St. Louis area

  • Hi, looking for anyone in the St. Louis area - zip63043 who know how to do BFL---not necessarily the official challenge but as a way to get in shape; would appreciate any guidance/instruction for first few sessions

  • Hi keds63043,  Have you read the original Body-for-Life book?  It explains very well how to complete this program and has a lot of guidance and support.  It is a must read if you are serious about doing BFL.  You can probably find it in your local library or buy a used book online (I bought mine for $0.01 plus about $5 for shipping).

    It will take a little bit of guess work the first few workout sessions as you figure out what weight to start with, etc.  I started planning my meals before I started the challenge as well, so that I could make sure I had the ingredients on hand and make sure my portions were correct, etc.  

    Since it's been a month since you posted, maybe you've already started.  If so, I hope things are going well!  This forum can be a great support system. :)