Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Good morning Claire, I believe the most important thing we can do is to never give up! Need give into that "oh I blew it" mentality that you wrote about. In the past I would give in so easily and then a month would go by with me eating very badly!! We will do just fine by getting up and brushing ourselves off as soon as we slip up and going on. It seems I can do that if I stay connected here with you and check in daily. I have not got this far in BFL since 2003!

    One thing about your mini goals for this week Claire. If you don't meet everyone DON'T beat yourself up about it. Ok? They are great goals though! I am telling you now my mini-goal is to do abs twice this week instead of just once.

    Now about my diet here. AJ you would be proud of me. I have logged my food. But I am eating about 600 calories more daily here:(  Still today is a new day and I am going to try again go meet my goals.

    Heading out for a walk. Hope you all have a successful day!


  • Hi Val,

    So very glad to have you here with me, too. It has made all the difference. I fell yesterday and brushed myself off, too and had a nearly perfect day today. i went to my first gym day and it was closed! So, came back home and did my cardio and abs. Yeah. The sun came out today for the first time in FOREVER so I blew off desk work and did almost all of my fall chores. Boy am I ever beat. It felt so good to get them done and to be outside. I ate within my calories/protien plan today. another yeah! This has been the best week of the four. I think I am actually changing bad habits for good ones and making progress. I owe it all to you guys for being here. As I've said so many times before, I would have quit after week one if you weren't here on this journey with me.  I know because I have been trying and quitting for four years. This time I am actually going to make it--i just know it. As for my mini goals--Thanks for the advice, Val. I usually am posting while I'm having my coffee in the morning. I drink one cup of awesome dark roasted goodness and it makes me crazy enthusiastic. That, and I'm a morning person. re-reading my goals, they look really ambitious!!!!! I will use them for guidance but as always, I am focusing on progress, not perfection. I cant believe we already have one month under our belts! So awesome!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And keep up the good work.


  • It's so good to be home! We got home last night at 8. The kids were really glad to have mom and dad back home! My bed felt really good to me. It was super hard to roll out this morning at 5:30 but I did it. Today is the start of month 2 and I am still here. I am really excited to see what happens to my body this month. The first month of BFL I lost 6.4 pounds. I am going to take pics in 2 weeks and post them here! Yikes if that don't keep me in line I don't know what would. I did have a super clean eating day yesterday and that feels so good to wake up knowing I started this week with a bang.

    Claire, my first month of BFL was so far from perfect too. I am really proud of us for still going on though. I believe too, we will make it to the end of this challange. I am NOT going to quit either. I promise to stick it out with you. We will finish feeling like a champion.

    Who else is still here with Claire and I? AJ, Suzette, Pam how are you ladies doing??

    LBWO this am for me and I am done drinking my caffeine so I gotta go hit those weights! Have a super day!!


  • Hi Everybody!  I'm still here just not at the computer every day.  Boyfriend was here the last 3 days.  Love to see him

    but I have a tendency to be looser with my nutrition and missed a workout.  Back on track today.  Just got back from my bike ride and feel great!  Yay!  

    Val - awesome logging your food!  It really does make a difference.  I've logged some things and been horrified by how many calories I'd consumed.  Made me think twice next time.  I love the 8 week magic article.  I want some of that!  I keep reading it over and over.  I'm all about anything that is motivational for me now.

    Claire - I like your mini goal idea.  I need to work some of that into my routine.  Gonna think about how to incorporate it in.  I also love that you got sick and yet you turned it around and cleaned up your eating.  Awesome!

    Suzette - are you still out there?  How's it going?  

    Pam - are you out there?

    Last thing - I'm headed to the work  gym tomorrow night for LBWO.  I'm at the point I need machines to really feel it.  I'm probably going to be the only female there.  I'm actually  hoping no one else is there but that is probably wishful thinking.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I won't wimp out.  I only have one LBWO this week and need to hit it hard.  

    Okay, one more thing.  I should have followed this advice this past weekend.  Remember that the weekend represents 1/3 of your week.  I know that I can blow a week of clean eating in one weekend.  Yikes!  Okay, I didn't do THAT bad, but I know in the past I would.  Thinking about the weekend being a big chunk of your week has seemed to make a difference for me.

    Hang in there everyone!  Also - if you see any other motivational articles clue me in.  I love that kind of thing.


