To Burn or Not to Burn - that is the question

  • Should I always feel a burn when lifting weights? Meaning if I start at X weight and 12 reps - that is an intensity level 5 - no problem, no burn. As I increase the weight and decrease the weights, I will get to the point where I cannot lift anymore - but it doesn't burn - should I be increasing the reps until I feel a burn?

  • Correction - I meant to say increase the weight, decrease the reps

  • I feel more burn when I am doing the last 2 sets of 12.

  • No keep with the reps that are stated in the book.  You will need to increase the weight.  You may have failure on the final set of 12 before you hit the 12th rep.  In this case do as many as you can.  Then keep the weight the same until you can do the 12.  

  • ahh.. keep the weight the same in the class until you can complete that rep.. now that makes sense.. Thanks

  • Every time I see the title of this thread - To Burn or Not to Burn - I think that it would be a great title for a description of my cooking!