Too Late To Start?

  • I want to start a challenge this Monday, October first, which will put my finish at the end of December. The rules say that everything must be in by December 5 for the 2012 challenge, and there's no info about a 2013 challenge. Am I in a dead- zone? Do I have to wait until January to start a challenge?

  • You can always click on the link below that says "Contact Us" and ask the company any questions you have. They have great customer service. Good luck. I know you don't have to wait, you can start anytime, just not sure how the dates run.


  • The dates are only to organize entries.  For the last round in 2012, you needed to start by August 27th.  There is never a time when they're not in BFL Challenge though.  Starting after that date simply means you are automatically put in the 1st round of the 2013 BFL Challenge.  You're good! 

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