excellent as I made Beef Stroganoff from Jamie's 15 Minute meals.  OK, sure, it took me 45 minutes, but it was still delicious.  I can see why people like him so much, he is pretty damn exuberant about his food.  As you can see it is a great combo of protein and carbs and veges, and I kept the portions right and now have leftovers for the rest of the week.

    Gym was good, some exercises I really felt the burn, others I was definitely lifting too light.  I hadn't been in months so I needed to set the right pace, I made notes and am excited to see what my next upper body workout will be like.

  • HI Mr Cynical....I am starting today...did I see you are from NZ? I am in Wellington.

  • Auckland here, good luck to you, how was your lunch? :)

  • In lieu of my actual pictures (which will hopefully be tonight) here is me any my beef stroganoff last night, of which I am still inordinately proud, considering that time last week it was a massive kebab, sausage roll and a packet of skittles

  • MrCynical, your beef stroganoff looks delicious!  Much healthier than the version my mom used to make when I was a kid. :)

    Sounds like you're getting off to a great start on your BFL challenge!

  • Gym Song of the Night: Human by The Killers

    Today = owies.

    So my DOMS is hitting from upper body today, which I guess is technically a good thing, as it means i had a decent workout, on the downside though...did I mention owies?

    Legs also feeling it today, was on the bike for cardio last night.  I normally hit the treadmill but it was busy so I gave the bike a crack.  took me literally 5 minutes to get the settings sorted out, but was sweating like a sweaty thing by the end of it..

    I had a proud willpower moment too, I got home an hour later than I was planning and was STARVING, as I was doing the "don't eat for 3 hours" thing.  I kept telling myself I could sneak in a sandwich, or maybe a piece of candy I have for the trick or treaters...but no, I held strong, hit the gym, waited an hour afterwards and had a stirfry sandwich (veges, protein and carbs).

    Thanks Laura :)

  • Gym Song of the Night: When You Touch Me by The Freemasons

    Thought about my habits on the way home last night, left work a bit early so had time to kill and normally that meant going to Burger King...I just read a book instead.  I think I will end up saving money after this!  

    I did lower body for the first time in...literal months last night.  LUNGES ARE THE DEVIL! 

    Feeling it a bit this morning, and tomorrow is going to be hellish.  I am definitely looking forward to off day tomorrow, have friends round for a geek night.  While it does feel good to eat healthy, I am very much looking forward to some pizza and chips.

    I just have to make sure I chuck out the leftovers on Sunday, instead of...you know...eating them

  • Gym Song of the Night: September by Pompalamoose

    Eventful few days!

    Friday - pretty good.  We had work drinks and I had a small glass of wine, I rarely drink so didn't feel too bad about it, I also decided to skip a couple of bus stops so that meant walking an extra 3k that day.  There is something quite special about going to the gym on a Friday evening, like THAT is commitment, other people will still be boozing it up, but here I am sweating my butt off.

    Saturday - BINGED!  Cripes, probably went a bit overboard.  Had the boys over for movies and there was much pizza, candy and guarana based drinks.  I know I should feel bad, but man it all tasted so good.

    Sunday - ALMOST :S  Started off well, got a good upper body workout in, did heavier than my first time and it felt great.  However about 4pm I succumbed and finished off that big pack of chips and candy leftover from Saturday.  ARGH.  

    What I Learned from Week One

    - stairs are the worst invention in the world

    - all unhealthy food on free day must be eaten on free day, leftovers are painfully tempting

    - im going to try free day on a friday this week, and go healthy all weekend.

    - I wish my bedroom was on the ground floor.  Damn you DOMS

    - make sure the dumbells with the right weights are ready before your workout if possible, due to my pathetic math skills, took me about 5 minutes to get the right weights for my second set of reps :S

  • Gym Song of the Night: Outta my Way by Kylie Minogue

    Its been a tricky couple of days.  Monday started off well, got a walk in, ate well at work, and had a good cardio workout.  Then a bunch of work stress arrived on my phone...and out came the skittles.  My loving family gave me some massive jars full for my belated birthday and they have been sitting in my room, only to be touched on off day.

    Yeah, that didn't last.  I went to TOWN on them.  Pretty much undoing all my good work that day and then some.  Was so frustrating, was lying in bed annoyed and cranky.

    The next morning, I threw all of them into the garden.  Such a waste, but the temptation is just too much, and apparently I am still very much an emotional eater.  The rest of the day was better, but I didn't prepare my lunch and food on Monday so I had to get some cafe food, got some ham rolls, but took a key from other people here and kept my portions down.

    Did my lower body workout and was glad for it.

    Today is going better, made vegetable jalfrezi last night (and ALWAYS check the cooking time, I thought I was making a 15 minute meal, only at the last moment did I read "simmer for 45 minutes" DOH) and having left overs today.

    Won't let a blip hold me back

  • Gym Song of the Night: Harder Better Faster by Daft Punk

    As I am learning today, preparation is key.  I am confident I have the workout down, I don't stress about going to the gym, occasionally I will try to talk myself out of it, but I will still end up there.

    Food on the other hand :S  If I don't have my meals sorted at work, then the bakery is visited.  I keep it to filled rolls, and smaller ones at that, but still loaded tih mayo and cheese.  Need to make sure my yoghurt, almonds, wraps and fruit are stocked here every monday!  

    Despite that yesterday was good, got a great cardio work out in and I THINK it was a little easier to put my pants on this morning, but that may yet prove to be an anomoly.  I hope not!