New Beginning

  • So, I am a yoyo gym rat, dieter, but have reached my goals in my career so now it is time to take care of my body. I have been overweight most of my life. I love the gym and have packed on some serious muscle,,,,,,which is well hidden b y all of my fat. I am beginning the challenge this week and am determined to be successful. If I continue on this road of self destruction, I will do just that self destruct. Any hints, ideas, encouragement is welcomed. Thanks

  • Greetings stevemsn2011 and Welcome to the BFL way of life, team and forum.  Be sure to read the book Body for LIfe, even if you have to borrow it from the local library several times.  Planning before starting and during is a key help as is the before and after statistics (not just body weight, but BMI and Body fat percentage will help)) and of course measurements, arms thighs, calves, neck, wrist, forearm , chest, waist and hips will help to track progress as well.  Get rid of any non recommended items in the household food area or put them under lock and key or hard to see or reach areas to help out with temptation.  Put a copy of the before picture on your fridge door to remind you or your start.  Be sure to set realistic and omptimistic goals for yourself for the 12 weeks with checkpoints along the way. and most of all....Keep Moving Forward!  (PS the EAS products and supplements will help you to gain and lose as well be sure to check the products section of this site).

  • Thanks for all the great hints. I have read the book several times, just never was as motivated as I am now! Just got back from grocery store with the right foods

  • Congrats for starting the process, you are worth it.  As mentioned, read the book...MANY TIMES.  I've lost count of how many challenges I've done over the years, this is more of a lifestyle for me now and it really works.  I'd recommend following the program EXACTLY as outlined and let your body do this the right way.  

  • Thank you. That is exactly what my plan is this time. I have half assed it in the past. Following it to the T this time. I have my meals planned out, the food is bought and will put it all together this afternoon for the week. I have a business trip this week and will be bringing my snacks with me. I know what to choose from any menu. Workouts are already planned out so,,,,,,,HERE I GO!!!!!!!!!

  • stevenmsn2011, I can relate to your story. Success reached in career and now time to take care of body. Have you ever thought of the things you did or mindset or attitude you had that made you successful in career which are the opposite of those who don't become successful in their careers? I have noticed that it is the same here in BFL. There are those who start and fall off within first 2 weeks. But it takes a certain mindset and attitude. It takes discipline. It takes tracking. It takes dedication. It takes inner motivation. It takes a "can do" attitude. It takes a "never give up" attitude.  I believe you have it already from past success. I believe you know what to do and I know you can and will do this also!  Just give it your all like you did in your career.  


  • Thank you Soraya, I do have it in me. I dropped 4 lbs already and if it weren't for this stupid cold I have I would feel awesome. I am already on the right track. I am traveling today for a symposium and usually i would just pick up fast food for the trip. I ate my BFL burrito, my water and have packed my protein shake and nutrition bars. i know what to look for on the menu now so I really believe that i have made the decision and will stick to it. Thanks again, Steve