Started Oct 1st. Needing some support!

  • I have started many challenges in the past, but did it on my own.  This time I am serious about it and need some support.  I will do all I can to support you in return, but I am afraid I will end up quitting again if I don't communicate with someone on the same path as me.  Any tips or tricks?

  • Write down your goals and do everything you can to get the workouts in. Plan your meals out.

    I also started on the 1st. First week went good. How did you do?

  • And it does help to post a before photo on your fridge as well. Be sure to read and follow the BFL program as in the book and record everything in a journal of some type . Be committed and dedicated and it will pay off in the end. Keep Moving Forward!

  • Yes, I agree with chadw1275 and WPBill, definitely journal everything!  I have been using the BFL Success Journal for my challenge and I really think it helps me a lot.  It is perfect because it was made for this exact thing - it has sections for food, exercise, goals, etc, along with a bit of motivation for each day.  I bought the BFL book and the journal used for just $0.01 each and basically only paid for shipping. The journal had been written in, but not much (didn't look like the previous owner was taking it very seriously as they didn't fill everything out and stopped completely after 30 days - I just erased or whited out what she wrote).

    I think that posting on this forum helps me a lot as well.  I have made it part of my plan to log on and support others every day. :)  

    I also took a photo last Sunday and have it posted in my journal, but I may take WPBill's advice and post in on my fridge as well (or on my bathroom mirror so guests don't see my terrible picture :P).

    Just curious due to your username Cowgirlup, but do you have horses?  I have two myself and wish I could get out to ride them more often as it is a great leg workout for sure!  Anyway, I hope you had a great Week 1 and definitely come to this forum for support if you need it!

  • Wow! Thanks for all of the information.  Week 1 went good until the weekend.  We had a football party and unfortunately I ate things I shouldn't have.  I have got every workout in each day and I have started walking over my lunch hour instead of sitting on my butt.  

    The picture thing is a good idea, but I'm not sure about posting it.  I know that it would motivate me because the pictures I took are depressing and I don't want to look or feel like that anymore.  The problem is we have guests at the house quite often and I don't want them to see that.  Posting it in my journal is a good idea, I just might use it as a bookmark so I am constantly reminded.  

    By the way Laura2012, yes, I do have horses.  I love to ride, but haven't had the time lately.  

    Thanks for all of the support!!