Starting Sept 30th 2012. CANNOT DO IT ALONE

  • Hello All, I am going to attempt to finish my 3rd challenge on Sept 30 2012. The last one I completed was 2 1/2 years ago and I defintely need this. I have learned I cannot do it alone.

    Any one elso starting on Sept 30th?


    "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today"

  • Hey Ray ! I started already but am always around for moral support, its so easy to screw up and get into bad habits so if ya need a buddy !!

  • Ray, I am going to start on the 1st. So that close. I feel the same way I can not do it alone either.

  • I'm also starting on the 1st and definitely need the support as well.  We can do it together!

  • Welcome Laura.. I done this before and then slacked off alot. Lost 30 lbs the first time. Need the support!! Any questions just ask.



  • Hello Everyone!  I am starting on Monday, October 1, 2012 also.  I would love to join this team.  I definitely need the support and accountability.

  • Starting again on October 01.  Went full force on my first challenge and lost over 30 lbs but then I did a half ass challenge and gained a few of those back.  I've set some new goals and I'm committed to giving it as much (if not even more) effort as my first challenge.  I'm super excited and ready to rock and roll.  

  • Hey everyone starting also today. By schedule having free day today. that is great. I'm already feeling have my body transforming. The problem is I'm in Tajikistan and don't have any friend to start with.

    And the challenge program of EAS doesn't work here (the challenge is currently only open to residents of the United States and its territories).

    despite of it I WILL DO IT.

  • Welcome Everyone!!! Looking forward to everyones progress. We can all do this.

  • I'm starting 10-01, too!

  • I'm so happy there are so many others starting today/tomorrow!  It will be great having all of the support we can give each other. :)  I've written down my nutrition plan for the week and my exercise plan for tomorrow.  I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to get my workout in before work, with enough time to make a healthy breakfast and prepare meals for my afternoon as well.  

  • Started!!  

    Today will be the first day going to the gym since 2 month stopped. After getting up had 2 scoop of 100% whey gold standard protein and got to the job. At the evening planning to go to the Gym and after it will have another 2 scoop of protein.  Am I doing right? What do you think?

  • I just started today, will be with you on this challenge. Thanks for the shout out!