New to Body for Life site.

  • Hello.

    I'm to new to this site, but I already want to know pointer and tips to work my way around the forum to make the most use of it.

    Also having a support buddy would be nice and be very helpful, to have someone to talk to about health and tip back and forth with out being told "you look good, you dont need to loose any more weight" the usual false encouraging compliment. I know I look perfectly fine and ok, but I don't want to stop there. I want to be fit, lean and healthy. I'm not going to let my youth go to waste just by settling for "ok". And this a good goal to keep me focus and busy, something to achieve in a long run. Keeping my self busy in a good way rather than going out and indulge too much in alcohol and bad food. 

    My psychical profile. 

    HW: 213lb

    LW: 159lb

    CW: 175lb

    Height: 5'7-8       Ethnicity: Asian    Body type: Boyish to athlete shape.  

    Trouble Areas : Abdominal, Back, Arm, Butt and Thigh. 

    My Goal.

    GW: 140

    A nice round ass, tone back, flat - tone abs, slim lean arms and legs with a small gap between my thigh.

    I'm not a big fan of being bulky muscle.  I want to build up more healthy eating habit, I lots a lot of weight when I was in my 19-20. But it was out of not eating enough or nothing at all. But I stop and was still able to atleast keep the majority of weight off by adding in activity weekly. Now I want to eat healthy and be healthy inside out by working out hard.   

  • Wow those are very specific goals.  I am always willing to help and looking for help.  Let me know if you are interested and we will get the ball rolling on reaching your goals.

  • I'm also new to BFL, I started on September 3rd, I'm looking for support.  I'm 5'3 weighting 159.8, so far I've lost 2.9 pounds.  My goal weight is 135.  So far I've been working the program well.  I can tell that I am gaining muscle.  I'm just not sure that I'm losing enough fat.  Not sure if I'll get the before and after pictures that I see on the website.  

    From what I've read it takes women a little longer to see results, so I'm staying positive.

    Let's support each other

  • I started August 13 and the scale says I've lost 5 lbs, BUT, it also reads body fat % and that says I've lost 10 lbs of FAT.

    I highly recommend getting a scale that reads your body fat%, mine uses electrical impedance. Just remember if you use one of these, that your hydration level will make a big difference on what it says, so I do it first thing in the morning, after I go to the bathroom (to empty the bladder), just to get a stable reading once a week.

    A night reading will be much different usually, because you have hydrated throughout the day. The important thing in using an electrical impedance body fat% is to do it it the same time of day. Mornings might mean you are a bit dehydrated from the nights sleep, and it will probably be off from what you're actual % is, but it is a good way to get a stable reading that you can follow and compare as the weeks go by to know how much fat% you are actually losing.

    Just simply weighing yourself to see if you've lost "weight" will not tell you what is actually happening inside your body, there are remarkable changes happening, and 1lb of fat weighs the same as 1lb of muscle.

    The difference is how much space they take up. Muscle is much more dense than fat, so it takes up much less space. A person can be 160lbs a flab, but another can be 160lbs of muscle and look much smaller and leaner.

    So what is happening as you follow this program is the muscle is replacing the fat (to some extent) and the scale is not going to show that unless you have one to measure body fat %.

    Also for women - whatever time of the month it is - can make a difference on an electrical impedance measurement, whether your retaining water or not. (sorry guys - had to be said).

    Anyhoo, hope this helps some, toodaloo....

  • Welcome to all you newcomers, Be sure to ask for advice and help from the forum, many of us love to help out with advice and support as needed or requested.   Keep Moving FOrward all!