Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Hey Claire,  Send that rain our way! We are in a drought here in SD and haven't had a good rain for months. Although I understand about the gray icky weather especially in the mountains. I wanted to tell you don't sweat the 2 weeks you feel you screwed up! Just keep your eyes on today and whats ahead. I remember reading a champions blog about how she ate poorly for 2 weeks during her challange and she had excellent results.

    I AM going to do my abs today too. I just finished cardio on the bike. Feels sooo good that exercise afterglow.


  • Hi Val,

    Thanks for the encouragement. 'll try my best to send the rain your way!

    Just finished my cardio and abs and really, truly feel so much better. have a great day and enjoy the glow!


  • Hi all -- No computer all weekend, so couldn't check in, I will have to do something about this!  Anyway, still hanging in there, eaing much better, but need to cut back quantity I believe.  For today, did early morn UBWO, made a delicious Wheatberry salad (with chopped carrots, apricots and cilantro, bit of dresing), very filling and nice with chicken for lunch.

    Think I might try to join a local health club, usually exercise at home.  Trying to get out of my nighttime "rut" of TV and food, instead exercise and get out, then home to bed..... We will see!

    Anyway, good to see you're all still at it.  Lots of luck.  Pam

  • Hello all.  I'm still at it, but haven't been "on program" the past few days.  Got off track over the weekend and struggling a little to get back at it.  Still not doing the BFL program for exercise, but been much more active walking, etc.  Still focusing on progress and making this a lifestyle and not just a 12-week program.  I did give up diet soda and increased my water and that is going well.  I lost 3 lbs at the end of week 2 - yippee! LOL Not much but it's progress. :)  Sounds like you are all doing great with your exercise! I need to get off my bootie and get moving LOL! I love taking classes like zumba, etc so still thinking I may try to join a gym, if budget allows. Now that it will be getting dark sooner with winter approaching, I think going to the gym a few times a week in the evening (if I can work the kids and their schedules around it), might be a good mood-booster too. We CAN do this!!!!!


  • Hi Everybody,

    I'm still here but haven't been online.  Still with the program and hitting it hard.  I'm jealous about those lost pounds.  I seem to be staying at or just below my original weight.  I'm tracking calories/protein/carbs/fat religiously and eating very clean so I don't think that's my problem.  I have, however, upped my weights.  I might be gaining muscle.  Hadn't seen my boyfriend for two weeks and when he saw me he said he could see changes already.  I have lost an inch off my waist which is incentive to keep going.  Suzette - I'm so proud of you for quitting diet soda.  Diet Coke is my biggest vice!  I'm still drinking tons of water but can't seem to give up the diet soda.  Argh!  

    Okay, I'm off to pick up my "before" photos.  That should be even more motivation. :0)

    Hang in there verybody!


  • Wow, AJ! That's awesome that you lost an inch already! Are you following the weigh/cardio program that BFL recommends? I'm still trying to get my butt motivated to start working out.LOL The fact that you lost an inch already is definitely a motivator for me!  That's exciting & encouraging to start seeing results arleady.  Good for you for taking your pics.  I haven't yet, but think I will this weekend.  I'm scared to death to see them though, so I may take them but not look yet! LOL!  Crazy, I know, but I'm afraid I may through in the towel if I look too bad.

    Have a great day!


  • Hey Suzette, Don't worry about gettingt he weight training perfect, like Nike says "Just Do It".  You will learn as you go and make changes.  Nobody knows how to do it when they start, we all learn along the way.  I give you permission not to be perfect.  :0)


  • Hi all, I had a hectic two days. On Wednesday was up at 3:30 am and in the car driving for 10 hours so no workout that day. And yesterday I had another day spent in the car so I missed yet another workout. I did my LBWO this am and will double up and do a cardio tonight. I will do the same tomorrow with UBWO and cardio. My diet is not good:(((( AJ I need your mindset and willpower!!! I am downloading that app and will start today to track for a week my intake. Maybe that will help.

    I am so glad to see you all are here! Everytime I sign in and see all these posts it makes me want to keep on trying cause you all are doing the same! Big Hug to you all from me.

    Pam, could you give me that recipe for your wheatberry salad? That sounds yummy.

    Suzette, you gave up diet pop? My biggest vice is icy cold diet coke! Good for you. I love zumba too. It is so much fun, I usually have a big grin on my face through that class. Hope you can work out that gym time around your kiddos schedule.

