Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Good Morning, Another weight day for me. I am doing all my weight days Mon, tues, and wed, cause will be leaving thursday to go 4 wheeling in the Hills. I can do cardio out there but not weights. Soooo its dreaded LBWO this morning. Lunges just kill me and then I do step ups and they kill me too! But I am going to persevere and get it done!

    AJ.... Um about that app.... My phone storage is full and I need to sit down at the computer and plug it in and download all my pictures and videos so I can delete them off of my phone so I can download that app. Phew that was a long sentence! For some reason it takes forever to transfer pics off of my phone (I have a ton cause my kids get ahold of my phone and make videos etc...) and it seems I always need to get going rather than let it sit and do its thing. But the really great thing about having this forum is when you say you are going to do something and you put it out there.... You all are here to keep me accountable and I appreciate that more than you can know!! So AJ, I am leaving my phone connected while I go to the gym now and then I will be able to download that app and I WILL start using it today!

    About those muscles? I am can feel myself firming up and that is soooo much better than jiggle!!!

    2 and a half weeks till I AM going to post pics for you all!!


  • By the way I am so impressed with you AJ! You did great while you were away. I am going to follow your example and do the same this weekend! VAL

  • You go Val!  Good job!  And I love your lower body workout.  Lunges kill me and I tend to avoid them.  Today is leg day, you have inspired me.  Hope to keep the motivation until later tonight when I get to work out.


  • Good evening everyone.  Hope all of you are well and having a great Body for Life day!  I'm trying to catch up on your posts a little bit.  Val - you motivated me, I hit the legs hard tonight.  They are gonna hurt tomorrow, but it will be a good hurt.  Suzette - yes I am following the plan BFL recommends.  3 days cardio, 3 days weights alternating upper and lower body, drinking a bunch of water and am trying incredibly hard to eat clean.  I had started BFL many times, but never finished.  This time I'm going to finish.  I am determined. You can be too, I know you can.  When I want to quit I look at the quote on my fridge.  "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out".  It's one meal at a time, one workout at a time, one day at a time.  Even if you don't do it perfectly you will make progress and see results.  (BTW I am not perfect, I love Diet Coke and Goldfish crackers.  Argh!  But I work them in here and there within reason.)  

    Goodnight everyone,


  • Good Morning BFLers,

    i didnt have time to check in yesterday except to read everyone's posts. Congrats to everyone--great job, ladies, on the LBWOs. We all seem to be in agreement that lunges are not so much fun! And great job eating so well while you were away, AJ. Val, four wheeling in the hills sounds like a blast! Have a great time this weekend. AJ, that quote is great. It seems that a few weeks ago we were all worried that we would quit if we werent perfect and we have been doing such a good job of encouraging each other to focus on progress that we are all sticking with it, moving forward and actually making progress!

    I had another good, clean day of eating yesterday. I'm eating a heck of a lot of egg whites, too! I like salsa on mine to spice them up a bit. Well, coffe cup is empty so I guess it's time to HIIT the gym! Hope you all have a great day.


  • Happy hump day to you all, Its a rainy day here!!! We got your rain Claire! I did alot of planting this summer and fall and am glad my flowers and shrubs are getting a good drink. I am doing an UBWO this am. Then all the rest of the week its cardio. I am going to do abs this morning too. I have sore hamstrings and glutes so I know I hit them hard yesterday. I upped my weights yesterday and by the end of my workout my legs were shaking.

    AJ I am so happy this morning! I logged all my food yesterday on fitnesspal. It is awesome, there was only one thing that I ate that I had to enter the nutrition facts in myself. Every other thing was already on the site! I really like it. I am going to work on it a day at a time and see where it takes me. So you motivated me! I am going to print out that quote and put on my board in the kitchen too. It is absolutely the truth.

    How is it going Suzette, Claire and Pam? I hope you are hanging tough and trying your best each and every day. At the end of this week it will be a month already into the program. Wow!  Lets keep on going together and finish this thing!


  • Hey there Claire. We posted at the same time. I am so happy to hear its going great for you! Have a great BFL day. VAL

  • Just one more thing then I WILL go work out. Ladies we are only 2-4 weeks out from the weeks where magic is supposed to happen. Have you read the ladies success document that is in the gallery? Read it! It is so motivating! VAL

  • Val, that document is awesome. I'm going to refer to it everytime I'm feeling discouraged. i hope I get some of that magic! I did an extra hard UBWO today and ate clean--yeah--three days in a row! I was planning on doing abs today but alas, I didn't. Oh well. I'm still proud of myself. How is everyone else doing?


