Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Hi All,

    TGIF!  Remember to keep your weekend "clean" unless it's your free day.  I've been having a problem eating clean too.  Don't think I'm drinking enough water.  We can do it!!!  The changes are coming.  I'm starting to see them.  Checked some measurements yesterday and they are changing.  Scale isn't changing much, but shape is changing.  Keep up the good work everyone.  PERSISTENCE WINS!  Small choices we make every day impact our overall outcome.  We will make good choices today.


  • Happy Friday ladies, I cleaned up my diet the past two days. I will weigh on Sunday am and the scale will tell the tale if I kept my calories in a deficit. Workouts on are target. Usually somewhat sore after weights but not really bad. I'm tellin ya I am going to be persistent!! I have to almost pinch myself, I can not believe we are wrapping up week 5. Now, AJ and Claire, remember what they say about weeks 4-8. It is usually tough to hang in there cause it seems change is just not happening fast enough.  But if we persevere and get to week 9 then the rewards start to show fast. I really want that.

    Claire, if people are noticing then something is happening to your shape. Sometimes it is hard to see it in ourselves. Girl your efforts are starting to show!

    Mone, It is important to plan! Bill Phillips says "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail". I don't plan out a menu myself but I pretty much eat the same things every week. Luckily my taste buds don't mind!

    AJ, loved your pep talk! Keep those up, its just what I need.


  • Hi Ladies,

    we should all be very proud of ourselves for getting this far. I can't believe it either! I could never have done it without you girls. i've been having some difficult times this week. i am having trouble at one of my jobs with my boss and I'm afraid I may lose that job. It's been eating me up. And today, my dog bit another dog badly. My dog is a 2 year old rescue dog who is very sweet. Unfortunately, this is the second dog she has bitten. I haven't had her for long (only a few months) and  after the first incident I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but now, I just don't know what to do. I may have to give her up.  noone knows what the trigger is for her biting behavior. Anyway, this is eating me up, too. In the past this would be a good excuse to derail, but I did my workout and ate well today. Not perfect but close. I wanted to just let go, but I want to succeed more. I have my workout planned and my food planned for tomorrow and I will try like heck to stay on track this weekend. Good luck this weekend, ladies. We are rounding the bend into week 6. And thanks for listening.


  • Claire, Hang in there. This too will pass and you will be so happy to look back and know you stayed strong. I will be thinking of you and hoping everything goes well for you.

    Going to hit the treadmill now and eat well today. That is my plan. Tomorrow is weigh day and I am hoping to see some progress. Claire you don't weigh do you? How about you AJ, do you weigh or do you stay away from the scales?


  • Hi Val,

    Thanks for the thoughts. I'm hanging in there. Did my workouts (lower back sore) Ate well but stayed up late with my brother and sister in law partying a wee bit too much! Oh well, I needed a release and I feel as though although I'm not perfect, i'm handling the stress so much better than I would have in the past. It's funny to see how determined I am. I'm really pleasantly surprised by it. I'll be careful today on my free day and that should balance out my badness a bit.

    So, heading into week 6!!!!! I didn't meet my mini goals las week because I have been babying my back and neck. They have been very cranky . So, that's OK. My main goal is to make it through this challenge without injuring mysel, to gain strength and lose some weight, all things which will help my back issues in the long run.

    This week, I will focus on my form even more in an effort to support my back and, if I feel I can do it, add in a bit more cardio.

    Val, I am not weighing myself. My leggings were looser on me last week, though! I don't think I will weigh myself until the end. I become too focused on the numbers and it's not good for my head.

    Today I have to prepare for the storm that is supposed to hit us tomorrow. Theyre calling it "the perfect storm". A noreaster and a hurricane are planning on hooking up right over new england. YIKES. We still have so much damage that has not been repaired from Hurricane Irene last year. Let's hope this storm fizzles out. The excitement never ends around here!

    happy free day to all!


  • Claire, That storm will affect you! I have been reading about it and wondered if it would get to your part of the world. They are saying its a billion dollar storm. I hope it does fizzle out too. Get yourself stocked up on food and water though just in case. Do you have to worry about power outages?  That happens here in SD every once in awhile.  They can last for days!  

