1 week in and gaining weight?

  • I started on the Body-for-Life programme last week, and have gained 3 pounds since then. I used to be on a low carb diet before and adding carbs to my diet has had a very negative impact. I feel very bloated and am gaining weight.

    Can I do the Body-for-Life diet, cutting out all carbs, and only take in proteins?


  • No do not do that.  The reason you are gaining weight is the carbs but you need carbs to have the energy to get into the gym.  This lifestyle change will bring on all sorts of body transformations.  If you look through the blogs you will see again and again where people are ditching the scales as they are not a true indication of the body transformations that can be achieved.  

    Once your body has adjusted to the carbs things will level out and you will start seeing transformation in your body even if the scale does not show it.  

  • Thank you Josh. I've continued the programme and am now in week 4. I have gained 4 lbs in total, but feel less bloated than before. I'm hanging in there... This has worked for so many people, so should work for me too right :)

  • Yes it will work.  Just keep following the routine.  I have lost over 20 pounds but it looks like a lot more.  I am putting on a lot of muscle while shedding the fat.  

  • I lost 15.