  • Claire, that is awesome!  Three days clean!!!  Keep it up girl!  Val - thanks for mentioning the article.  I actually printed it out and am hilighting parts to keep me motivated.  I can't wait to see what eight weeks looks like.  I've actually been a little suprised because I've been looking forward to each new day, the changes in my body and enjoying the workouts.  (Ok, not all the time, but most of the time.)  I'm not seeing much progress on the scale, but my pants are getting bigger.   It seems like I'm so busy doing it that the days are moving along rather quickly.  Can't believe we're into the 4th week already.  I'm excited now to see what changes have happened  by the eight week mark.  Wow!  Cool!  Upper body workout tonight, late.  Had to work late and just got done with the workout.  Shoulders are pumped up.  I like how it feels.  Tired though.  Anybody else out there sleeping a lot?  Boy this makes me want to sleep hard.


  • Oops, forgot.  Val - awesome on downloading the app and using it.  In the past when I've done BFL I judged portions.  However, I think my idea of portions and theirs was different.  The app is keeping me within the limits I've set, helps to keep my protein intake up too as I tend to be more of a carb eater.  Let me know if you have luck with it.  It must be getting popular as some evenings I've found it hard to get on their site.  

    See ya,


  • Morning, Today we leave to go 4 wheeling in the Black Hills. I am really worried about my diet. I need to stay strong and keep it clean. We are renting a house so we have a kitchen so I will be cooking so I know the meals will be okay but I worry about the evenings. (Its an adults only trip) I am going to be checking in with my phone so will need help and encouragement!!! Cardio this morning. I have been doing the stationary bike and doing the 5-25 workout. I am usually quite exhausted when I am done. Been logging all my food for two days now on fitnesspal. It recommends 1200 cals a day. I know I have never ate that little doing BFL before but these last two days I have kept it close to that recommendation. I will not be able to always but thought I would try for now. I haven't had trouble getting on in the evenings yet.

    Claire, Great job on the clean days. Your half way through to a whole week of clean eating. You can do it. And then all we gotta do is keep repeating that and before you know it will be 12 weeks. I can not believe what a difference it makes for me to come here in the morning and have you ladies to talk to. I have not made it to 4 weeks in a long time. Usually I would have quit by now. I give you all the credit for motivating me to stick to it.

    AJ, I am sore everywhere! My abs are sore, my arms are sore and my butt! Thats what I get for doing all weight days in a row......... But I agree love how it feels after a good workout. I have been sleeping really well. I usually have problems with waking during the night and then not falling back asleep but that hasn't been an issue lately. By the way I had to laugh at your comment about goldfish crackers and diet coke. Your my kind of girl! I LOVE something salty and cold diet coke!

    Suzette and Pam, We miss hearing from you. How is it going? Let us know.


  • Hi Everyone,

    How are you all doing? We're coming close to the end of week 4 and that is pretty exciting!

    Val, I know you can be strong this weekend. Just try hard to avoid the "Oh well, I blew it by eating this so I might as well eat everything" mentality. Try to make good choices. You'll be OK. AND, think about the magic that is to come and how far you've come. you will be happy with yourself if you are just moderate. not perfect but not out of control, either. And 4-wheeling sounds like so much fun! So, enjoy. I'll be checking in all weekend if you need me.

    AJ, awesome job. Glad to hear how pumped you are about the workouts and that you feeling differences in your body. Can't believe that Monday will be week 5! Keep up the good work, ladies.

    And enjoy the weekend,


  • Claire just got back from riding. I haven' t done too badly with food. I actually haven't ate enough yet today.  Missed a meal! I am going to do like you said not perfect but not too off  plan. Took a walk this am for cardio. 45 minutes of hills.

    Almost done with this week. Two more month to go!!


  • GREAT JOB Val!!!!!!! Keep it up!

    I'm afraid I didn't do as well. I had some unexpected guests yesterday and although I ate perfectly, I had some drinks with them so, Ive decided that yesterday was my day off instead of Sunday. That works anyway because I'm going to be holed up working here  all weekend. I can't believe that we're headed into week 5. So exciting. I'm really glad that I worked so hard on my eating this week. I'm going to keep it going even stronger next week. I also have couple of other mini goals for the upcoming week. The first is to do my 10 minute abs video every day at the end of my workouts. I'm hoping to be able to see progress in my form and endurance. I'm still doing the modified version an I want to get this down with excellent form before graduatting. The second is that i'd like to add 1/2 hr of walking on the treadmill in the evenings. I tend to spend way too much time on the sofa in the evenings and I have a tv in front of the treadmill so I think I should take advantage of it! I'd also like to start doing some stretching. I have a gentle yogs cd that I want to try this week. Wow. That sounds like a lot but I think these are doable things. today I am going to the gym to workout. It took awhile last week to finally get my pass. I'm psyched about it because I have not been really sore from my last workout. I think the gym will fix that. Actually, I'm SURE of it!

    Well, coffee cup is empty. Time to hit the gym. Have a great BFL day, everyone!!!!!


    AJ--how is it going?