    I too,  noticed my jeans and workout pants are looser. Its an awesome feeling. Excited for the next six weeks. I am ready! BRING IT ON!


  • Good Sunday Morning All!  

    Claire - Good work taking care of your back and neck while working out.  Train safe and you will work through this.  Please don't let your work affect your training and nutrition.  it's at times like this when you really need to take care of yourself.  When you feel strong physically you will be stronger emotionally and mentally.  KEEP ON GIRLFRIEND!   I am praying that you are safe in the storm.  Looks like it's going to be a doosie.  Let us know how you are if you can.  Sounds like there will be power outages.

    Val  - How is the running going?  I know it must seem slow starting out for you, but it's just like Claire - train safe.  You will get there.  YOU ARE MOVING FORWARD!.  Thanks for the advice on planning my lifting days.  I didn't do that last time when I hit the gym for the first time.  I just needed to experiment with what was there and see how I could use it.  I think it's actually going to be great for me.  I'm going to sit down later today and plan because I have two leg days this week and want to be prepared.    Thanks for the site.  I've explored it a little and hope to more if I can get computer time today.  Two teenagers and two computers - you would think I could get online sooommmmeeetime.  LOL.  

    Ok..   I am doing well, but I am hungry.  I'm not handling that well and snacking instead of planning an extra nutritious snack.  I'm cooking today for the week, so am going to try and plan ahead.  Do you guys have any suggestions?  I don't know why this is hitting me all of the sudden with the hunger.  I do know I need to be drinking more water, maybe that will help.  

    Val, you asked if we weight ourselves every day.  I do  I think I'm addicted to the scale.  My boyfriend has threatened to steal it.  Ha ha.  For me it keeps me in range.  I have read, however, that you do better if you do not weigh yourself except every week or so.  I know that weekend I didn't have a scale I ate suprisingly well even though I was out of town.  Humm....maybe I will send the scale home with him for a trail 2 week period.  

    And YES, my butt hurt so bad after doing leg day at the gym.  My very first hard leg day and boy I felt it deep.  It's good.  I needed to know I was working those muscles.  It was a good confirmation.  Pain is gone now, and I'm goiing to bring it back tomorrow.  :0)

    Sorry this is so long.  I haven't been here for awhile and am trying to catch up.  I took my measurements today and compared them with my starting measurements.  Wow!  Even though my scale has only moved 6 lbs, my measurements are way down.  It's working.  Even though I am not PERFECT I am making PROGRESS.  You guys are PROGRESSING too!  Yay!  It's not only the changes in my body, but I feel stronger all around.  We ARE going to FINISH this together!  There will be hurdles, but we can help each other through.  

    OK, only one other thing.  I've always wondered how people calculated the "I lost 20 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle".  I can see on the site how you calculate your calorie deficit over a weeks time so you can tell if you are losing fat.  That way you can tell if you've lost a pound of fat and gained a pound of muscle because the scale doesn't move.  My question is, how do you know what your BMR is?  When I took the little test it gave me a two different ranges.  One is the scirntific ranges, the other is a ballpark range.  I'd like to look at this over the past 5 weeks or so, but don't know which range to use.  Have either of you tried this?  Since I've been tracking my food religiously I think I have the numbers to go back and do the match but don't know what my BMR is supposed to be. also gives me another number.  

    Sorry about going on and on.  It's sunny out and I'm getting my bike out to get my cardio in.

    Keep up the fight!  You are all doing so well!  Thank you for being supportive, it's making a world of difference.  KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!


  • Oops one more thing.  My BFL book is literally falling apart I've read it so many times.  Last night I stopped into a thrift store to search for an obscure item, they announced over the speaker that it was closing time.  I walked past the bookcase and there it was, a brand new BFL book practically jumping out at me.  I think it's a sign.  :0)

    Have a great day!



    I would recommend if you are not already testing your body fat levels, to do so. There are weigh scales that you can buy that also do your body fat %. It uses electrical impedance, so be sure to test in the morning, after going to the bathroom (as water levels in your body affect the reading).

