Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Happy Halloween, Ran on the treadmill late last night and did abs. I was this close to skipping it but started thinking that this is how I always start that slow downhill slide to quitting. Sooo I worked out! I spent the day on Monday in the hospital waiting room so my diet sucked and so did yesterday. On monday I got a call right away in the morning informing me my first cousins wife had a heart attack and is in surgery having open heart surgery! She is 40 and just had a baby girl 6 days prior to the incident. She had to have a double bypass and has a long road ahead of her to recover. So when I start thinking things are tough all I have to do is remember her and things are put in perspective.

    AJ, I am so pumped you are seeing abs. That totally motivates me to be good. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead. I really enjoy being outdoors and doing fall chores like that.

    Claire, Hope your mom and dad made it through the storm ok, and the rest of your family too. Did you get snow or rain? Looking forward hearing from you!  For my LBWO I do lunges, squats, straightleg deadlifts, step ups, and calf raises. The lunges and steps ups really are the ones that seem to make me sore.

    Okay I have to head to the gym!


  • Hi Val and AJ,

    i'm sorry to hear about your  cousin in law, Val. My sister had a heart attack shortly after having a baby when she was 37. She has since had a full recovery. I hope the same goes for your relative. Instances like these always put our lives in perspective. i'll be thinking of her.

    I'm sure you have all seen the images from Sandy. It is a nightmare. Everything was fine here in Vermont, though. My parents are OK but they have no power and no way off the island or even out of the driveway as their cars are blocked in the garage by a big tree that fell in front of the garage. There are also trees down everywhere blocking roads and bridges are all closed. Unfortunately 90 percent of LI is without power too so I think it will be long before anyone gets power back. It's supposed to get cold this week, too, so I'm worried. But they are not frail and they have many friends who I know were staying in their homes so maybe they will be able to help each other. The hardest thing is not being able to communicate with them. i heard from one sister and she is fine but out of power and also trapped. I havent heard from my other sis or bro yet. I feel that they must be fine but just are cut off from communications.

    On another note--here's an update on my little problems--which seem VERY LITTLE now!!!!! I sucked it up to my boss (he is not a nice man) and I'm keeping my job. That's good. I'll start trying to drum up some more freelance business in the meantime so I can quit him sometime soon. I decided to try to find a home for my doggie that is more suitable for her and her aggression/biting problem. she is such a sweetheart with people. I will miss her but If I can find her the right home she will be happy and it will be OK.

    NOw, finally, BFL update. I can report that my eating has not been good for too many days in a row. Cleaning it up today. I have done all of my workouts and feel like I'm hitting it hard. I LOVE UBWOs!!!!! Going to try to love LBWOs. Im going to the gym today and will try some new things. Lunges are hard on my knees so I've been doing leg extensions/curls. I don't want to increase weight, so maybe I will increase reps to get the burn without compromising form or risking injury. I think this is what its all about--figuring out how to perservere against the odds so that it becomes a way of life. I also LOVE my cardio as it is becoming less painful and I'm feeling less heavy on my feet!

    AJ, seeing abs? THAT ROCKS!!! I've been happy to see less of a fat roll over mine! The only part of my body that is looking shapely are my calves. But I'll take it. It shows me progress!

    Well, I best be getting on with my day. I'm very late. Got to sleep in after staying up way too late glued to the TV for the hurricane news. have a great BFL day!


  • Claire,That is so unbelievable your sister had a heart attack too after a baby!! The doctor said its very rare but can happen. It has something to do with the hormones that cause contraction and dilation. That is encouraging your sister made it through and is okay. Glad to hear the update on your family and you. I had you all in mind as I watched the coverage of the storm.


  • HI Girls,

    Claire - so glad to know you weathered the storm.  The photos of the aftermath are horrible.  And your family is safe as well.  I know being without power can be difficult, especially with the cold weather coming on.  Your parents will be okay.  Everybody seems to come together during these times and help everyone else.  You said you were not able to communicate with some of your family.  I learned (after the Joplin, MO tornado) that even if cell phone towers are down you can still text each other, because those work off satelites in space.  I don't know if it would work for you, but might be worth a shot.  I want to commend you for confronting your problems head on (work and doggie).  I thought you knew in your heart what you needed to do, it was the taking action where you were stalling out.  I have the same issue.  For some reason I can fret about something for months instead of just making a decision, taking action and moving on.  Sometimes I think I need some chaos in my life or something.  Anyway, I'm trying to do the same as you and confront things head on.  Good job on doing the same!  What kind of freelance work do you do?  Also - congrats on loving the UBWO.  Changes seem to come quickly for UBWO.  You will see those and it will propell you forward!  And BTW, I am seeing progress in you, in your positive attitude.

