Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Hi Val,

    You're running and making progress everyday. That is awesome!!!! It's not easy to overcome injury but you are doing it with patience and perseverence! i remember your post about the gym, now! YES. That is exactly how I feel! I was actually having a little fantasy about becoming a personal trainer and volunteering to coach these kids who just don't have a clue!!!! Maybe someday..... My eating is still not stellar, but I'm trying. I have a few new foods to add in to switch things up with. I LOVE to make soups in the fall and winter but what I see is that I do not control my portions AT ALL when I make delicious food! i'm going to have to work on this little problem!

    On another note, my parents got their power back yesterday!!!! I'm so relieved as it has been COLD. They seem unscathed and feel lucky. The neighbors next door have a tree on their dining room table and two others on their house. And so many people have no homes at all. BTW, How is your cousin's wife doing? was there any permanent damage to her heart?

    Have a great BFL day.

    AJ, Hope you are Ok. We MISS you!!!!!!!!!


  • Hey Claire, I had to go to Minneapolis yesterday with my son for a doctors appointment so did not get to check in. I did workout yesterday morning before going, I am glad to report!  So, I am still here and plugging along. Good to hear about your parents. They are going to get another storm soon? My cousin's wife did have heart damage, I am not sure how much yet. She is discharged and at home!

    I plan to run on the treadmill but no abs today. So a quick workout this morning. Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes when I think of how I used to run where I am at doesn't feel like much. But I am progressing so that is something. I am so glad you are still trying. Never give up. I think you will be so pleasantly surprised with your results when you get to the end of this challange. I am encouraged by your perseverence. It makes me keep going and not give up too. I too, am struggling with my diet, but I am not caving in like I did in the past and quit!!!!! I am going to eat clean today!

    Wishing you an awesome day.


  • Hi Claire and Val,

    Sorry not to post lately, got everything accomplished this past weekend but then I came down down the flu.  Argh.  Am just now starting to feel human. I did UBWO last night and some light cardio tonight and am starting to get some energy back.  I'll catch up on reading your posts tomorrow or Sat.  We've all had something to overcome and have made it through, so keep it rolling girls!  We can do this.  I am NOT giving up!  I know you are not either.  I'm holding you accountable!  :0)  

    Talk to you soon,


    The best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • Aww AJ the FLU! I am so sorry you have been feeling rough. Let yourself get well and don't push it too hard. Really glad to hear from you though. I have been missing you! Welcome back.

    LBWO this am. Now you all know I do the 5/25 workout right? It's a circuit, you do 10 lunges, 10 squats, 10 step ups, 10 straight leg deadlifts, and 10 standing calf raises then rest for 2 min and repeat. It is really, really, hard for me. I swear it is even more exhausting than running 3 miles! I WILL do it though. I was sore after running yesterday in my left hip and knee. Feel better today though.  I am really stiff in my left hip when I stretch. I probably need to start yoga once a week. I am going to try find a class on Saturday morning. Oh, the joys of aging!

    Claire, How is your back and neck treating you? Better I hope!!

    Gym time! I am going to go sweat. Talk to you later.


  • Hi Ladies,

    How is everyone today? I can't believe we are entering week 8! AJ, so sorry you got the flu. I hope you are feeling better. I had to talk myself into going to the gym yesterday morning. But I won the argument and "just did it" and had a really awesome UBWO and felt great afterward. I definitely am feeling and seeing changes in my body. I have a long way to go, but now can say that I have seven weeks of workouts and progress under my belt and I have been steadily heading in the right direction. My LBWOs have not been great. I am still babying my back. I guess I am doing the right thing, though. Iwant to keep moving forward!! VAL, yoga class sounds great! What a great thing to do on a Saturday morning. I'm not quite ready for that yet, but it is on my wish list. I have some easy stretching videos I hope to encorporate in the coming weeks.

    Hope you all have a great Sunday. Looking forward to week 8!


  • Hi Ladies,

    Good morning!  You both are doing so great, I'm so proud of you both!  Wow, keep it up.  Even though I can't see either of you I can see in your posts a change in your attitudes.  I love  it!  Val, I understand your fear of success, but I'm not sure how to overcome it.  Perhaps you could start thinking about your next goal you would like to achieve after this one.   Perhaps build on the success from BFL?  Maybe a second round?  Perhaps you would like to see some certain muscle definition?  I have been reading some old fitness magazines I have since I've been cooped up in the house.  Some of the photos inspire me.  "I want shoulders like her!", etc.  Now that I am starting to see some mucles I find I'm wanting to sculpt them a little.  And speaking of goals, I'm going to have to modify mine a bit.  I hit my weight goal yesterday which amazes me.  (And no it wasn't because of the flu!  LOL  Probably lost a little muscle because of lacking workouts.)  I only wanted to lose eight pounds but I've been stalled out at the same weight for well over a couple of years.  I'll also have to check my measurements and see if I've met those goals yet because I was close.  I wear a necklace all the time with a charm that says "dream".  I'm thinking I need another charm, one that says "big", so I can "Dream Big".  :0)  

