Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Good Morning all,

    I had a hard time getting out of bed. But am up and on my way to UBWO. Had a hard time with diet yesterday and ate unauthorized food:( I was bored and that is my deadliest enemy as far as staying on a clean diet. But today is a new day and will be better. I am a restless soul and need things to do always. I have NO hobbies beyond exercise so it is deadly for me to have no projects at home. I plan to return to work in a year or so when my baby, who is 3, starts school. (I am a nurse)

    AJ, I always bike when my legs are too sore for other cardio because I can never seem to hit my quads hard enough on weight days to make them sore. And as you know, biking works them the hardest. I am not running yet, but maybe next week. Gotta say people either love to run or hate it! I do either stationary bike right now or elliptical. I am going to a small (REAL small) gym 2 miles away from me right now. We are in the process of building a shop and my home gym is going to be there this winter. Can't wait!! Then I will have to do the treadmill this winter as that is all the cardio equipment I have. I will probably add yoga too.

    Slm, How's your exercise coming? Have you started weights yet?

    I wish you all a successful BFL day! I gotta get out and enjoy this warm day here as the weather is turning cold tonight!


  • Good morning everyone,

    UGGGG - Still haven't hit the workouts yet.  Not sure what is holding me back.  I am a morning person for sure.  I get up at 5:00 now just to keep our lives / house running smooth and organized and enjoy a cup of coffee and some alone time.  I guess the thought of getting up before 5:00 to work out isn't as appealling as it once was LOL.  I used to get up at 4:00 am and meet a friend at the gym before work, but that was several years ago I can't do that now that I am a single mom. Anyways there are no excuses really - I can work out just as easily in my own home and actually find I put more effort into it when i am alone without all the distractions.  Need to do some thinking today to see exactly what is holding me back.  I may put my weights on my nightstand so they are staring me right in the face when I wake up in the morning LOL!

    Eating is going good still. I do cheat sometimes, but not drastically.  I am actually starting to enjoy the regularly scheduled eating of healthy foods.  I even took my daughter to McDonalds' last night for a school fundraiser that i hadn't planned on attending, and made good choices (well good for McDonald's anyway LOL) - grilled chix sandwich and side salad  :)

    Keep up the great work everyone and have a great Wednesday!


  • Hello to all and glad to see everyone's still pushing hard!  My laptop at home has been down and out, so I haven't been able to get online as much as I'd like to participate.  Once I go to work (now), harder to do personal stuff online, although I work for myself.  Anyway, I am still with the program, not perfect, but trying each day to structure my eating and exercise.  Received a "starter pack" from EAS yesterday, so that will hopefully help... Now to stay clean when I come in the door at night, stressed and looking for snacks, etc!!!!

    More to come.  Will check out that online article next...... Pam

  • Hello all by BFL friends,

    I am so impressed with you all. Such enthusiasm, progress, and support. Well, I had a setback on Monday. First, I weighed myself and had gained weight. Then, I couldn't make myself do my workout. I was depressed and deflated. I know the LBWOs are the hardest for me because my knees are problematic, but I don't think that's what stopped me. I don't know what did it. Then, I woke up too late to run on Tuesday and had to take care of my neices on Tues night so that was 2 workouts down. I should be so happy that I finished week one and can still stand upright. I couldn't finish a week earlier in the summer without my back going out. I don't knowif I am self-sabotaging or just afraid because I haven't been able to do this much for so long. Today, I did do my UBWO and I plan on making up my cardio on Sunday. I think I need to do 7 dAys a week of routines. Taking a break makes it so much harder for me to get back into the routine.  So, our motto "Progress not Perfection." I am making progress. I am changing habits. I am nort perfect but I am moving forward. My back is holding up and that is a huge improvement. Last week I had moments of true elation after finishing a workout. And soon, there won't be as many slip ups. It means so much to me that you are here each day. I feel so much better for having done my workout today. I will get up tomorrow and head straight to the treadmill. I hope everyone had a great workout and a great day.


  • Good Morning,

    Well, the cold front hit. The wind is whipping and man is it cold and dark. I am going to use the stationary bike again for cardio today. I had a super day yesterday. My meals were spot on and had an excellent UBWO. Now I am going to repeat that again today! Progress not perfection!

