Starting Sept 30th 2012. CANNOT DO IT ALONE

  • Got my LBWO and my bike ride into work off the plate for today!  

    Laura I agree with chad, some protien shakes and/or bars, and ready to eat healty snacks (fruit/veggies) and you'll be set.  Last week we had THREE birthday celebrations at work, they bring in cake or cupcakes and that junk, and I didn't cave.  Friday was hard though.  Work caters in lunch for us on Fridays, and it hasn't been that hard to resist, until last Friday when they had some awesome Italian food, OMG it smelled so I sat there and at my tuna salad.....sigh....but it's worth it.....right?  :)

    I still need to work on my ab crunches.....I think I kind of suck at them, but hopefully they'll get easier, I should watch some youtube videos to make sure I'm doing them right.  


  • Hello Team!  I had a good week #1 and lost 2 pounds.  However I know I still need to work on / tighten up my diet plan.

    THIS CHALLENGE IS FUN.  Congratulations! to everyone who made it thru Week #1.....whether you breezed thru

    or struggled thru it.

    I hope everyone has a successFUL Week #2.   GO TEAM!!!

  • I started the 1st also.  Done this a couple of times, I've finished twice, but never w/ great results.  But I did learn so very much about nutrition and excercise.  I would like to join y'all's group.



  • Blessed Mom.... Great to have you!! Looking forward to your advise.

    WorldClass.... 2 pounds is a good start. Keep up the work!!

  • Great job WorldClass, and we're happy to have you Blessed Mom!

    Week 2 has gone well for me so far. I didn't wake up in time yesterday to get my LBWO in, but I went after work. Felt good to finally get it done as that was the only workout I missed last week. Did well on cardio this morning too.

    I hope the rest of you are doing well!

  • So far this week is going good. Sometimes I think I may eat to much at supper time in the evenings. I don't know though. I will just keep going and see what happens.

    Had a great UBWO this morning!!!

  • How has week 2 been for everyone?

  • Week 2 started off great for me, but I went off track a bit after I went out of town.  I brought a cooler with my meals and snacks for the drive there and back (and for while I was there, if I had a chance to eat it - which I wasn't sure about at the time).  I did well on Wednesday and the first half of the day Thursday, but then I broke down when everyone around me was snacking on pumpkin bread and cheetos.  I had a bit of each, and then ended up eating bad stuff during the wedding reception that evening as well.  The next day I did well on the drive back, but had an unplanned meal out with my family that evening and while I didn't eat as much as I used to, I could have made better choices.  Today has been off as well, but I am looking forward to getting right back into BFL as my body isn't too happy with me right now.

    How was week 2 for you chad?  Sounds like you were doing well as of Wednesday!

    I am looking forward to starting a fresh week and staying on my plan.  I think it really helps me when I take the time to not only journal everything, but also look at/read my vision board and goals every morning and night.  Those were things I wasn't able to do while I was out of town, so I think if I end up going on another trip before the end of this year, I will figure out a way to duplicate my vision board and make time for journaling each night.

    Hope the rest of you are doing well and staying on track!

  • Laura, my week two was good for the most part. Didn't eat that good Friday evening, hope that doesn't hurt too bad. Today is my free day and the family is giving us a Baby Shower for our 3rd child, so cake and snacks today will not be good. Will get back at it hard tomorrow though. I have lost 7 lbs, so far, thought that was good. I love lifting weights so I am feeling so much better these days. Hope you can stay on track as well with the wedding in the past now. What type of vision board do you have?

  • I did much better today as far as eating goes (100% on plan), but didn't make it to the gym.  I will make it there tomorrow though!

    My vision board is very basic.  I have mostly pictures and a couple phrases/affirmations cut out and taped onto my wall across from my bed so I can see it every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.  Some of the items on it are a picture of a fit woman (something I can realistically achieve), a fast runner, and then some other personal goals such as being debt free and finishing my basement. There are nine items total. I was going to make it really fancy and put it all on an actual poster board or something but then I ended up just putting it all up on the wall for now.  It really helps me stay on track and think about why I'm doing this challenge (in addition to the things I have written in my BFL Success Journal).

    Hey, how's the rest of our team doing?  We haven't heard from most of you in quite a while now.  It would be great to hear how things are going for you. :)

  • Hi Laura!  Congrats on the weight loss!!  I lost another 4lbs last week (started at 280, down to 268).  Breaking into the 250's will be a really big milestone for me, and I may refocus my diet a bit, I would LOVE to be in the lower 200's by Christmas....might be only a dream, but I'm motivated :)

    I like the idea of your vision board!  I've been reading my goals/promises to myself daily, and as simple as it is, it's on more motivation point!  

    Keep up the great work, I'm enjoying BFL and it's benefits thus far, and find myself consulting the BFL book several times a week to keep focused.

  • Great job Cal1 sounds like you are really focused. I think that is the main thing.

  • Ok everyone, wrapping up week 3 how is everyone doing? Hope you guys are still hitting it hard.

  • I'm kinda bummed, I weighed in at 264 the other day and this morning it was at 268.  Probably not a big deal, but not going the direction I wanted and I've been good on my diet and doing my workouts/aerobics.  Maybe it's muscle mass :)  

  • Cal1, don't worry to much about that it still early only ending week 3. It could be muscle mass or it could be you are retaining water. Keep moving forward and you will have much success.