What happened to bodyforlife-tracker.com??

  • Hi all!

    Anybody here remember bodyforlife-tracker.com??  It was my go to every time I started a new challenge.  Any old members from there on here??  So sad to see that tracker is no longer there. I started a new challenge today, anyone else start today??


  • I heard about that site just before I started my challenge on the 1st, and was sad to find that it was down.  It sounded like it was a great resource!  I hope that whoever owned the domain will renew it and get it back up and running again!

  • navywife,

    Bodyforlife-tracker.com was not a website that was provided by the Body-for-LIFE program or EAS. We're sorry to hear that the tools you used the in the past are not longer available, but we wish you the best with your new Challenge!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Hello- I have very good news.  The Body For Life Tracker at www.bodyforlife-tracker.com will be back up and running before the end of the year.  It will also include all prior data.  There will be a lot of improvements as well!  You can log back into your account also.  

  • So is the tracker back up and running? I went to it but there aren't any new posts.