    Val - Wow!  Awesome in recognizing your downhill slide point and turning it around!  That is so great!  Sorry about your cousin's wife.  That is going to be incredibly difficult for her, a new baby and recouping from a bypass.  My Mom had a bypass and I saw her recovery was quite difficult.  But she had hers at 65 and your cousin's wife is only 40.  I'm hoping her youth will help her greatly.  And knowing she has a beautiful baby at home.

    Wow, you two girls are having a rough time.  Keep up the good fight.  I'm so proud of you both for continuing to move foward and not dropping out even though life has been difficult!!!!  You are both an inspiration for me.  (Don't leave, I need you.)

    Quote on my computer "Go for it now, the future is promised to no one".  It's our future.  I believe at our age we can make it what we want, we've earned it.  Keep moving forward. Keep moving towards your goals.  Baby steps, baby steps.


  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for all of your warm thoughts. I appreciate it. Heard from everyone now but my folks. I tried texting them but doubt they know how to text back! I know they have people near, so they will be fine. Trying not to worry.

    I turned my eating around today. Back on track. Yippee! Also finally had a very productive day. I'm with you on the inability to make a decision thing, AJ. I really was watching it eat away at me and conscious of the bad effect it has on me. I couldnt stop it right away, but did better than I have done in the past. i've also had similar thoughts about somehow wanting the chaos or drama...Interesting. Oh, and To answer your question I do graphic design and illustration. Val, awesome job on talking yourself into your workout. Keep it up! I did my lbwo today at the gym. Had wobbly legs after, could hardly press the clutch in the truck! Looking forward to cardio and abs in the morning. It's getting easier to talk myself into a workout (often it's automatic) and very hard to talk myself out of one. That is a real change!!!! And I can feel some real guns under the fat on my arms! They're gonna be awesome soon!

    Thanks for all the inspiration and well wishes. We are doing this!!!!! Hooray for us!

    Sleep tight.


  • Its cardio day for me. Another run on the treadmill and abs. My husband woke up this morning with a sick stomach. I sure hope that doesn't work its way through our house!

    Claire you know you had a great workout when you have wobbly legs afterward. Good going girl! Nothing like feeling that muscle start to pop to motivate you too.

    AJ I am not leaving! You and Claire are the main reason I am plugging on. Some days its knowing I can check in here that keeps me going on BFL. I have read on Bill Phillips Transformation site that community is very important to sticking with a program and now I see what he means. It is so silly really cause this program works so well for me. It would seem that I would do it well and see the results that I know I can acheive. BUT its like there is this little voice in my head saying when you have lost the weight and achieved all that you want then what...... Losing weight has been in my head for years, knowing I need to and working toward that goal. I wonder if my subconscious mind makes me start to fail for fear that if I am successful then I won't have that to think about and work toward. It sounds weird but I wonder if that is my stumbling block.

    On to something a little less profound, my 11 year old did planks etc. with me on tuesday and yesterday she said "Mom my stomach is so sore I can't even laugh!" I had to chuckle cause her old mom could out plank her!!!

    Wishing you ladies a super successful BFL day!


  • Friday already! Started to feel cruddy yesterday. Have a wheeze in my chest and I can't seem to clear it. Did not run though I will lift this am. UBWO at the gym.

    Hope all is going well in your lives Claire and AJ. Did you hear from your Mom and Dad Claire?


  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry you're not feeling well, Val. Godd to give yourself a break when you need it. Listen to your body. get plenty of fluids and some rest. This is bound to happen to us all sooner or later. Don't let it derail you. You are so strong!!!! Way to go on the planks!!!! It's a great feeling to be stronger than the youth! Also, I understand your profundity, Val. The mind works in mysterious ways and the subconscious is always working. It's when you make that conscious link, and you are aware of what's happening, that you can work to change things. I have really been focusing on this program as a way of life instead of a 12 week challenge. Looking back at my life, I have always been so focused on my body, weight and diet. I don't want to be so obsessed anymore. I don't ever want to have a lot of weight to lose again. This program is fun and flexible and not so all consuming that it can be possible to follow for my life. Also, at this age, I am more concerned with my overall health and ability to continue to do all the activities I want to do. You will get the body you want. Start focusing on seeing yourself that way now. Envision what your life looks like as you are just maintaining your strong and lean physique. Maybe that will help with the fear of success.

    I haven't heard from my parents. I'm sure they are OK, but things are getting dicey down there and it is hard to know how long the power will be out. My brothers and I are planning on trying to drive down and get them if we dont get in touch with them today. I am trying not to worry as there has been absolutely nothing that we could do until now with the bridges closed and the phones out.

