Starting Sept 30th 2012. CANNOT DO IT ALONE

  • great. did u take a before pic? can I see it?

  • UBWO done!!! Felt so good. Laura... I did the same thing yesterday, planned several meals and my workout. Let me know how you do.

  • I feel great this morning!  I have done my 20 minute  exercise and have eaten a good breakfast (oatmeal with flaxseed oil, egg whites, pear and water).  I just hope I can finish the day according to the BFL program.  

    ===>Tajikistan..........Are you eating other foods in addition to the scoops of protein?  If not, you are not eating enough or frequently enough.  WOULD OTHERS WHO HAVE ALREADY DONE THE PROGRAM, PLEASE GIVE US SOME INPUT?

  • So how is your first day?

  • I made it to the gym, challenge started!  Now onto breakfast.  I'm thinking fruit and cottage cheese...sorta low on supplies. :-/

  • My first day went very well!  I got up extra early to hit the gym first thing before work - did my upper body workout and it was hard, but felt great.  I did pretty well on sticking to my meal plan (didn't cheat at all), but I wasn't as prepared as I'd thought and so I had to switch some meals around. No big deal though. :) I have everything ready for day #2! Can't wait to see how the cardio session goes!

    How did the rest of you do?

  • My first day went relatively well. Did all the meals and exercise according to plan, except for last minute broke down right before bed and took a snack. Hope that today didn't happen that way.

    Day 2 went according to plan meals wise. Will hit the kickboxing gym today after work and will do my upper body at home afterwards. Crossing fingers I can pass the binge call whims tonight.

  • My first day went well too. Laura, I try to do my workouts before work too. Hard to find time after work. Cardio done this morning went pretty good too.

  • Hi All!!

    I too started on Monday.  It's been 20 years since I was on an exercise routine, and unfortunately it really shows.  I'm still learning the weight routines, so hopefully by the end of week1 I'll have that down.  For my cardio/aerobics I bought a mountain bike and today I started riding to work.  It's 2.5 miles each way, and it took me ~25 minutes this morning (I felt like I was going to die the first five minutes!).    Although I plan to use the biking as my cardio, I plan to do it daily, so hopefully that will help.

    I started at 280, so it will be interesting to see how this works out, but I'm psyched !!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Hello Team!  It's encouraging to see several of us have started off well.  Days 1 and 2 were both on plan for me.  Hooray!!! Good luck to every one on Day 3.

    Which state is each person from?   I live in MICHIGAN.

    Where are you.....RAY72KCC ???

  • Congrats all on your new starts!!   I'm starting my second BFL program Oct 1.  I'm combining P90X exercises with BFL reps & sets.  Challenge is finding good a.m. aerobics workouts, as I like to do my stuff at home.  Any ideas?

  • From Santa Fe NM.  Cal!, great for you giving a new start, keep it up & let us know if you need any pickmeups

  • Glad to hear you're all doing well so far!  Cal, that is a great idea biking to work every day!  That is something I should do as well, but I'm not sure with snow coming in another month or so.  Hmmm, something for me to think about. You are inspiring me to make more changes. :)

    Day 2 was another good one for me too.  Cardio workout was tough, which was a little shocking since I've been jogging/running all summer - guess it's the HIIT making the difference. I might need to eat something beforehand also; do any of you need to eat before your workouts? I felt ok doing weights yesterday, but I was feeling weak today - perhaps it's just my body getting used to all the sudden changes this week.

    I did make some protein pudding for my last meal tonight and used regular, not sugar free, so that was a little slip I suppose.  But I only ate one serving (and wow, it tasted great!). :D

    I live in Salt Lake City, UT. It's great to see people from all over the country and even the world (Tajikistan!) here supporting each other in our challenge.

  • I am from Va. Sounds like everyone is doing great and off to a good start. I would have to agree that the protein pudding is great.

  • Thanks for the shout outs, I'm enjoying this so far!

    My first day of ridding my bike to work was interesting.  I thought I was going to die for the first 5 minutes or so, but I made it (it's been 20 years since I rode and exercised).  Took me about 20 minutes to go 2.5 miles, with a couple of stop lights to boot.  Last night before I left work, I noticed the bike had a flat front tire, got a new tube last night and was back on the road this morning.  I also did my lower body workout this morning, so that coupled with the bike, my legs were on fire and felt like rubber by the time I got to the office....but that's a good thing...I think :)

    I have on one question - on the work out forms there are two "High Point" fields under each muscle group.  I notice in the book the example shows two different excercises, one only done once in the entire workout.  What's the story on these?  I haven't added this in yet, I've been doing one extra set of the same exercise in it's place (still learning the exercises).