    Since this is week eight, is anyone seeing the big change?  I am starting to see some good muscle definition in my shoulders.  Saw it in a photo and went "Wow, I have some delts".  Secretly, I keep going back and looking at that photo because it gets me pumped up to keep moving ahead.  I'd really like to see some of that defintiion in my behind.  ha ha.  Boy that body part changes as you age, doesn't it?  I thought I was doing pretty well for my age until I saw a photo of me from behind.  Yikes!  Guess that needs to be on my goal list.  I think I need that photo to carry with me when I do leg day.  Hummm....

    And with that in mind, I need to get out and bike today.  Daylight savings has thrown a kink into the biking after work and I'm so not a morning person.  Weekends are my only time to bike now.  It's cold and windy and I've still got this stupid bark, but I'm going to do it anyhow.  Always feel so much better physically after I do.  

    I'd love to hear about any changes you two are seeing in your mind and body.  As I said earlier, I have seen a positive attitude spark in both of you and it's so great!  All we have to do is keep moving forward.  Make adjustments if you need to but keep moving.  I am so proud of us!  We are PROGRESSING!  

    I'm going to check out that Bill Phillips site.  I find him very down to earth and motivating.

    Have a great BFL day girls!  


  • Hey!  Go to the home page and check out the recent forum post at the bottom!  LOL  It's us.  Or at least it is for me when I sign on.  


  • Way to go AJ, you met your goal!!! That's awesome! You inspire me. I am enjoying a protein shake after a good UBWO. I know it was good cause I have that pleasant ache in my arms and chest. I spent the afternoon at home yesterday with a child who was vomiting! I am really hoping my 3 year old doesn't get it. He always dehydrates and we end up in the clinic getting IV fluids. Its really miserable for him. It is always something though when there is kids around.

    It's really interesting that it clarifies my thoughts when I read what you two think about my fear of success. I really am finding it helpful to read your take on my conundrum. I have known for years that my head is all that stands in the way of my spectacular success. Why a person would fear success is quite baffling! But that must be me. BFL works so well for me and I know without a doubt I could look like a champion in 12 weeks but each time I do a challange I sabotage myself. This is the first time I have talked about it though and maybe that is a step in the right direction.

    Claire, I thought about you this early am when I opened the garage door and there was snow on the ground. You have snow yet?

    Ok gotta get started on breakfast for the kiddos. Talk to you ladies later!! Have a brilliant day.


  • Hi Val and Claire,

    Saw this today and thought of you Val.  And myself.  

    "Too many of us are not living our dreams because

    we are living our fears." - Les Brown

    DREAM BIG and GO FOR IT!  What are we so afraid of?  I find many times that worrying about something makes it so much worse than if I had just confronted it and gotten it over.  Perhaps we should confront this fear of success.  

    Wow, now I'm all motivated to go work out.  Biking day, YAY!

    (And yes, I know I'm the quote queen.  :0)   )


  • Good morning ladies of the BFL,

    Congratulations, AJ for meeting your goal! That is awesome! DREAM BIG, I think that is a wonderful motto. I had much bigger dreams before my back issues and weight gain. Then, it seemed like just being able to walk was an accomplishment. But as I am progressing my dreams are coming back into view. So many of my goals in life depended upon being physically fit and I had nearly given up ever being an athlete again. I was feeling very lost --like, who am I if I can no longer do the things I love to do? But I have renewed faith. I have goals that i believe I will achieve. And, I have a plan that is working for me. I still havent weighed myself, but I know my waistline is shrinking. I can feel my muscles, I am stronger. I am beginning to feel like myself again. I have been planning on doing another challenge after this one. I actually was planning on going for 15 weeks (until my birthday) and then starting a new challenge from Jan-march. And, although I have been very physically fit in the past, I never had a six pack. I never dreamed I could have one. But why not? i also never believed that I could have and KEEP the body I want for life--like it always had to be a struggle. Well, time to change that belief. Dream Big.

    I am so proud of all of us for staying on the program. And I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. Keep up the good work! Let's all dream big.


    PS. I literally dreamt that I was snowboarding the other night!

    No snow here yet, but it is on the way!