    What else, oh, BFL update! A little over on my calories yesterday but I was so HUNGRY all day. I think it's the workouts bumping up my appetite. A good kind of hungry if you know what I mean. Today I'm doing cardio because my back is really tight and I want to give it a break. I'll lift tomorrow instead. I still can't believe how much I love the gym. It was what you said about "knowing what I am doing there and having a real plan" that turned my attitude around. Thanks for that!

    On a personal note, Boss was soooooo nice to me today! Part of why I thought I might get fired was because I stood up to him and told him what a mean bully he was to me. So, even though I sucked it up and apologized for telling him off, I guess he heard me. Huh. I didn't expect that!

    Well Ladies, let's have a great BFL day.


  • Happy Saturday, I ran on the treadmill today and did abs. I plan to make up the missed cardio tomorrow. I feel so much better after I exercise. I had been feeling really blah, now I understand when they say the middle of the program is the hardest! I am so anxious to be through these middle weeks.

    Claire  i had to laugh when I read about your boss. I have ran into a few bullies like that in the past and all it usually take is for you to stand up to them and they shape up. Good for you! It also sounds like your metabolism is kicking into high gear! Its all that muscle you are gaining. Hope your back is better and you have heard from your mom and dad by now!

    Have a good weekend ladies.


  • Hi Val ans AJ,

    Yes! Heard from my Dad and Mom Yesterday!!! They're fine. Trees down everywhere but got guy to get the one off the house and driveway so they could go out and find a phone. Still no power but they have been doing great. My BFL week wasnt terrible but wasnt as great as I'd like. Oh well. i am still making progress and moving forward. I will try to boost my enthusiasm this week now that most of the distractions have passed. I would really like to see some good progress this week. Good for you, Val, for  pushing through even though you're not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better soon. We are halfway through!!!!! Enjoy your extra hour today.


  • Wow, congrats on the gymming when sick!  I have used that as an excuse time after time to stop my workouts.  

  • Thanks Mr. Cynical! I ran again today, so I did get all workouts in this week! I need to get my pic taken as it is 6 weeks! My mom and dad coming to visit now so maybe later tonight. Will get them posted soon.  Val

  • Good morning, Its the beginning of week 7. Wow we have made it this far! Its LBWO today and my quads already feel a little sore from running. And my abs are sore too. I love that feeling. I vow that this week is going to be squeaky clean eating and workouts I can feel proud of. I want to finish this program with a bang.

    Claire, I reread your post about "at this age"..... I am in total agreement with you. I am interested more in feeling comfortable with my body and being able to continue to run and have fun without aches and pains. It's funny how a person changes with age and becomes so much more comfortable with things we would have perceived as a flaw when we were younger. I believe life just gets more comfortable as you age.

    AJ, looking forward to hearing from you. Did you get everything accomplished outside that you wanted to?

    Have a great day ladies.


  • Hi Girls,

    Yes, Week 7!!! I can't believe it!!! I hit the gym hard yesterday with an UBWO. I LOVE the assisted pullup machine. The gym is usually empty in the early morning but yesterday there were a couple of students using it. They seemed to have absolutely no clue as to how to lift weights properly or use the machines.  I felt like a real pro! (I would have offered to help but they didn't look like they wanted any). My eating has been very non-stellar. I keep vowing to clean it up and then blowing it. Not sure what is the cause. possibly the change of weather.  I always want to eat more when the weather gets cold and it is FREEZING here! VAL, It must feel so great to be running again. You should be so proud of youself.  AJ, where are you? So, 6 weeks left in this challenge. I want to make each workout count. I also will track each calorie this week. I may also be bored with my legal foods. Perhaps I need to change them up. Maybe that's what is getting me off track. Have a great BFL day!


  • Election Day! I am going to the gym to run a little later than usual so I can vote right after and get that out of the way. My 18 year old is voting in his first election. How cool is that?

    Thanks Claire, I am still walking quite alot during a "run". I think this week I finally am starting to up my runnning minutes. It is a 9 week program so it is definately baby steps!! I am tracking my calories this week too. Lets keep it clean today together. Just 6 weeks left to make a difference!  I always start making soups and bread when the weather cools! I need to find some BFL soup recipes. Your gym experience Claire, is exactly what I was talking about in an earlier post! Don't you just want to say "hey let me help you". And I mean that in a kind way not a snarky way. I would love to help them maximize their time spent in the gym. That is the really neat thing about BFL workouts. You always know ahead of time what you have to do that day in the gym. You have way cooler machines than I have in my gym:(( I have free weights only and some machine that I never touch cause it looks way too complicated for me. I would love to try those assisted pullups!

    AJ, I am missing you and your awesome posts!

    Wishing you a super day, VAL