Anyone Want to Start 10/29/12??

  • Can you start on October 29? Just wondering as the competition dates seems different.

  • I've started today too!

  • HIya I am starting today...I would love to join in with you guys. I am also very excited to get this thing underway....I KNOW I will need loads of support, but am motivated and determined to get great results.

  • I'm starting tomorrow, too! I tried before, but didn't have a support system around me and didn't tap into this community. This time is it!

  • Welcome, everyone! SO GLAD to see more people on board! :) Tell us about your workouts, recipes, meal plans, etc.!

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • I just had my leftover beef stroganoff for lunch, it was pretty awesome, what did everyone else have today?

  • Thanks for sharing, MrCynical! Share the recipe if it is your favorite! Peacelily, most of us have not officially entered the contest; we are just doing it on our own accord :)

    Heading out for a LBWO (Lower Body Workou), my favorite workout! HIIT (cardio) yesterdat was a killer and my lats are still sore from when I hit my "10" on Monday. I feel asleep with a hot water bottle and my husband thought I wet the bed, LOL!

    I made some BFL brownies from the Eating-for-Life book, and they were so good my family polished off half the tray! I will post the recipe when I get a minute...

    Also, want to toss out some encouragement (for myself and y'all) for Halloween! Save a baggie of candy for your "free day" if you want to, but don't lose your hard work. If you "fall off the wagon" today, it's ok, just make today your free day :) Good luck to all and happy Halloween! Booo!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Good job Katie!!  Those brownies are great.  My daughter is really getting into cooking so I had her make me the protein pancakes and more of the protein muffins (the pancake recipe is in the Eating for Life book.  Today is going to be challenging because I have tons of voice over auditions to record from home and they all have early East Coast deadlines (I'm in California,) then I have a class at 2:30pm and then meeting up with a group of friends for Halloween.  So I have to stay focused on my eating and get my workout in somewhere in this schedule.  

    Good luck today everyone!!

  • You all should try the summer tuna wrap, it calls for peach yogurt in your tuna fish which just about grossed me out... but it was like the yummiest thing in the world (so far)!

    Summer tuna wrap:(from 2006 BFL grandchamp Mike Harris) 1 -3oz can of albacore tuna, 2-3 TBS of peach flavored Dannon Lite, 1 TBS pickle relish, 1 whole wheat tortilla.

    Drain tuna, mix with yogurt and relish spead on tortilla.  Devour.  

    Mike says you can add apples, almonds, or grapes if you like.  I added apples and almond slivers to mine and warmed the toritlla in the mic for about 15 sec.  

  • Kaite, should we start a group, I mean with like an awesome name or something?  I can't believe how many people we have joining us!  This. Is. AWESOME!!!  

  • Apricot yoghurt and tuna!?  Sounds like MADNESS!  Think I might giveit a go though :)

  • Merianne, thanks for sharing! (And thanks especially for citing your recipe's origin:). I you would like to start a group with another name, that would be fine with me! Just make sure you include our start date in the title, so that everyone who started on 10/29 can follow it :)

    How was everyone's Halloween? I was SO tempted to cheat a few times (though I won't say on with what- we call that "food porn," LOL) but I made it through. The couldn't have done it without BFL brownies. Will post the recipe soon :)


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • I am starting today, November1st...... super psyched, and glad to have Halloween behind me, ha ha.  Anyway, good luck to all, let's stay focused and disciplined!

  • Halloween was rough for me. Not the candy, it just got over soooo late, it would have been 8:30 before I fed the kids, so they got McDonalds.  I did not.  Do  you know how hard it is to watch someone eat that big greasy burger when you  yourself are STARVING?  Fortunatly my husband was with me (yes, he had McDonalds too) and he is the reason I am keeping on track.  And looking at his handsome face was all I needed to do to tell my stomach to shut up. :)

    I got up and ran in the rain this morning.  I really am committed!  I am suprising myself!  

  • mjsings, how did you get your lovley pic to show up as your avitar?  I absolutly can NOT download a pic on that thing!!!!!