Partners wanted. starting 10/15/12. support group.

  • Yes, I planned my free day, at least part of it. I planned popcorn and caramel cone ice cream. Other than that, it was a see what happens days. I lost 4 lbs last week. Yay! I felt like crap after eating the ice cream and I had a slice of pizza that made me feel like I swallowed a ninja. I don't know if it's the surgery or the clean eating but free day gave me hell to pay. I feel so sluggish this morning. Next Sunday will definitely be more planned and minimal veering off course. About to start my lower body workout. Have a good week guys!

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • KJB - where are you?  You started all this!  You too, savorlife! If you read this - please reply.   One bad day, or even more than one bad day should not stop you. Just from the short note you wrote, I can tell you've already invested in this (in you, your life, really). So happy to hear about the 2.6 down, 44.  You did that even though you felt like crap!  Imagine how good it will be when you feel better (and you will).  Psychcjs, draken...  we need to hear from you. Don't ANY of you give up - looks like it is just the 6 of us...  Nice size group to offer support for each other.  End of week one & I've lost 4.8 pounds. I've been working hard but I can work harder...

  • Wow, congrats to you both!!!  4 lbs for you Psychcjs and 4.8 for you chippers32, that's amazing!!!!!  You both are motivating me to stay on track.  Today has been rough so far.  I've been up since 4:00 am with my 3 year old daughter and I'm coughing so much that I almost wet my pants.  So much fun.  

  • Chippers, I'm definitely still on the bandwagon. Waiting for this morning's workout to hit me. It doesn't usually happen until the morning after.

    44, I'm with Chippers on this one, your gonna see amazing results once you can actually workout again. I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm happy to see you're still on the bandwagon and still have a good mentality. As long as we're mentally strong, we can conquer any physical weakness.

    My hubby says he sees the weight change and body shaping already. He also said that right after I had surgery and he was right. Even though I saw good results last week scale-wise, I think I'll wait until week 4 to step on it again. 16 more upper and lower body workouts to go. I find the 20 minutes cardio invigorating so I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Have a good evening guys.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • I work alot, and cyber school my kid so its difficult to log on here everyday!! I made it through week one, 3lbs, hoped of course for more but oh well. sore muscles today but my free day!!! Pizza for dinner later!!!! It was scary getting on the scale after the first week, wondering if it would have paid off, but it did. Taking things one day at a time, everyday I went to work, I said I am on day one...I am on day 3, my co workers r gonna get tired of me counting my days lol!!!

  • Good for you, Draken!  I am into counting the days, too, but I like counting down, like day one was day 84 and now when we wake up tomorrow morning we've only got 75 days to go.

    Interesting about your free day Psychcjs, how none of the food made you feel good.   I'd like to eat something this Saturday that leaves me perfectly satisfied, and I'm going to spend a little time figuring out what that might be.  I might just do a free meal at dinner and not a whole free day.  Dinner is the hardest time for me to stick to a diet because the kids are asleep and I can finally sit down and relax when I eat so I tend to overeat.  During the day I have to feed my son at the same time I'm eating, pick up the food he throws, remind my daughter to sit down a hundred times, etc, so no meal is ever really satisfying or relaxing when they're awake.  It's hard to eat snacks, too, because the kids want whatever I'm eating.

    How was your free day, chippers32?  Did you eat  a lot of great stuff all day?  How did you feel?

    I'm starting to feel a little better today and I'm looking forward to my free day on Saturday when I can have a glass or two of wine!


  • Hi KJB - I am still reading the BFL book, but would love to get started soon.  I just saw that you were looking for people in the area.  I'm in Highlands Ranch.  I feel like I need to do a little more prep work before I start.  Still trying to figure out the working out with weights part.  I've been doing cardio at the rec center for about 3 months now, so my cardio is awesome.  Did cardio Monday and today.  Usually I do something everyday.  Would love to hear from you.

  • My free day!  I had an egg sandwich in the morning, leftover meaty pizza in the afternoon, KFC at night, plus some ice cream.... and 4 beers.....Geez - that sounds awful, doesn't it?  The pizza was good, but I felt not so good after.  The KFC not as good as I had hoped..... Everything else, great.  But that's kinda how I got myself to the position I'm in now, except I drank a lot more beer....  Had a bad day at work yesterday.... really.  First thing I wanted to do was go to McD's at lunch for a QP with cheese, then grab a 12 pack after work & start drinking...  But I didn't!  I ate the lunch I brought in and did 10 extra minutes on the treadmill after work.  I did not want to drink after I worked out and that's the miracle of this program for me.  Sorry to go on and on, but this one bad day at work could explode - if it does, I HAVE TO STAY ON THE PROGRAM (I'll be very tempted to give up).  Thanks for the support.  