    Claire when do you take your free day? You didn't happen to weight after it did you? I know I easily gain 3-5 pounds after my free day due to all the carbs I consume. I weigh only on Sunday morning before my free day begins. The scale is such a scary thing as it can affect how we feel so easily!

    Pam so glad to know you are still here! What is in the starter pack? Did you order that here?

    Suzette did your weights stare you down this morning? I absolutely know all about that early morning quiet that you get up for! I do the same, start laundry, get on here and post, and workout before everyone else gets up and I have to start breakfast etc..

    So glad you are all here! Half way through the second week! We can do this together!


  • Happy Thursday Everyone!

    Weather is definitely changing here in NE too! Loving the fall-like weather, but not looking forward to what is sure to come here in the midwest lol!  I'm still plugging along.  Eating last night was not good.  Still better than normal, but still off plan.  I'm finding it very easy to eat healthy at work, but once I get home and life gets crazy, my eating habits take a bad turn.  I'm still focusing on progress though.  I am drinking way more water than usual and have only consumed a tiny bit of diet soda in since we started.  No Val, I didn't start my weights this morning. LOL!  I did however realize what is holding me back....I feel so overwhelmed about "how" to do the exercise properly - the BFL way.  I know that is why I am struggling so much to begin.  I have read over it multiple times but I am more of a "hands on" type person.  Can anyone simplify the process for me???? I know we are to hit highs and change weights rest in-between etc etc.  Maybe I need to stop worrying about doing it perfectly and just start LOL!  On the bright side, I have taken a 45 minute walk 2x this week with my little girl and our 2 dogs.  I don't hit a high and its not exhausting, but i do feel my legs working since it is a constant up & down slope.  Just thinking..... maybe I should write down the exercises in my own way so it makes since to me....

    Keep up the good work everyone!  I really appreciate all of you keeping in touch on this forum.  Honestly I check it a couple times a day to stay motivated and to look for suggestions.


  • Hi all, yup, still here!  The "starter pack" is probably the wrong term, but if you look at the home page for this site, the link to EAS products details a pre-packaged set of supplements and shakes, etc., to get you started.... I have found the shakes help a lot and would recommend them fully.

    Body plenty sore today after an intense lower-body workout yesterday!  Have a 5-month-old Golden puppy, so he is actually helping to keep me busy though, he so desperately needs exercise that I feel for him and force myself out the door for a good long walk/jog, just for him.  So, no treadmill (yet) today, but did get a bit of a workout that way.  When he's older, I hope to run with him, as I did with my last Golden, but he is still too little and bones developing....

    Anyway, hard at work, let's all persevere and take it one day at a time.  My goal for tonight is to eat totally clean and head to bed early!!  Pam

  • Good Friday Morning to you all, LBWO today for me! I absolutely get whipped doing it. I got a call at 9am yesterday from my brother asking if I could drive truck for him. (He is a farmer) I said "sure when do you need me to leave?" He said in about 20 minutes! I had to race to get myself and Chase ready and throw something in the cooler for us to eat all day. I ended up with 3 protein bars!

    Hey Suzette we are neighbors I live in SD! The weight workout for BFL is on youtube. Someone made a video showing how to do an upper body workout. I do Bill Phillips 5-25 workout right now. There is videos on youtube for those too. I have lifted weights for quite awhile and change up my routine regularly. Maybe those videos will help clarify how to go about doing the workout.

    Pam, by golden do you mean golden retriever? We have a female golen retriever we got as a puppy. She is three now and still frisky. The best dog ever though. So sweet with Chase my three year old. Hope you met your goals for last night!

    Well enough procratinating I am going to the gym and JUST DO IT!!


  • Good morning Val, Suzette and Pam,

    So glad you're all here. Thanks for the tip on The weighing in, Val. I might just skip it all together, though, this week until I feel like I have some real momentum. I realized that I am really afraid of the LBWO because of my knees, so this morning I am planning on going to the gym at the college to utilize all the machines. I think they might be easier on my knees than lunges and squats are and There is a lot of variety. I, too have a puppy. Not a Golden. She is a two year old rescue Bulldog mix. I got her about 2 months ago after my beloved American Bulldog Penelope died. She's a bit crazy but sweet and does get me out walking! The sun is finally out here in the NE. It sure was getting depressing around here. we will soon be starting week 3! I'm going to try to fill in some of my unchecked workout boxes this weekend with some dog walks or hikes and a couple extra 10 minute workout videos. That ab one kicks my abs! Good luck to everyone today.