  • Hi ladies,

    So glad you're still here with me! Val congratulatns on your weight loss!! That is awesome! I haven't stepped on the scale because it was really set me back when I saw that I had gained weight after week one. Ireally don't feel like I have lost any, but I feel good. More solid. And proud of myself for a really strong week last week and proud that i am really changing out some old bad behaviours for good ones. today was a very clean day of eating for me. Hooray.I love waking up in the morning and feeling proud of myself. Let's just hope that the magic starts happening!  Glad you're still here AJ. I hear you about the weekends. I was actually looking forward to Monday this week! It's a lot easier for me to eat well during the week.

    Have you read all of the success stories. I tend to visit them regularly. They inspire me. One of the guys lost 97 lbs in 12 weeks! Amazing. So, my favorite thing about starting week 5 is that I am gaining good momentum. FINALLY! One bad thing is that my backmand neck are acting up. I think it was all that yard work this weekend. I really hope it will settle down as this is what got me out of shape to begin with. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Anyway. It's way late so I best hit the hay.


  • Awesome AJ! Pleased you are here and BFLin' and you got to spend the weekend with your guy! Sweet. Don't let those guys intimidate you. Just put your headphones on and do your workout girl! Ignore everyone around you. The really impressive thing about having a plan for your workout when you go to the gym is you really look like you know your stuff. How many times have you seen someone come into the gym and they might walk on the treadmill for a few minutes then go to the bike for 5 minutes then do some chest presses and lunges? I always want to say "Hey let me show you what to do!"

    Claire, I am really proud of you for not letting that weight gain in the beginning stop you! We all lose it differently as it was highlighted in that success document. I am one that loses steadily. I probably wont have that big 8 week miracle but I am going to hang in there and see! The really neat thing is we are STILL going forward. I am so amazed at what a difference it makes to be connected here. I believe that is the only reason I am on week 5 and not quitting.

    I am going to start running today! I am going to do that couch to 5K program. I love to run and have been struggling with piriformis syndrome. I think I am done with it but notice when I do my step ups my left leg is quite a bit weaker than my right! I probably should be working them seperately on LBWO days. Wish me luck.

    Another interesting website and motivating too, is He really knows his stuff and tells you what is happening to your body as you go through this experience.


  • Hey Claire, What happened to your back and neck? Have you had surgery or was it an injury? I have a girlfriend that has back issues too. It is not fun to have back issues! VAL

  • Hi Everyone!  

    Claire - I love to hear about your momentum.  It is so awesome and I'm so excited for you!  Keep it up!  It's harder to get started again if you stop, so just keep pushing forward.  I believe in you.  You can do it!  Hope your back and neck are holding out.  Train safe!

    Val - Thanks for the gym advice.  I cranked up my ipod and walked on in.  Only one other guy in there.  Yay!  I needed at least one time in there to orient myself and feel comfortable.  Today was the day.  Hit the legs hard.  I'm already feeling it and hope to really feel sore tomorrow so I can tell I did something.   Wow, a 5k, I'm impressed.  It's a great goal.  Think of how you will feel once you work up to that goal and then reach it.  You can do it!  Did you run today?  (Yes, I am keeping you accountable LOL)

    I'm going to the web site now.  Thanks for telling me about it.  

    Gotta clean up my kitchen and pack food for tomorrow.  Keep at it!  Keep the MOMENTUM!


  • Morning, Yep AJ, I ran. The first few weeks of this program seem like a slow start but I am going to follow it to a T. The biggest factor in me getting injured running is doing too much too fast. (This is not the first injury I have incurred running!) I always want to up my milage and run more days than I am ready for. Gotta build that muscle and strength first.Did abs yesterday too! (Thats my minigoal this week, abs twice a week) I have UBWO on the adgenda this am. I just realized as I was getting dressed that I dread it. I have never dreaded UBWO days before but this program is hard! My arms are noodles when I am done.

    AJ are your legs sore today? Did you do lunges? Those are my all time guarenteed to make me sore exercise! What do you do for HIIT?

    Claire I hope your back and neck are OK. I have to do that yard work too. It looks like this week is really cooling down and I have yet to put away the adirondack chairs, planters, and toys. Then I need to split and stack some wood so I can have fires on those days when its gray and snowy. I love the onset of winter.

    I wanted to put my goals down for you ladies to see and keep me accountable to them. My goal for this challange is to first and foremost FINISH. Secondly, I want to lose 18 pounds. Thirdly, I want to motivate my husband to lift weights and run with me. Lastly, I want to be a runner again.

    Ok enough procrastination, I am going to workout. Have a super day!


