Anyone starting September 24th?

  • Hi Everybody, I just started today.  Have actually been easing myself into the program and already like to lift weights.  It's the diet I needed to tweak.  Hi Anters - I turn 49 in February.  I too want to have my best body EVER!  I'm incredibly motivated and hope you all are too.  I've even been listening to my Body for Life tapes in the car every day to and from work, so I have an hour of motivation every weekday.  Remember to celebrate PROGRESS!  I'm using to track my nutrition.  Read about it on a forum here on BFL.  Might help you all too!  Keep up the good work everybody.

  • Hi everyone,

    How is the program going for you so far? I have to say that On day one before you all showed up I felt very alone in this and unmotivated but when everyone showed up on the morning of Day 2, I was immediately psyched to do my workout. So, thanks! Those sound like good tips, POWERTOCHANGE, I'm happy to have someone with a similar goal. What I really want is to be strong enough to hit the slopes again this winter. I've been an avid snowboarder for over 20 years and missed out on the last 3 seasons because my injuries prevented it. boo hoo. Snowboarding is the thing that brings me the most joy--I even used to teach--so missing out has been very bad on the psyche. Well, coffee talk is over, time to hit the gym. Good luck to all!

  • I started too. very excited. deadline dec 5!!!

  • Hello everyone.  I'm from Nebraska. I'm 42, single mom with 2 kids, work full-time. Crazy, busy life - probably like most of you.  Was really fit in my 20's, best I ever looked and felt. Have gained a lot of weight in the past few years.  I'm doing the challenge not only to look better, but also to prove to myself that I can do it and regain the confidence I used to have. And to set a good example for my kids.  My goal is to lose 37 lbs.  I'm a total perfectionist, so I tend to get defeated easily and throw in the towel.  But I am deteremined not to give up this time.  The first day (Monday) I was really hungry so I increased my protein on Tuesday and that helped.  Dinners have been a struggle, so I need to get better ablout planning my meals.  I do great until then.  I haven't started the exercise yet, only the eating.  I need to set up a space in my home to workout and haven't had the time to do that yet.  Normally, at this point I would quit, since I can't do it perfect LOL, but I feel that changing my eating has to be atleast a start, RIGHT??? Also, I have pretty minimal exercise equipment so far - some dumbbells, weight bench, and a jump rope.  Any ideas/thoughts on if that is enough to start with??? Any suggestions or "words of wisdom" are definitley welcome!

  • Well, looks like a great group!  I too started yesterday (25th), and just have a really good feeling that this is the right time for me.  Have tried BFL several times, always seem to lose steam and never finish.  But third time's a charm, right!  I am 55, can't believe it, that sounds so old but I still feel so young!!  Just have to get this body of mine young again, although I do work out regularly.  Overeating and drinking wine with dinner have been my downfall, I know, so am hoping to be more structured with all of that.

    Anyway, welcome to all, and let's support each other straight through to December!  Pam

  • Hi Slm,

    i can totally relate to the "it needs to be perfect" mentality! so glad you're starting. I have some suggestions for you on the workouts:

    For cardio. The beauty of tis method is that it is only 20 minutes. He goal is to follow the HITT method outlined on the website and in the book. You are basically getting your heart rate way up and then letting it come down repeatedly (but I suggest really reading and understanding the concept). So, essentially, you can do this by jogging in place, going for a jog, jumping rope, running up and down your stairs. Pretty much anything that gets your heart rate up will work.

    For the lower body. Quads: You can do squats. You can do the exercise where you put your back against the wall while in a sitting position and time yourself. If you don't have weights to start with, do more reps. Just really exhaust the muscle groups. For Hamstrings you can do lunges. Crunches for abs.

    There are a lot of exercises listed on this website. Just poke around and you'll find them. It is better to do some even if not perfect or ideal. You are on your way. i hope this helps!

  • Hey slm, you can do a complete workout with the equipement you have at home! Remember there is always body weight exercises you can supplement with if you feel your dumbells are too light. Then there is always jumping rope for your HIIT. You can do this! I have worked out at home for years with a bench and dumbells. I bought heavier weights as I needed them so it wasnt such a drastic expenditure at one time. I do have a treadmill for those cold winter days we have here in the midwest.

    I am on day 3 and feeling good.  Did a lower body workout this a.m. and was quite astonished at how weak I felt. I had Piriformis syndrome starting ealry February and had to quit running while in rehab. I have lost alot of fitness in that time! Anxious to see improvement. I am quite impatient and have to fight that to keep going when it feels like nothing is changing!

    Glad to have this forum to come to when I need motivation to stick it out.  Val

  • Thanks antlers and happymom6 for the advice/suggestions!  I'll look at the exercises for some ideas.  i do need to take a more thorough look at the cardio to get a better understanding of the method.  Reminding myself to "Focus on progress, not perfection" : )

  • Need motivation? What youtube video Bill Phillips Transformation--Health &Fitness Insight. Marcus has some wonderful words of wisdom. One excellent one is to take one day at a time. I think he says "just for today". Just for today I have to eat right and get my workout in.

  • Hi everyone,

    Well, it's Day 4! I'm so glad you are all here with me. I had a good workout yesterday doing squats and lunges. I have the 10 minute workout videos and I did 10 min abs for my ab workout. Seriously, I feel like I'm flopping around the floor like a fish! I used to be quite an athlete and it is very discouraging to be so out of shape. But my "abs" are sore today so I must have found them! Just watched that youtube video of marcus--it is very inspiring. Thanks for that. I didn't take any before pics because I am terrified at the idea of it. But maybe I should. have you all entered the contest or are you just doing the program? That video made me think that maybe I should go the distance and enter. Hmmmm...

