Anyone starting September 24th?

  • My shoulder is really sore now. It's pulled up higher than the left and really hurts to try relax it. I am going to run anyway and go see my chiro later today. Its a beautiful morning to be outside 38 with a light wind. Other than my shoulder my body feels wonderful and feels like its getting tighter and lighter! One thing I have been really struggling with lately is getting enough sleep. I get up at 5:30 am and workout and get started on the day before everyone else starts in with their demands on me. So I am ready for bed at 8:30 but everyone else besides my two youngest are just starting on their evening and still are opening my bedroom door and waking me. It is so frusturating cause it is so hard for me to be woke multiple times and then get to sleep again and of course soon I am angry and then sleep is impossible. Last night however I got excellent sleep and feel so good this morning! What a difference adequate sleep makes.

    AJ How are you?

    Claire still hope to hear from you. Don't quit!!!


  • 8 days left in this challange! Just got back from an excellent LBWO. My legs were shaking when I was on my last set. I have one LBWO left in this challange. The time has gone and I am stronger for sticking with it. I feel really good about what I have accomplished so far. My shoulder feels better after my workout. I think holding those weights for my leg workout created traction on the muscle and helped with the spasm! To think last night when I went to bed I was comptemplating skipping my workout cause my shoulder was so sore. Ha, it was good for me! Well, today we are going to be getting our fist snow storm of this season. It is supposed to last all weekend and my husband just left today to go on a hunting trip! Good thing I have some big boys to help me around here.

    Hope all is well with you AJ.


  • Hi Val,

    I'm still on track and doing well.  Sorry I haven't been online much.  It sounds like your running is going AWESOME!  I'm so proud of you!  Keep up the good work girl!  Wow!  You are very disciplined about getting out there and just doing it.  "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out" Robert Collier.  YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!!  And your family benefits as well. And your weight training is going well too.  Hope your shoulder is doing ok.  I have issues with one shoulder and have been trying to train around it as well.  Boyfriend is a help there as he can give me pointers on alternative lifts that won't bother the shoulder as much.  (Thanks Boyfriend!)  

    I'm going to be posting in sections because either this site or my computer is acting wacky.  Bear with me please.  ha ha

  • We are doing this!  It is so incredible.  I really feel so fabulous.  Now I'm cranky if I miss a day of working out.  I've got 9 days left, because I started a little after you started.  But I don't want it to end.  I don't want to lose this good feeling and positive attitude that's been generated.  Right now I feel like anything is possible.  

    I think my New Years Resolution is going to be the "Year of the Butt"  :0)  LOL  I saw that in a fitness magazine last night and that is a spot where I could use some extra toning and shaping.  

    Okay, gotta run.  You are making awesome progress Val, keep it up!  

    Claire, are you still out there?  We miss you!


    PS - Val, I want to see your progress photos when you are done with the 12 weeks!  Show it off girl!

  • Hi, I have been away due to weather. Lol. We had a blizzard this weekend so the kids were home and with all the outdoor clothes and food needing to be made and messes cleaned up I was hard at work all weekend. School was cancelled yesterday due to roads being plugged with snow so yesterday was the same! School today Yay!! I am going to get some Christmas shopping done this morning! I have been really procrastinating and now its down to the wire. We are having my families Christmas this weekend! Nothing like pressure to make a person get things done.

    I have been running and lifting but my diet is pure B A D. I have got to turn that around today! I feel terrible and swollen from all the simple carbs I have been consuming. Headaches and just yuck.

    AJ I will make it the "Year of the Gut"! I would like to have a defined stomach. I have a small pooch that I can't seem to ever get rid of. I am sure I just need to be diligent with my nutrition and then I will have the belly I always dream of. My butt too could definately shrink some and I wouldn't cry! And I will post photos someday here on this thread!

    I have to run on the treadmill now cause its just too cold and of course now the roads are snow packed and icy. I am so bummed! The miles just seem to fly by outside and on the treadmill I watch them crawl by. I am up to 2.75 miles this week and next week its the big 3 mile goal I have been working toward for 9 weeks!


  • HI Val,

    Stick with it girlfriend, you've come way too far to quit now.  Just for today.  Just for this workout.  Just for this meal.  I too have been sliding a little bit.  My problem is that I haven't been eating frequently enough.  This is definately a hard time of year to stick with this, but WE CAN DO THIS!  I know you are not pleased with your eating, but at least you realize how yucky you feel when you eat poorly.  That in itself could be a motivator.  

    Great job keeping up with the running!  I believe in you, YOU CAN DO THIS!  You DESERVE to do this for yourself!  Consider it pampering yourself.  :0)


  • I am on my way to do the last LBWO of this challange. Wow. That is hard to believe. I am ready to change up and start another right away. I love how I feel when I am working hard and being disiplined in my eating. It makes me feel excited and happy. Thanks AJ for the pep talk. I need that. I have cleaned up my diet and going to take it one day at a time.

    You are such an inspiration and have done so well this challange. Well done!


  • Hey Val,

    How does it feel?  If you aren't finished with your challenge yet, you are almost there!  Wow!  Great job!


  • Hi my dear ladies of the BFL,

    I am popping in to congratulate you on your successes! Congratulations to you both!!!!  You are awesome!!!!!!!!

    I am still here. Still plugging away. I had dreams of transforming my body in these past 12 weeks and that just didn't happen. BUT, i have worked out more days in 3 months than I have been able to do in 3 years. I have made enough progress in my workouts that I enjoy them rather than being beat up by them, I found friends in both of you, and I havent given up. That is progress and I plan to continue. Hopefully,I will see you both here even thought the challenge is over. You girls ROCK.



  • Hey ladies! I am ready to rock another 12 weeks. I am looking forward to what I can accomplish this time around. I am up and ready to do my first upper body workout of this challange! I am on to different weight routine to shake things up. Just have to get throught this next week and a half and then the nutrition shouldn't  be such a challange. Claire you going to keep going? So good to hear from you! I really enjoy the company on this journey. I am pleased that you also made progress. AJ how about you? Shall we do another????


  • Tomorrow is my last day of C1.  YES!  I am up for another.  Need to get my goals down on paper and finish up some unfinished business from C1, but I'm gonna do it too.  Claire, you up for it?  Just consider the las ttime as stepping stones to this time.  You can do it!

  • Hi girls,

    YES! I am all IN. I have been sick since the weekend but plan to get back on track tomorrow with exercising. Are we all considering this this to be week one? It sounds as if we are all starting on slightly different days. I am really looking forward to this round.


  • Merry Christmas. Sweet Claire your ready?? Me too. I was a bit premature thinking I could  start when I said I would. I am going to start after this Christmas week. It has been just crazy and I am even taking a break from exercise!! So my start date is December 31. Can you do this with me? How about you AJ?? Really need some hand holding to get through this!!


  • Hi BFLers, I would like to know how your second challenge is going?  I have two weeks to go and i will be on my second challenge too.  Happy New Year.  This year I will try to do a 5:30-6:15 am workout and aim for adequate sleep. Not sure if I want to do it daily or every other day yet.  I find planning for daily and not meeting that goal throws me off mentally.  So I am not sure if I just want to get it done any point in the day or strickly mornings.  Or even just get up in the morning and do some cardio just to clear my head.  Who knows?

    Keep it up ladies.  Im inspired and proud of you.


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • Hi Val & Claire, and welcome Mone!

    I just started on C2 on Monday.  I'm having a bit of a "challenge" getting back on my nutritional path.  LOL, but it's coming.  (and I only took 10 or so days off!)  Anyhow, I'm going to hit it hard this time.  Who's in?????  Come on!!!!!!