    Draken & 44 (Julie): It's got to be harder doing this with youngsters in the house - I admire your efforts.  Mine are all grown, so I have more time to work on the program.  Psychcjs I can not BELIEVE you have the gumption to wait 4 weeks to weigh!!  I still have to weigh every day - can't help myself.  I've lost 6 pounds now....  Keep at it - I look forward to hearing from you all - one of the highlights of my day....

  • I don't live anywhere near Denver, but I did start on Oct 15th and would love to support and be supported by others doing it at the same time :)

  • Welcome Maltipink. I'm in Philly and have benefited so much from this group so distance doesn't matter.

    44 & Draken, I count my weeks and then break those down by days. Like today is day 3, week 2. That way, it doesn't seem so long and after every free day, I start over again. 3 more days to reset day. I do my planning, cooking and shopping for the week on reset day as well.

    My upper body workout felt amazing this morning. I look forward to pushing those limits, reaching those 10s and improving my time and form. My one caveat is the eating. It still seems like I'm eating all the f*ing time (excuse the language) and it's frustrating. I'm at about 1200-1500 calories a day and I think that's a lot. Maybe it's just me and what I was eating post surgery. My cardio is going well. Looking forward to the short and sweet elliptical run tomorrow. Have a good evening guys. Time to eat. . . AGAIN. Ugh. But it works. I just have to work on overwriting the bad "low cal" code. Gotta put it in to burn it. Stay strong guys, 15 upper body and 16 lower body left.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • I take one day at a time, just keep a mantra of one more day, one more day. Had the free day, had some carmels, pizza and banana bread, nothing made me feel great though! I do find myself hungry now, every few hours, at work it can be difficult!! I get 2 15 min breaks, so I run and scarf down a protein bar, at lunch I eat a lean hamb patty or turkey, I am such a picky eater!! But I make fries when I can on this diet, slice a potato thin, spray it with pam and pop in oven, closest taste to french fries!!! I tried wheat bread, not satisfying, so its just meat plain. fruit on the side or a pickle.Anyone else a picky eater?

  • Where did everyone go??

  • Lol. We're still here, I guess. I hope. I decided to switch my free day to Saturday. So today is day 1 of a new week. It feels better and I know I can sleep late on Saturdays :-D. I've been a little busy preparing for some chick named Sandy to come to Philly. I'm not worried about me or what I'm gonna eat, we're not in a low lying area, I'm worried about the panic and being able to fill in the blanks for my boys and the dog. But, I digress, today's workout went smoothly and I'm feeling good. Hope you guys are okay. Stay safe and have a good week.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • Still here.  Saturdays are harder for me - I think maybe I oughta make that my free day as well.  But - I try to keep in in the road.  Did my aerobic exercise (run/walk).  So it's Sunday now & Sandy is heading to Psychcjs & leaving me behind (Virginia Beach). Still - a lot of wind and tidal flooding (not a ton of rain).  Had a good free day so far but I really do look forward to my workouts after work. Draken - I'd say I'm a picky eater... I'll try the chips sometime - Sounds good! I have some staples (cottage cheese, greek yogurt, chicken, beef, potatoes...  Greek yogurt on a baked potato is twice as good as sour cream & fat free!  Protein too!  I use various condiments on everything (lemon juice, vinegar, steak sauces, etc). Gotta run - I do wonder where everyone went....    Come back - we miss you!

  • Hi everyone, I'm still here, too.  My daughter had a fever this week and I had some bad stomach problems on Sunday but I'm still sticking to the eating plan.  I even went roller skating yesterday.  I ate some good stuff for my free day and felt satisfied but not stuffed.  I got on the scale today and I gained one pound back after my free day, but that's not bad considering.  So my goal for this week is to re-lose that pound plus one more at least and get down to 164 by Saturday.  I started at 167.8 and I was down to 165 on Saturday morning.  Today I was back up to 166, but at least still weigh less than when I started!  My free day is Saturday, too.  Sunday seems more like a get ready for the next week day to me so it's easier to stay on track that day.  Have a great Monday everyone!