Starting Sept 30th 2012. CANNOT DO IT ALONE

  • Hi Laura,

    Is it just you and I now???

    I've been doing OK, had a lot of relationship drama the past month, which has made it challenging to focus, but I've been sticking with it.

    I wish I liked running, I've tried it and always got bored with it, yet oddly walking and hiking I enjoy, as well as cycling.

    I too am going to do a second challenge and start in January, probably the second week of January so the holidays are behind us, and I can seriously focus on BFL.  I would like to really focus more on my midriff so I am looking at modifying the weight training so that I have more stomach, thigh and buttocks oriented exercises in play.  If I could loose 30 lbs and tone in the midriff section on the next challenge, I'll be ecstatic!!  Then I'd have less then 20 lbs to go to get to my less then 200lbs goal, I can't wait to get there, although it will seem like a long time to go I'm sure :)

    One more week and we'll have our first BFL Challenge under wraps!   Since I started BFL I've gone from 280lbs to 248lbs (I was at 312lbs at the beginning of the year).  Getting under 250lbs was my first major milestone.  My next major milestone is to get under 200lbs!!  I've gone from 3XL shirts to XL, and from a very tight size 46 pant size to a comfortable 42, but I'm liking size 38 pants a whole lot better - LOL!!

    Well good luck on week 12 Laura!!! Congrats for making it this far, you definitely made some great progress!  If you want to do the second challenge together, let me know and we can try to motivate each other :)  I am thinking I'll start on January 7th.

  • Hi Cal!

    I think it is just us now!

    It sounds like you're doing very, very well!  You've lost over 30 pounds in 11 weeks! Wow!  I'm so glad to hear you've been sticking with it and things are going strong. :)

    I did very well last week, and even ended up impressing my physical therapist on Friday.  I'd made significant gains in just two weeks.  I had planned to wake up early Saturday for my first ever run in the snow, with my running group.  Unfortunately, I woke up with a bad stomach bug that I've been battling this whole weekend.  Luckily I'm starting to feel quite a bit better now, but I'm still a bit achy and weak.  On the plus side, it did help me lose an additional 3 lbs lol. ;)  I know it'll just come right back once I am back to eating and drinking normal amounts haha.

    I just hope my body is done getting sick now this season - a 4 week cold/bronchitis and now the stomach flu - it's almost like it isn't happy with me lately lol.

    I am definitely looking forward to starting challenge #2 in January!  I won't be tempted by holiday treats and will have even better running goals.  I think January 7th sounds like a great start date, so I'd love to do it together.  Maybe we'll find some others to join us for even more motivation.  Shouldn't be too hard what with all the New Year's Resolutions most people make. ;)

  • Please let me know when yall start in January. I want the support.

  • Hi Laura and Chad!

    Glad you guys are sticking with it!!  Laura I bet with your cold spell out of the way you will get the results you want now.  

    Let's go for starting BFL Challenge #2 on January 7th, ending on March 25th.  

    Congrats to all who stuck with it, this is our last week on this challenge, make it count!!

  • Well, we're officially finished with our first challenge! I had so many roadblocks in my way during the last 6 weeks that affected my results (due to not being able to stay on plan), but I am still down 10 pounds and have lost inches. I can only imagine how much more I'd have lost if things had worked out as planned! Now I'll find out in March! :)

    How did the rest of you do and how do you feel?

    I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!