Starting October 8th - looking for accountability partner

  • Body for Life is something I have been aware of for many years and have begun the challenge a couple of times.  This time is different, this time I am going to commit and succeed.  I am currently 224 at 5'7", female, 41 years old (turning 42 on Thursday  woo hoo!!!!).  My ideal accountability partner would probably be a female who also has or had 50+ pounds to loose.  Lets inspire eachother.  Any takers?

  • I am starting the 21st. I cant start before that because I am committed to walking a half marathon on the 14th, and my legs cant take any extra! I need to test a week after. I am willing to be your accountability partner. I am 46, 5'4, small boned but still 165 lbs, so I could stand to loose 50 lbs, but my goal is 30 for this challenge. I never weighed over 100 before babies, so 110 at my height and bone structure would be healthy, but 135 may be more attainable- especially with adding the muscle wight! and would still make a huge difference!

  • Hi there,

    I am starting on Monday as well.  Going to get my gym membership today and then off to the races... or rather grocery store to prep.

    I am 31, and have 60 lbs to lose.  I'd love an accountability partner who is going to be very serious and go entirely "by the book".  

    I'm looking for a daily e-mail check in to keep accountable and help in those tough times.  let me know if you want to pair up to drive one another on!

  • Happy birthday AllAboutChoices! Hope you had a great one!  

    It sounds like you've got a good partner (onmyway2), but you can always swing by the Oct 1st starters if you ever need any more support or encouragement.  I don't have 60 lbs to lose (closer to 30), but I am very serious about this and am going by the book as well.  I did make one mistake on my eating plan (using regular mix instead of sugar free for my protein pudding), but other than that have eaten as planned.  I am enjoying my workouts and even the food!  I made the BFL chicken and rice soup recipe tonight and it was fantastic! It was dinner and will be my lunch tomorrow as well.

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and offer you more support if needed. :)

  • Thanks for the response.  Laura, thanks for the birthday wishes,  it was a fantastic day.  Thanks for the reminder about the October 1st group, good luck to you too in your weight loss journey.  Let's do this!!!!

  • Gina, how awesome that you are completing a 1/2 Marathon.  Go Girl!!!!  I would like to be paired up with someone starting Monday October 8th, however, I would be happy to cheer you on to.  Let's keep in touch  

  • I'd love to be accountability partners!!!! Monday is right around the corner.  Working on my vision board today, meal planning tomorrow and grocery shopping this weekend,  I too got a gym membership for motivation.  Please email at and we can talk more.

  • I'm starting on Monday 8th Oct. Want to exchange body fat for lean tissue including muscle and get rid of the excess fat which means a transformation of some 20lbs.  I have a very demanding job which means I give myself excuses for not going to the gym.  It's 11 weeks to Xmas Eve and 12 Weeks to New Years Eve.

  • Hey all, I'm starting again on Oct 8, for Challenge 2! I completed my first Challenge May 22, have tried to get a second one going, have faltered several times in the process, but REALLY need to get back on it. As 3nity pointed out, 12 weeks to New Years Eve. I wanna end 2012 with a bang!

    I can definitely help be an accountability partner. Trying to get my husband into this with me too... he is nearing 40 and starting to feel the effects of a desk job + never doing anything that could be considered "working out."

    So with the holidays coming it's time to crank up the discipline. My only variation is I run 4.5 miles 2 mornings a week with a friend so I'll be continuing those and doing weights those evenings. I also have a 10k coming up in early November which should be awesome. I started this year and could barely run a mile, the B4L cardio just *killed* me, and now I can run 6-7 miles at a steady sub-10:00 per mile. It's amazing what this program can do for the long term!

    I don't have any super specific fitness goals but want to drop at least another 3% body fat (down to about 27% from 31.5% in Feb) and 10" of total measurements (dropped 10.5" in my first Challenge).

    Good luck to everyone, let's do this!

  • Hi!!

    I'm starting 8th Oct.

    Daily accountability would be great for me also, and I'd love to be support to some others too!!!

  • I am also starting Oct 8th. I had this ate planned for 2 weeks and I find myself with an injury before I even start. (Pulled a muscle in my calf) I'm trying to figure out how to overcome a big obstacle without reinjuring and remaining comitted to this date. I would also like to be your accountability partner.

  • I am also starting the challeng on trying hard to get my husband to do it with me.  Would love the accountabilty and also love to hear tips on foods.  Am super excited to be starting this!  Should look great by Xmas!

  • First day over and I've already broken the cardinal rule - I wasn't prepared.  Which meant I didn't get to the gym this morning however I did go for a 40 minute walk.  So at least the body was moving and not just staying in bed (which was so tempting).  Hope you've all had a more fruitful start to your 12 weeks.

  • HI, I started October 7th and am looking for people who have started around the same time to keep in touch with. I don’t meet the requirements you are looking for in a support partner but hoping the more the merrier. I am Male almost 40 years old. My Birthday is in January, hope to be able to look back on my 40th and say I completed this challenge. I need to lose about 20 pounds of fat could stand to gain a little muscle as well.  Anyway been feeling pretty drained since I started but have managed to get in my 3 workouts so far. Let me know if it is appropriate to continue posting here. Either way best of luck to you on your challenge.  

  • My first week got a bit derailed, I started to get flu-like symptoms so that kept me out of the gym for a couple days. Took some time off work, slept a ton and made it back to the gym morning for cardio and I feel awesome! Also went and re-stocked by supplies... protein bars (I eat them when I am on the run), Myoplex chocolate protein powder, lowfat Greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese, lean all-natural uncured ham, eggs, and 99% white ground turkey. Ready to get back on the wagon! My office has a LOT of carbs, whole wheat bread and fruits and such, so mercifully I don't have to worry about keeping a lot of carbs in the house during the weekdays. I also get a weekly organic produce shipment so that keeps me stocked with fresh, organic vegetables for the week.

    3nity, which didn't you just got to the gym later in the day? Does your schedule not allow for it? If I missed my morning workout I would at least try to make it in the evening, even if that meant going at 9:00 at night, or even right before closing and getting in only a couple quick circuits before the employees chased me out. Good job going for a walk at least! Anything is always better than nothing. :)

    Hope everyone has a good first week! I'm going for a 6-mile run tomorrow, we are having some amazing fall weather here in Colorado where I live (not far from Bill Phillips new Transformation Center actually). Where is everyone else from??