Gained 8 pounds :(

  • Prior to BFL I was losing. Please dont tell me I have gained 8 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks as i was working out quite heavily before. The only thing that has changed is the amount of carbs I eat as well as going from 40 minute cardio to 20 minute HIIT..........................

    Anyone experienced this?


    What gives?

  • "Over a 12-week period, some research shows people can increase their lean body mass by two to four pounds. However, on balance the majority of the research has shown a slower pace; beginners who lift weights two or three times a week typically gain one pound of muscle per month for about six months. I think the latter is closer to how the average person lifts weights, rather than many of the studies where subjects are pushed pretty hard to see how much muscle and weight they are able to gain in the shortest period of time."

    Taken from a bodybuilding article

  • Not enough info.  More or less carbs? M or F? how much do you weigh and what is your BF percentage?  If you are eating more carbs you gained back the water & glycogen weight you lost not fat or muscle.  Lots of slow cardio & restricting carbs cause rapid weight loss but unfortuately it's water, glycogen and muscle you are losing not fat.

    You can gain a lot of muscle on this program. Plenty of men have gained 30 or more lbs. Women up to 10. Not typical but possible

  • i didnt feel like posting whole program but i guess i will........... i was on 6 small meals a day, just like BFL,  but only had carbs at breakfast and post workout..... I was doing slow and steady cardio 3 times a week and working two muscle groups a day, 4 days a week . Lost 20 pounds and started to see some defintion, Started BFL and am flabbier and dont feel as pumped all the time. Going from chest press, upper chest press, lower chest press, flys, push ups to the BFL routine, I just dont feel that pump! ..............

  • I am male,,, very broad.. current weight 265

  • It's just water weight.  Give it a chance to work.  What are you eating for carbs? stay away from the starchy stuff like potatoes, pasta & bread.

  • im sticking to the bfl list which has potatoes, wheat pasta and wheat bread............... ????  maybe im doing it wrong, but it says a portion from list A ( protein ) a portion from list B ( carbs ) 6 times a day

  • You can follow the plan exactly and it will work. For me I find it works better for me if I cut back on the higher glycemic carbs and eat more beans and other  veggies instead of bread and potatoes. I save the bread and potatoes for the free day

  • I am on my second challenge and the first one I ganed weight and my clothes actually felt a little tighter AT THE BEGINNING!!! but it was all water weight from my muscles b/c I was so flabby before and had NO muscle underneath.  It lasted for the first 2-4 weeks, can't really remember, but I kept coming on this forum and it was also motivation to stick to the plan as closely as I could.  I realized I was eating a little more carbs than my portion size b/c the workouts were so intense and made me so tired and crave sugar that I thought I needed more carbs.  All this added to the water weight.  but after the 1st month, I started feeing so strong and could see definition in my muscles, and knew if I just kept at it the muscles would eventually show through when there is less flab, and it did!!!  I even had a 4 pack - was so close to a six pack but the challenge was over and it was summer and I wanted to relax a bit and enjoy beer - but that is over now and I am ready for my six pack. Please keep at it - how can this NOT be a good thing?  I kept telling myself that when I was discouraged : )

  • (FROM FAQ) I have been doing a low carb diet but I am about to switch to Body-for-LIFE®. Am I going to gain weight?

    During the Induction phase on a low-carb diet, most of the weight loss is water and muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate).  Once you have depleted your body’s supplies of water and glycogen, you cannot lose much more of them. Also, the dehydration and energy drain that accompanies this period make it difficult to train with any intensity.  Needless to say, we do not find this approach consistent with the typical goals of our consumers which include losing body fat and maintaining (or gaining) muscle mass.

    Once you switch over to a nutrition program that encourages nutritional balance (like the Body-for-LIFE® program), you support your muscle glycogen stores and your body’s ability to remain hydrated. On the scale, this will appear as an increase in weight.  Many people are afraid of this weight gain anyway, so they do not eat enough. Not only does this keep their weight down but it keeps their energy levels down, too. It also reduces their chances of burning fat effectively because they do not have adequate muscle mass. Then they eat less and train more without ever giving their bodies the fuel they need to accomplish their goals.