Back on the program!

  • Hello everybody!

    Just joined the website and wanted to say hello and had a couple of questions.

    I've actually been a "Body for Life" fan for about 12 years now.  I am 46 but in my early 30's I wanted to get in better shape after putting on a few pounds and feeling lethargic and I discovered "Body for Life" and I bought the book.  I joined the local health club and followed the program to a T for 12 weeks.  I had always been a skinny, scrawny guy and after the 12 weeks was over I was in BY FAR the greatest shape in my life.  I had abs (not quite a 6 pack), nice arms, chest, legs, etc. I was getting all sorts of compliments at work and really felt great.  I was proud of myself as were my wife and kids.  Then, I just sort of let things go again and started returning into the old me.  In the last 11 years I have attempted to start the program 3 times and have failed/gave up after the first couple of weeks. I let myself down.

    Now, I am 46 years old and at 5'7 should be around 155-160 in weight but I got up to around 190 pounds.  I was just so disgusted and embarrassed with myself that I said 'ENIOUGH!".  I am now three weeks into "Body for Life" again and loving it and am seeing results.  I am down about 12 pounds and I can see the muscle starting to work it's way through.  I will admit however that I am a bit frustrated that my little pot belly isn't melting away as quickly as I would like but nevertheless, I am 100% determined to see this through and I hope that the 10/15 pounds on my belly will start to shrink away.  I want to feel great again and start to wear those physique showing t-shirts I have been embarrassed to wear for years now.  I really hope that at 46 years old that it's not too late and I can look young and strong again as well as feeling it.

    I do not cheat on my diet, haven't had a single sweet or junk food since I started three weeks ago.  I don't generally take free days as I just do cardio that day and follow my diet.  Once I see real strong results I will treat myself to a cheat meal or maybe a whole free day.

    I do have a couple of questions if anybody could please answer I'd appreciate it

    1. As I mentioned I have a bit of a pot belly, small love handles, a little fat over my lats, small moobs,. etc...will my skin tighten up and not become loose and saggy?

    2. Will it be possible at my age to get a nice, tight stomach again?  I don't expect to have a blistering six-pack but I hope I can eliminate the bally and tighten things up.

    3. It seems to me that by doing cardio 3 times a week for 20 minutes wouldn't be enough to burn all the calories I am taking in.  I actually do cardio every day for 30 minutes this time around hoping to accelerate the fat burning process.  What are your thoughts on this topic?

    Anyway, I will stop there.  These are just a few things I have on my mind as I work through the program again.

    Thanks again and good luck to you all in your "Body for Life" program!


  • Hey Mike you could be telling my story! Your history sounds about the same as mine. I believe that you dont have to kill yourself doing extra cardio. Your diet is 85% of it and it sounds like you got that whipped. Keep on and you will have excellent results. I also believe you needn't worry about saggy skin, you'll tighten up as you go. val

  • Hi, Your story sounds like mine.  I haven't started yet and I am embarrassed to do so.  When I reflect, I want to do a 3 -4 day a week workout due to long hours on the job. Just not confident yet.


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • I agree about the saggy skin.  I loved the results and my comittment and how much my body was tight.  I just feel... not confident.

    Giving love to oneself one day at a time.