  • Good Morning Ladies of the BFL,

    You girls ROCK! Awesome advice on the gym, Val and GREAT job in getting there, AJ. I finally made it to my first gym day this morning as it was also closed on Monday (school holiday). Wow, I really got a great workout in. And I remembered how much I love the gym. I used to be quite a gym rat.

    Val, so exciting about your running. And on your goals. I'm proud of you! What is piriformous syndrome? Just remember to ease in and you will get there. I was a runner, too. Never raced but LOVED running. my goal is to be able to run again, too (as well as snowboard)

    i don't exactly know what is wrong with my neck and back except that 4 years ago I started having excruciating, crippling neck and shoulder pain. Then my lower back started going out on a regular basis. I have a lot of migrating pain in my body. I have been seeing a few Drs and have had more tests done recently ( no results, yet). I do have some old snowboarding injuries to my back and neck, but they a not severe. We'll see what they say. I'm going to try to push through. Find the balance between pain and progress. Really just praying that I can make it through without any major setbacks. I know that losing weight, gaining strength, and flexibility are the things I can do to combat this--whatever it is.

    AJ, the hussmanfiness website is really great. Thanks for that.

    So, way to go ladies. Let's keep this momentum going. Love the goals, love the progress, love the encouragement, love the comraderie we have here. Have a great BFL hump day.


  • SNOW! I woke up to snow on the ground and about 31 out. Today I run again and will do some planks etc... Been struggling with food these last two days. Please somebody kick my butt!

    Claire, Snowboarding? I broke my wrist two years ago on my first snowboarding lesson. I absolutely hated it. I spent more time on my butt than standing on that board! My kids reassure me its way more fun than skiing but I will stick with skiing. I hope this challange helps your back and you can snowboard and run. It seems there are multiple stories on here about people who gained stength and overcome some kind of pain. May that be you too!!

    Piriformis syndrome is literally pain in the butt. Your piriformis muscle is in your butt and it becomes inflamed. The sciatic nerve runs through or behind it and it becomes irritated and then the pain goes down your leg too. Not fun. It comes from weak glutes. I still need to work on stengthening my glutes.

    The kids just got up and are running around so excited it snowed! Better get rolling on the day.


  • Hi Ladies!

    Yay!  It's Thursday.  I am so ready for a weekend.  Haven't had a weekend to myself for a month.  I feel the need to do fall cleaning around the house.  Snow?  Wow.  I heard they got snow in Nebraska last night too.  It's too warm here, mid 70's today in Southern Missouri.  It's supposed to change today to low 50's and raining by the time I get off work.  This throws a kink into my biking plans for after work.  May have to just suck it up and do it anyhow.  Val, that's what I'm doing for my cardio.  There are enough hills on my route and I can use my gears (or not) to create high points.  It seems to be working well for me because I DO it.  I don't love jogging but buking I actually look forward to getting out there.  with daylight

    Val - remember to train safe.  Be smart about it and you'll be running the way you want before long.  Just need to build up to it.

    Claire - I wanted to tell you GOOD JOB! on going home after you found the gym closed and doing your cardio.  That shows determination.  

    Keep up the good work everybody!  I'll try to chime in later too, I'm seeing changes.  Small but good changes.


  • I started yesterday.  I never checked the finished date.  When is that?  Im going to commit and try evening gym times. Like 9:30pm.  I do not plan meals and that is my downfall.  Being hopeful

    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • Hi everyone,

    Snow! Wow! So early. i'm sorry you broke your wrist, Val. Snowboarding IS hard on the wrists (and butt!). I converted from skiing to boarding about 20 years ago (when I was young!) so it wasn't a big deal then! Yes, there  are a lot of stories about people overcoming injuries and pain. I AM going to be one of them. Thanks for mentioning that. And I hope you will be too. From what I hear, sciatic pain is horrendous. So, EASE in to running. My eating was not stellar today, either.  Not at all. Tomorrow will be much better. We can hold each other accountable.

    AJ, thanks for noticing about the gym. I had to give myself a good talking to in order to switch gears and go home and work out after driving to the gym to find it closed. I really owe it all to you girls. You inspire me to keep moving forward.

    My neck and back feel better today. I am SORE from the gym. Yeah!!!! Love that feeling. Looking forward to going tomorrow morning. I am so glad to be doing this. Even if I'm not perfect always, I AM moving forward. And someone told me today that I look like I lost weight! I don't really see it, but hey!

    Let 's keep up all the good work. I'm proud of us. WE ROCK!!!!!!

    Have a great evening,


  • oh, PS, I have been reading all of the stuff on the hussmanfitness website and they really get into the science of what this plan is. It is VERY inspiring.