starting my first challenge on 13/10

  • I plan to start on the 13th.   Just sitting here planning the week and then off the the store..

  • actually starting on the 15th.. great post and this is very helpful

  • Started diet today and starting workouts tomorrow. I have lost a bunch if weight recently due to stress. I would love the support as well to start eating healthier and maintain weight while gaining muscle...eventually to do a figure competition:)

  • Yes, I am ready. Just finished my meats and tuna salad for the week. Starting veggies and salads after my struggling Eagles finish playing. I'm more excited than anything.

    -44, my son is 4 and we just started mainstreaming him (he's autistic). So, he's finally in a full day program. I can't imagine dealing with 3 little ones. But then again, kids give me so much energy! My hubby says I turn into a big kid. I am itching to start. I've made my meal plan and exercise plan for the week. I'm so ready for this.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • Pyschcjs, our daughter is almost four and going through a really difficult time right now, so I feel for you having such a challenge with your son.  Kids are so great but can be so difficult!!!  

    So far so good today, I've had breakfast and mid-morning snack and I'm not hungry!  I have to do my workout tonight so I'm going rollerskating after the kids are asleep.  I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have support, just knowing someone is out there listening and challenging themselves in the same way.  I've got to prep more food for myself but at least I've got today covered.  I think what will help me through this is just thinking in terms of one day at a time, and when things get difficult it might be getting through one hour or one minute at a time, but not letting myself get overwhelmed and always keeping my eye on the prize.  Good luck this week everyone!

  • Yes, it is wonderful to know someone else is going through this. I woke up at the bcd (butt-crack of dawn) and did my first upper body workout. Wow. I hit 10 three out of five times. I feel confident going forward. I've never sweat so much during such a short time period. My only issue is slowing d-o-w-n. As I worked harder, I sped up to get it done and over with. But I feel all 48 minutes. I'm 30 minutes away from real breakfast since I had a shake first and I'm feeling good. Have a good week all.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • Had a good first day. Only problem. . . So much FOOD. My word. I've been eating for what seems like all day. Ready for cardio tomorrow. My arms are blessing me out right now. Good night all. Let's get up and do it again tomorrow.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.

  • But that's good that you feel like it's so much food, right, Psychcjs?  So you weren't hungry?  I ate my last snack a little early, at 8:00 pm, and felt a little hungry after that, but bedtime was coming up soon so it didn't really matter.  I'm trying to eat on a schedule to make it easier, 6:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.   I made some mini turkey spinach meatloaves last night because I needed to prep some food for the next couple of days for me and the kids so I didn't make it to skating, so I'm making it up and going skating on Wednesday night.  I'm also going to do the elliptical machine at the gym that day so I won't be missing a workout this week.  Only 83 days to go....

  • Just finished my elliptical workout and definitely hit my 10. My HR was 192 at the highest. I thought I was gonna die for that minute but I powered through. But you're right 44, it was a good thing to feel like I wasn't starving. I had the same problem last night as well. I think I need to shuffle my meals around and put something with meat at the end of my day versus a greek yogurt as a protein source. (I had to modify the eating plan a bit to fit my smaller stomach. They drone PROTEIN FIRST in to you before surgery. And I figured greek yogurt counts as protein and carbs, right?) Anywho, day 2 is starting well. 43 minutes until I can have my first meal. Have a good day all.

    I once had faith in the surgery, I now have faith in me.