    Just do i and TGIF!!!!!


  • Hi Partners,

    How is the plan going so far? I just finished my 20 min treadmill and a 10 min ab video. I am SORE. I went to the gym for my LBWO yesterday and it wsa just what I needed. I dread those lunges and squats too much. Maybe as I get stronger, Ill add them in. For now, the machines worked really well. I plan on doing a 20 min aerobic tomorrow--not as punishment but to keep up my momentum. I really seem to fall of the wagon after a day off, so we'll see if this is a solution for me. I hope everyone is excited to be going into week 3. Although I am not really seeing any physical changes, I want to take stock of the progress that I'm making. First of all, I have not made it through 2 weeks of an exercise program in the past 4 years without my back going out and stopping me.--Progress. I have determination and drive that has been lost for some time-Progress. I am making my workouts a priority and I'm having less procrastination and angst-Progress. Although my eating and drinking of the wine is not perfect, all of my choices have been better. I am eating smaller portions and choosing more lean, protein rich foods. I have resisted those beloved chips and I am not eating any starchy foods which forme ishard because if I had my way, I'd live on bread. So, Progress. This 3rd week is suppised to bewhen our new behaviours tryly turn into habits and I am excited for that. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


  • Hey All, It is Week THREE!!!!! Yes! And I am still here! Just got back from the gym, did an UBWO. My friend joined me this morning to lift weights! Would be super if she would start BFL with me too. Got a later start than usual cause the kids have no school today. So just now drinking my shake and checking in.

    Hey Claire you and Suzette are both from NE! I read your post and just cringed cause I forgot all about doing abs last week:(

    Awesome job! You are here and keepin on!  I am glad cause it sure helps me having someone going through this with me. I am really good about starting but not so great about finishing! I figure even though I feel like there are days I am not exactly perfect in my diet I am going to keep plugging on cause surely my good habits will eventually start to become more the norm than my past habits. Right? I truly can say I like to workout and I do fit exercise in always. Even when my diet is bad I still workout. So Food is my downfall.

    Pam and Suzette, how did your weekend go? Hope you are still here with us!!

    AJ, Are you still with us??

    Well ladies, At the end of this week we can say we are 1/4 of the way done. But I am going to focus on eating well just for today!


  • I am starting today.  That will put me 2 wks behind y'all, but I have to do something.  I have done BFL off and on for a yr.  Never had dramatic results.  But I have learned sooooo much.  I have really changed my eating habits, but it seems like I either eat clean or exercise hard.  I never do both religiously.  That has been my prob.  I start a challenge and allow myself to get side-tracked by life.  I have 3 kiddos ( 16 yr old son and 13 and 10 yr old dtrs.)  They all 3 play select base/softball, rodeo and we are all very active.  My husband is not really into working out.  I wish he would, but he says not right now  :(  

    My goal this time is to be held accountable.  Please feel free to ask me if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing- eating clean, working out.


    Shannon <3

  • Hey Shannon WELCOME! Your husband sounds like mine! He always says "I am too busy right now" I am hoping with my spectacular results this challange it will change his thinking. One can always hope.

    Sounds like our group is all busy moms who are ready for a change. I have 6. My oldest just moved out this fall and started college. Can't believe how the time has gone and here I am still wanting that elusive big challange finish! Please, I need your help too in hanging in there and doing it right!


  • I am off to the gym for cardio. How is everyone doing???


  • H Val,

    Welcome. Shannon, nice to have another woman on board. I am planning on going for 2 extra weeks at the end because my first two weeks of eating were not exactly stellar so we will finish together. Iam happy to be in week 3 of exercising, though. It is becoming more normal to just get up and do it. Cardio and ABS for me today so I'll be heading downstairs just as soon as I finish my coffee. I can't believe how dark it is at 7 am. Yuck! It has been a depressing Fall here. I live in Vermont and it is peak foliage but it has rained everyday and has been so cloudy you can't even see the mountains. The nice thing about finishing a workout is that I always feel better. So, I guess I'll get to it!

    Good luck to all. PS-Don't forget to drink your water everyday!