Need Help With Supplements.

  • Hello All,

       In my second week and feel good.  Have always workout so that's not my hard part, it's the nutrition, especially the supplements.  I workout in the morning before breakfast, wait 1 hour prior to eating.  Here are my questions?

    1. I  take a muscle pack multi-vitamin pack after breakfast.

    2. After working out I take EAS Bentagen Recovery Drink and EAS Protein Recovery Shake. 

    3. 10:00 AM snack might be aEAS Protein Bar or a Myoplex Building Muscle Orginal Shake

    4. I take 2-3 protein shakes a day and maybe 1 protein bar if I only do 2 shakes.

    What order and when should I be taking this stuff? Thank you.


  • Your schedule seems fine as long as you're using your bars and shakes as meal replacements. My only worry for you would be the possibility of vitamin/mineral toxicity. It can happen when you over-do your supplements. I'm not a doctor, just overly educated thanks to my surgery, supplement shopping at the vitamin shoppe, and my husband's military and body building experience. You can always ask the BFL powers that be through the contact us link as well. They were really helpful with my bariatric surgery questions. I start Monday. Hope this helps and good luck.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • Fred,

    It might be best if you give our EAS Fitness Advisors a call to discuss your questions further. They are available at 800-297-9776 Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm, EST. Reference case# 0093680 when you call.

    ~Tiffany, The BFL Team