    Well, time to HIIT the treadmill!

    BTW, I'm Claire.

  • Hey All, Just got back from HIIT on the elliptical. Wanted to run outside but just seemed too chilly and dark:) I took a before pic! OUCH! Good thing I am in the process of changing that before to an after! I am not doing the contest however. Just doing it to better myself.  

    I did a 10 minute ab video too, this week, and thought I was doing okay till I looked at how high the instructor on the video had her shoulders off the floor and mine were barely clearing the carpet! I will do 2 10 minute segments a week to try correct those weak abdominals of mine.

    Counting down Day 81.


  • Good Morning Everyone! It is my day three, started a little later than some of you.  Antlers (Claire) - Wow!  Snowboarding, how sweet!  What a great goal to be back doing something you absolutely LOVE!  Go for it!  Willtown (Pam) - Like you I've started this multiple times.  Don't give up.  You CAN do it!  For some reason this time I'm extremely motivated.  Had been at a plateau for a few years, not really taking it too serious and just maintaining.  Got the craving to take it to another level.  Keep going!!!  You will be soooo happy you did!  And it's only 12 weeks, take them one day and even one meal at a time if you have to, one workout at a time.  SLM - Go Huskers!  (Former Husker here.)  Wow, you and I have a lot in common.  I too am a single mom with a couple of kiddos and work a full time and a part time job.  And yes, I'm a perfectionist.  If you can focus on PROGRESS every day it helps tremendously.  For me, nutrition is about 80% of the program, so I am really focusing on planning meals for the next day, having some cooked, lean protein in the fridge, packing my lunchbag to take with me.  The perfectionist in me likes to track my eating and training so I can check mark them off and feel satisfaction.  Behappy - Welcome!  I know I missed a lot of you out there but we are a team.  JUST FOR TODAY you can follow the plan.  For YOURSELF.  Take some time to focus on YOU.  It makes you a better parent, a better employee, a better neighbor....and you will feel AWESOME!

    Have a fabulous Body For Life day everyone!

  • Hello Everyone!  Thanks for the encouraging words "powertochange".  My eating is pretty good.  I have cheated at my dinners somewhat due to lack of planning or unexpected change of plans.  I have to admit I haven't started my workouts yet and am feeling frustrated with myself for that.  I have great intentions LOL, but feel a little overwhelmed at "how" to do the workouts.  I understand the cardio part is to be done using the "HIIT" model.  I wrote down a workout plan for the upper body.  So does anyone know if you are supposed to choose different exercises on the next day, i.e. on day 2 of upper body, I should choose 2 different exercises?  Or does that not matter?  Also, some of you are mentioning ab work.  Is that to be done everyday?  I'm still in the process of reading the book, so maybe I have missed some stuff or just haven't gotten to it yet.  I haven't joined the official challenge, but am thinking about it......

    Have a great day!

  • Good Morning, everyone.

    Well, Day 5! Gaining momentum. This is soooo important for me. I haven't felt as though I'm moving forward in such a long time. Soon I will have a whole week under my belt. Yeah! Thanks for your encouragement, POWER TO CHANGE. As I said, it really means a lot to me to have support here. I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing and report ing in each morning. Val, good for you to take the pic. I'm going to try to make myself do that  this weekend. I would also like to fill out the entry materials. I think this would send a message to myself that "this is a REAL commitment" and that I am going to succeed. And who knows, maybe my transformation will be stunning! Have any of you filled out the challenge forms? Slm, I need to refresh my memory, but I do know that ab work is listed on the lower body workout charts, so you definitely do it on those days. Technically, you can work your abs everyday, so my plan is to work my way up to this. Mine are still burning from my 10 min workout (at least I know they exist now!) so I plan on trying to do them every 3 days and work my way up to everyday. For the other exercises, I think it is better to switch them up as much as possible. I am working out at home so I'm a little limited. Especially for the leg exercises. I'm planning on just doing the best I can at home and if/when I feel like I am so much stronger that I need more variety and more weight I will start using the gym. WILLTOWIN (Pam) are you still with us?

    I am finding already that I am starting to look forward to the workouts. I LOVE having that sore muscle feeling from working out. i have missed feeling connected to my body. The HIIT on the treadmill was tough yesterday. I run like and elephant at the moment, but I did it. My eating has been pretty clean. BUT, I didn't cut out my wine yet which I will need to do in order to see those numbers change on the scale. Focusing on progress, though, and planning to tackle this hurdle in week 2. Oh, also sleeping much better and mood is improved. In only 5 days--wait for day 84!!!! We will all be happy, healthy, and buff for the holidays!

    Let me know how you're all doing. Good luck today.


  • Good Morning, I am sitting here drinking my protein shake after my UBWO this morning.  I love this time of the morning. Quiet and all by myself! I have a bunch of kids so I need this time to reset and get ready for the day.  Well, we are on day 80 and almost done with week one. I really look forward to reading everones posts and how you all are doing. That keeps me on track and motivated.

    Slm, you can do the same upper body workout, no need to change exercises. You may think about working out a new UBWO after a month or so just to change it up.  As far as abdominals go, they are a muscle too, just like your legs and arms,and they need the time to heal and rest after a workout. So just a couple times a week is good for them.

    Well I hear little feet coming down the hall:) Have a great day today!