• I'm confused about the exercise sets? Ok, pick 2 exercises per muscle then do reps of 12, 10, 8. 6, 12 then a different exercise working the same muscle.  Ok, I repeat this cycle 4 takes longer than 45 minutes...HELP!!!

  • How long is it taking you?  If you are a minute or two over the time you will be fine.  It will get easier and quicker for you the more you do the workouts.  Make sure and wear a watch to begin the next lift at the time noted.  12 rest 1, 10 rest 1, 8 rest 1, 6 rest 1, 12 rest 0, 12 rest 2 then repeat on the next body part.  One big thing that helps also is find the excel sheet on this site and print it off for the day and fill out the weights  you plan on lifting.  Make sure you have a solid game plan set up before you walk into the gym.

  • GREETINGS, Juice8652 is correct, I helps to have a gameplan when you get to the gym floor.  I always put in my projected weights ahead of time using comments I may have made( usually with arrows for up or down) from prior sessions as to wether to go up or down on weights or reps in my journal. You have the pattern correct but don';t worry if you go a little bit over because that does happen and as you get use to the system you will start finishing on time. Keep Moving Forward!

  • Hi lvm143,

    While most people go over the 45 minutes initially you will get better as you go along. There is something in your wording that makes me want to clarify with an example. Forgive me if I am not understanding you correctly, the word repeat this cycle 4 times is where I may be misunderstanding your post.

    Chest example: Using Barbell Bench Press and Incline Bench Press as the two exercises.

    Barbell Bench Press 12 reps

    1 minute rest

    Barbell Bench Press 10 reps

    1 minute rest

    Barbell Bench Press  8 reps

    1 minute rest

    Barbell Bench Press  6 reps

    1 minute rest

    Barbell Bench Press 12 reps

    0 minutes rest

    Incline Barbell Bench Press 12 reps

    2 minutes rest

    Done with chest, move on to shoulders.

    Have a great day,