Just about to begin!! Feedback and Support Needed

  • Mary, Thanks sweetheart. No antidepressants for me!! I can do this the natural way!! Power of the subconcious mind!! And everybodys support and BELIEF in myself and my steadfast belief in Gos along with this program will do the trick. Did the antidepressant thing so many timea and nothing worked. For some they work I know. But with all of your support and eating well and flodding my body with oxygen and helathy food and begining the process of self love and I will find myself!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • You notice that the antidepressants are at the end of the list.  All the other stuff is natural and should be first before drugs.  Nothing wrong with taking them if needed, as you mentioned.  But getting the other stuff under control is often quite successful.  Another thing, therapy has just as good a success rate as antidepressants.

    Oops, didn't mean to, but I left alcohol off the list of things to avoid.  It is a depressant.

    So glad you are feeling more confident!

  • I tried the anti depressant thing too and it didnt work me either bruce.  My case is pretty low-grade i think.  Not serious enough to be treatable but persistant enough that im unhappy when i have no reason to be.  What ive found for myself,  is that my happy periods follow making changes that are just for me.  I have two wonderful (socially active!)  teenage kids and the love of my life is a musician. Their stuff requires help and support and i love doing it and theyre great about being appreciative, but  I tend to slide into a pattern of letting my stuff go and then i realize later that its had an impact on my overall mood.   But ive realized that,  in the past,  when ive remembered to,  and made time for,  treating myself right,  i feel better about myself.  And it distracts me.  When i think too much about it,  it takes over.  Its really true that your life becomes what you focus on. Well,  now im focussed on the gym.  You know how Michelle Rodriguez looks in fast and furious?  I can look like that!  Im GOING to look like that!  Grrr!  Lol

    Bruce,  when do you start?  Im still on track.  Muscle pain dampened my spirits some but i found a heat pad and im proud of myself for not skipping the gym cuz im hurting and the food changes arent bad so im back to pumped today.  Actually,  i know it cant be true,  but it feels like my stomachs smaller already.  I read a post that a guy put on here that said glutens bloat him up and every time he cuts them out he feels better right away.  I think thats me too.  How amazing! Better health immediately!  I never occurred to me that part of my problem could be how my body reacts to food. I thought it was just too much food - and fast food.

    Ok too much talking!  Lol hang on bruce!  I think you will find that this process will be a mood elevator but it is a process and will take time.  *big hugs*

  • I haven't read all the responses but Bruce, just jump right in and ask questions as you need to along the way.  I was in your same shoes.  Just did it to see what would happen.  I gained a lot from doing BFL and I surely didn't think I would love hitting the gym on a regular basis but I can't imagine my life without it.  This community is a wealth of info and provides the push you need to be successful.  Best wishes as you start your journey. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I'm planning on starting on Oct. 1st. How long have yall been doing the program? I did the program this past winter/spring and done great. Since then I have put 20lbs back on. I lost a total of 35lbs and dropped 2 pant sizes. It works but I so need encouragement.

  • Monday is the start of wk 3 for me.  I lost 2.5 lbs the first week,  but even better is how i feel.  I cant believe what a change my new eating habits have brought about!  Better energy,  better mental focus,  and altho you cant see the difference yet,  im walking around feelin sexy!  Such an important thing for a woman!  Im glad to hear you did so well last time. You did it once,  im sure you can do it again.

  • Thanks CassCass! Sounds like you are doing great. It is more than a number on the scale its how it makes you feel. The confidence you gain from this is the best part.

  • Especially the way I'm built!  Lol when im buff and looking good,  i weigh about 130. At 120 i look kind of ill.  Never have paid much attention to the scale,  just how my clothes fit and what the mirror says.  And today it said my extra chin is packing for an extended vacation!  Lola

    I was hoping for some bragging buddies on here,  and maybe someone to listen to me when i feel like whining a little,  but everyone seems to have gone away  :(   bruce,  where are ya bud?  Still starting?  Hope youre so busy in the gym,  you cant find time to type!  Dont give up man!

    I think ive decided on Chipotle with brown rice for this cheat day.  Had a burger and fries at a real restaurant last week and spent two days feeling icky.  So glad i didnt go for fast food!! I really can't believe that I truly want to eat this way!  Thought it would be a constant battle,  but i feel so wonderful!  I guess now i have to learn how to cook!  Lol

  • Well, I hope I will be bragging soon. lol I will be here to listen when you want to whin a little. For some reason I tend to look at the scale more than I should. But I'm ready now and am so excited to hit the gym Monday.

  • Is today Day 1 for you?  Rock on,  GIT SOME!  Lol today is wk 3 start and wiegh in day.  Only 2lbs this week,  but ive noticed my legs are a bit firmer and my cardio levels have gone up so im not disappointed.  Also my heartrate was alarming when i started,  now its in a reasonable range. Lol

    Any women taking creatin?  I started today after research said that it wasnt as bloaty for women as previously thought.  Hope theyre right!  Lol

  • Yes Cass today is my day 1... Super excited right now hope that keeps up. 2 pounds in a week is great and being able to see more firmer legs is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Well I made it to the gym today just to GET THERE.....I wnt through the book step by step to familiarize myself with the weights. I used to be in GREAT SHAPE so I am familair with the weights. I am off to the market now to get my food. I begin tomorrow with my program. Kids keep the encoureagement coming. From what I have gathered I will feel great after the program.......I will be more inspired and more essteem for my self. Please stay in touch everyone......

  • Friends......off to the market.....has anyone noticed an increase in clarity and focus.......I let myself go too much and have noticed that I am a bit scattered and right now it is challengeing for me to feel the beauty of life and have love for myself ...like I used to......after reading the book......there was the first case in the begining of a man with HIV....he suffered from depression as well..............Please provice me with your feedback after being in the program for many weeks...it gives me support....love to you all and love to myself...

  • Clarity and focus are issues for me too.  I know thats a result of stress and depression so I'm working on that first and trusting that the other will follow.  I'm plagued with self-doubt and i have noticed that my increased confidence has leaked over into my decision-making capabilities.  When i can say "this is what ive decided" and then move on instead of spending time and energy second-guessing myself,  i feel less overextended,  less...  frantic. I guess that will translate into more focus.  I definately feel more in control of my own life and thats pretty huge.

    I say...  Concentrate on getting to the gym and watch your form and push yourself physically.  Dont let your mind get in the way.  Then one day soon,  youll suddenly realize that while youve been fixing your body, your mind has been fixing itself!

    Have you considered taking an omega 3 supplement?