    AJ, I AM going to post by befores with a 6 week progress photo on here. I am just putting that out there so you all can keep me accountable! Congrats on your inch loss!! I have not measured. For some reason that is worse that the picture taking for me.

    Claire, Hows it going in rainy Vermont?

    Week three is winding down and we are still hanging in there.YES!!


  • OK Ladies! Its week 4. We have to hang tough and stay with this! Its the start of a new week and I am determined to make it a huge win for me! I am up and heading to the gym for a UBWO. I have to be at the dentist at 8 for a root canal. I really hate having dental work done so I am dreading today!

    I hope you all are here and ready to continue on! WE CAN DO THIS!


  • Good morning all!  Val, you have me totally motivated!  After this post, right to the weights, UBWO scheduled.  And I'm happy to say got my lap top up and running, so will be easier to stay connected online now....

    Did indeed join a local health club last week, so today will be my first day.  Psyched to get out in the world to exercise, as opposed to in my basement all alone, I think and hope it will help a lot.  I also am hoping to drag my 20-year-old college daughter with me this week, get her into  exercising a bit more.  She has put on some of that college weight we hear about and I know she is not feelilng Great about herself.  I will try to use my role modeling to help her, and in the process help myself!

    I also will get that Wheatberry Salad recipe posted later, have to collect it from my kitchen. Busy day ahead.

    Let's keep going!  Just one pound a week is now my goal, and anything more (or less) is just fine....


  • Ok back from gym, done with UBWO. Having my oatmeal and egg whites and checking in again. Pam, I warned my son about the freshman 15 when he started college this fall. Your daughter is lucky to have you to coach her and guide her in BFL. Really glad to see you are here and connected again. I need the help too! Lets make this week the best one yet. VAL

  • Hi Ladies,

    First of all I want to say congrats on everyone's progress! Everyone is doing so well--joining gyms, encouraging each other and the kids, sharing recipes. I fell off the program mid-week last week as I unfortunately got sick. Normally, I would have just quit but reading your posts has inspired me. Missing so many workouts and feeling crappy really discouraged me. I was thinking that I will never get in shape again. It took most of the morning for me to get my butt to the basement and do my workout. I feel so much better for doing it. I am moving forward. I stalled but did not go backwards this time! I will try to make up the workouts if I can but only if I really am up to it--not as a punishment! In spite of my setback I noticed that I felt stronger in my workout and am using heavier weights. I also noticed that I feel MUCH less depressed and much better about myself when I work out. I got my pass to the College gym and I think I will start using the machines ther on wed or fri because I'm graduating from some of my handweights. As far as body changes go, I am engaging my newly found abs more and my back has been holding up and even feeling good (knock wood!). So, this is progress. Thank you all for being in this with me.

    I really appreciate the support.


    PS-It is STILL raining in Vermont!!!!

  • Hello all, again,

    Well the night is not over but I am excited to report my very first very perfectly clean day of eating. I know we're focusing on progress, but one day of perfection feels really good after falling down so hard. I'm now really psyched to do it again tomorrow. I want to succeed so badly. I hope everyone had great days and thanks again for being here.

    nighty night,


  • Excellent Claire! I was just checking in trying to avoid a disaster. I have luscious home made monkey bread sitting on my counter and I am trying mightily to avoid it! You just gave me the motivation to abstain!!! Thank You. I will have my greek yogurt instead. We CAN do this together. VAL

    P.S. Still no rain here in SD.

  • Hi Again Everybody!  You are all doing so well with your focus on progress!  How awesome!  I am back from my travels.  Despite being away from my scale, bike and fridge, I did pretty well.  The scale is only up one pound and that was only a day after my free day.  I think since I couldn't weigh myself I  was extra careful about what I ate.  It also helps to know all of you are going through the same exact things I am.  We can get through it together.  Found a great place to eat :0).  We went to the buffet at the HyVee store.  The salad bar was excellent.  I think I ate my weight in blueberries.  Found it very easy to stay on track with the healthy choices they had.  Hard time finding lean protein there though, kinda getting tired of egg whites.  Anyhow, tonight I am prepping my food for the week so can't stay long.  I am not trying to make anything spectacular to eat, really just staying with simple, basic food, so it doesn't take too long to get ready.  It's so much easier for me to have everything all packaged up and sitting in the fridge ready to throw in my lunchbag because I'm not a morning person.  

    Val, hows the app going?  Claire,excellent on the day of clean eating!

    Is anybody starting to see some muscles????  Keep making good choices everyone!