    This way you can track body fat% as well.

  • Hey AJ, Its so great to hear from you. I always feel pumped after reading your encouraging words. That is awesome aboutthe BFL book, I lost mine and have never replaced it. I lost .8 pounds this past week. I weigh every Sunday am. I know that siren song the scale can sing though cause I have been that girl that weighs everyday and sometimes several times a day! I have not done BMR calculations. I will look at that site again today and read about that. I have wondered too, how people know how much fat they lost and muscle they gained! I thought they were maybe going by BF% lost.

    My running is going pretty well, I do notice my left hip feels tight after getting off the treadmill. I think I will go to the chiro this week and see if she can fix that. I am stretching too. My mini goal this week is to do the monster walk my PT recommended. (Also NO halloween candy) UBWO today! AJ I dread those weeks with two leg days! I'll be thinking of you!

    Claire, Did you get everything ready and when is the storm supposed to get to your part of the world? I really been thinking of you and hoping everything goes well. How is your job situation? And how about your dog?

    Ok I gotta get to the gym, a girlfriend is meeting me.

    Have a super day Ladies,


  • Claire, Just got back from the gym. I watched the news while working out. The storm hits today. I got you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe! VAL

  • Hi Ladies,

    Well I just finished battening down the hatches. Got my flashlight at the ready, airmattress in the basement, water in the bathtub. We are going to get hit. My parents are on Long Island, sisters in Jersey, one brother in Boston, one up here--we are all going to get hit. I couldnt talk my parents into coming up here. they said"it was worse up there last time!" but I think that was a mistake. Too much uncertainty  last week and now! Anxiety is NOT my friend. I didn't do well on eating yesterday but it wasn't horrible. I DID do my workout at the gym this morning and have my plan in place if there is a power outage tomorrow or for many days. I did UBWO today because my lower back is still unhappy from my last workout. Just gotta roll with it. I can say without a doubt that being on this plan for 5 weeks is helping me deal with these crisises. I think its because I feel so much more in control of myself that when the outside is out of control the effect is not as bad. The gym was great today. I increased my weights. That advice about "knowing exactly what I'm doing in the gym" is really soooooo empowering! What are you girls doing for your LBWOs? I thoughht I hit it hard last week but only my back was sore!!!

    AJ, great score at the thrift store. I am (and have been forever) a total junk shop junkie! And Val, so glad the running is going well. Take it easy on the hip. You WILL get there.

    Hurricane update on the Telly says it is gaining strength. Wind is picking up here. VT is not supposed to get the heavy rains that devistated us last year, so that's good but NYC battery park has already been breached. YIKES.

    OK. Going to try to focus and get some work done now while I have power. Talk to you girls later and THANK YOU BOTH SOOOOOOO MUCH for being here.


  • I just had to check in before bed to see how you are doing Claire. You have so many people you care about In this storms path! But you at least have your plans in place and stocked up. I feel better knowing that. Plus you have experience with these types of storms. Stay safe.

    I had an unexpected day today. Will write more later. Too tired to do more. Val

  • Hey Claire,

    Thinking about you.  Take care!  Will write more later.


  • Hi All,

    Just a quick check in.  How is it going Claire?  I'm thinking about you girl.  Praying all is well.

    LBWO yesterday at the gym.  Hit it hard and felt it in my legs going up the stairs today.  Had UBWO today because of my work schedule and will have to get cardio in tomorrow sometime.  We are cutting a tree down in the back yard this weekend and hauling all the timber, as well as pumping more insulation into the attic.  I'm not going to sweat it too much if I miss one cardio this week because I know I'll be super busy then.  Am starting to see some abs.  It was weird.  Haven't seen them in a very very long time.  Forgot what it was like.  

    Quote of the day - "The best way to predict the future is to create it."  For me that means I'd better watch out for the Halloween candy.  I can't even have it in the house.  I have noticed it's best for me not to have trigger foods in the house.  I will wake up at 0300 hours for chocolate chip cookies and somehow at the house I justify it.  

    Hey Val, what's the Monster Walk?  It sounds fun.