  • Morning, Yesterday was an awesome BFL day. Clean eats and great workout. Thanks to you ladies. All your encouragement helps so tremendously to keep me going. I really liked your quote of the day AJ. Sounds quite like me. The funny thing is this is the only "fear" I have ever let stand in my way. Every thing else I have done in life I usually face them head on and go. But there is more to this I think. I also often think that because I don't have THAT much to lose I can do it anytime. Does that sound weird or what. When I have used BFL after childbirth and had more to lose I was so faithful and saw really great results. But as soon as I get to that point were there is 15 pounds left I peter out. Its like I hang on to those pounds for a reason. Wonder why I would want that padding on me?

    Now my BIG DREAM is to continue this way of life indefinately. I am going to keep going too Claire. I want a six pack too!!  I am going to switch up my weights though, in 4 weeks. I think I will take 2 weeks off completely from weights and then do a different program. Probably Shaun Phillips Strength for Life weight program. I like that one. Its a quick and productive workout. A girlfriend asked me at church on Sunday if I wanted to do a half marathon with her this spring! So I am going to plan tentatively to do that as long as I stay injury free. Now that is my exercise portion of my big dream. The Other Big Dream is reaching my goal before I leave in February for our winter vacation in Grand Caymens. I CAN do that, I know I can. I got a wonderful cheering section right here that I turn to daily for a dose of motivation and counseling. I really enjoy reading about how its going for you all and your take on my weird mental quirks. It is so helpful. Truly reading what you think gives me a new perspective on things. I am a very reserved person and have never talked to anyone about this before, so I need a new perspective believe me!

    I am running today on the treadmill and abs. Today I up my running minutes quite a bit, so I will see how that goes. I wanted to say AJ I understand about the rear cause you really notice extra on your back side when you run! Or at least I do. Can't wait to get rid of that bounce! LOL!!

    Okay ladies have a sweet wonderful day. VAL

  • Good Morning to you, I ran yesterday and boy did it feel long! 7 Minutes longer than last week to be exact. But I did it and I know it will feel easier on thursday and saturday. I did some planks and crunches too and I can feel my stomach this am. A little sore. On my way to the gym for leg workout now.

    I am planning Thanksgiving. I am hosting it at my house so started cleaning and planning yesterday. Have to paint a bedroom this week too. So got a busy week planned.

    Hope you both are hanging in there and things are well with you.\


  • Hi Girls,

    Happy BFL day to you both!  I'm catching up on a couple of days.  Actually I'm trying to talk myself into hitting the gym.  Claire, your argument with yourself has cemented it for me.  As soon as I'm done here I'm headed out for leg day.  It's late but it will go quickly and I will be so glad with myself that I did it.  And what did I see in your post?  "I have goals that i believe I will achieve."  Wow!  That is AWESOME!  You are so positive.  I KNOW you can reach your goals.  We have to just keep moving forward a little more every day.

    Val - Hope your kids are better.  That doesn't sound like much fun.  We've been passing stuff around at my house too and winter has just begun.  Maybe we're all getting it over with early.  Have you figured out your fear of success in this area yet?  Sounds like your running is going great, that is going very well!!!  I'm not a runner, but I know the times I have forced myself to job I feel incredible after I'm done.  I'm guessing you love that feeling too, huh?  Keep up the good work!  

    I LOVE that you two are going to keep going after the challenge is over.  I'm going to keep going too.  I had considered doing another challenge back to back, but haven't completely decided yet on the timing.  I'm almost afraid to stop for fear of backsliding.  Or stopping and not starting again.  Now is supposed to be the time we are starting to see some major advancements in weight loss and muscle gains.  If it took me eight weeks to get here I am not going to want to stop.  Haven't taken any photos recently but the boyfriend says I've changed a lot.  May have to take some this weekend and see where I stand.  Or maybe I'll take them and not look at them till it's all over.  I don't want to saying "that's good enough" in my head and then slack off.  Anyway....after New Years I may work more on scrupting some muscles.  That seems to interest me.  

    Well I'm headed to the gym.   DREAM BIG girls!


  • Gosh I know what you mean about talking yourself out of the gym, the conversations in my head are SO convincing, and they are going on right up until I open the gym door...5 minutes later I laugh that I even had them

  • Good for you AJ, there is nothing like a post workout glow! I had a spectacular BFL day yesterday and have got a good start today. Ran on treadmill and started my day with a shake. I read on someones post over on that they had the best results when they let go of the expected outcomes and focused their attention on the present. Doing the daily workout and focusing on eating well for that day. Its like Marcus said on the that video "just for today" I am doing the daily tasks that I need to do.

    Claire how's it going for you?