Anyone Starting today Sunday October 21st?

  • This will be a restart for me.

    Anyone else starting today?

  • Yep! Started today!!

    Good luck.

  • tomorrow!

  • Working on it. Did 3 consecutive challenges in the past and lost 100 lbs. gained half back over the last 6 years. Need to get it back off!

  • I'm starting tomorrow , so you'll be buff one day before me!

  • I'm starting tomorrow too

  • Today is a restart for me too!  I'm so excited to get back on the bus!

  • I started the 22nd!

  • I am not starting until Oct 29th, but could use a suport group.  May I join yours or should I wait?  

  • Join us!  The more the merrier.  Good luck on your journey!

  • I started last Sunday.  My second time through.  Didn't do well at all the first time, but am optimistic that this time will be better!