Starting 17 Sept

  • Hi Shellnikk!  I saw those same pics and thought she just killed it!!  I am hoping I have half as good results and I would be pleased:)  I find that upper body is more sore for me than lower body, but as long as it is just a little sore/ tight not so sore I can't lift my arms, I think it is safe to lift again.  I find it sometimes helps the soreness to lift again, maybe because it gets rid of the lactic acid buildup?  No idea, but i think someone told me that before?  As far as fighting a sickness, go to the gym.  You will not lower your immunity by working out, in fact maybe just the opposite.  It even made reference to it in the bfl book i have, that even if you feel a bit under the weather you should go to the gym.  

    So today was a cardio day and i tried to run outside because it is free (no token to get to the gym) and I thought it would be easy...but it BORED the $hit out of me!!!  Boooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiinnnngggggg.  I hate running and i couldn't even do the full 20 minutes.   i managed 15...then did some abs.  Ugh.  I can do an hour spin class but cannot run,  should i just stick with the spinning?

    and funboy, what program are you doing????  The bfl has lower and upper split different days with cardio in between, so I am confused by your workout regime?  Should I be doing more?  Help.



  • Hi Lara,

    don't mind me, I am doing a bit of a mix of programs, don't follow what I'm up to. I am aiming more at strength gains and adding a bit of size initially. I would say my program would not be the ideal one for a lady wanting to cut down.

    If you hate jogging (which I know I do), you could try a 20 minute tabata circuit. This is basically a bunch of different cardio exercises performed full on for 20 minutes, or less. It is really tiring, but gets the job done quickly, even better if done before breakfast.

    Keep on trucking !

  • Hi Lara (and everyone else)

    I hear what you're saying about running.  I find running on teh road quite tedious but there are a few bush tracks near where I am that I enjoy.  I ran for 40 minutes with my kids in Dunedin along the waterfront today (they were on scooters) and that was nice...but the trouble I mainly have with running is increasing pace and intensity along the lines required.

    I can do this easily on my stationary bike but find it almost impossible to adhere to when running outside.

    I have a wind-trainer at home (basically a frame that I slot my road bike onto so that the rear wheel runs on a roller that I can alter resistance on.) The one I have is quite old but it has a digital read-out that sits within my view so I can see my speed and load and calories burned etc.

    I'm sticking to the BFL workout plan.

    Mon Upper body, Tues Cardio, Wed Lower Body, Thurs Cardia, Fri Upper body, Today Cardio, tomorrow rest (although I might do cardia)

    The hardest workout for me thsi week was that second upper body session yesterday, I was sore still from Monday and had to drop my weights right down so i could complete sets, lol.  I'm still pretty sore today but it's nice to be able to feel some progress.

    My advice Lara is to do something you enjoy, use thsi for your weights sessions too, there are some exercises that I just detest and I found if I tried to put them in my workout, it deterred me from starting, so now I stick with what I like, and pretty much all my cardio is on the bike.

    Keep it up everyone, 8% of teh way there now and only 16 more upper body workouts to do!  When you add them up there's not a lot of pain here for the huge benefits...

    It's a beautiful day in Southern New Zealand.

    kia kaha, stay strong.


  • Ok, end of the week and feeling tired now (happy, but tired)

    Yesterday was cardio, so I tried a wrestling class, which is something I have never done before (I have done Judo & Jiu Jitsu), man the wrestling was hard. I was EXHAUSTED afterwards.

    This morning I hit the gym for the final weights session of the week. It was a pretty good one, back today, which I find difficult to exhaust. Pullups tire me out, but things like back rows I generally feel like I could have done a bit more. Still, it's early days so still plenty of time for tweaking.

    Trying to up my protein consumption. Just got some Casein protein for before bed, which has a much slower breakdown than whey, so plenty for your muscles to feed on while you are ZZZ ZZZZ ZZZ !

    Looking forward to next week.

    Good luck & keep working hard.

  • Lara1 - I used to be a runner and the way I got into it was to force myself into it to lose weight when I was in my early 20s - it was SOOO boring at first, but then I focused on getting better at running as opposed to losing weight, doing a little at a time and working on just improving as opposed to running a 5K my first month into it.  I ended up loving it and ran for years and years, BUT I found that I needed music to keep me pumped when I didn't feel like running and also by having the music, it kept me from hearing my breathing - if I hear myself breathing it makes me feel winded...sounds weird but true for me.  But then 2 yrs ago I developed plantar faciitis and have been unable to run these past 2 years, which really sucks, b/c I know I could hit a 10 by running.  I did a challenge in the spring without any running (well 1 run but flared up my pf badly and vowed to not do that again) - I used the elliptical as my main cardio, increasing the incline and pace to hit the 10s.  I left sweating!!!  Long story short, if you want to run, you can find ways to love it, but if you really don't, then don't, as long as you can find some form of cardio to hit the 10s!  (boy I ramble)

    I feel my lower body wkouts keep me more sore than upper.  A good ubwo is when I can barely shampoo my hair afterwards, and I am usually quite sore the next day or two, but fully recovered by next ubwo.  When I kill lower body, I am sore for DAYS, right into my next lbwo and I crave a ton of sugar the rest of the day - so I always try to ensure I eat a good portion of  really healthy carb like whole wheat pasta, sweet potato etc. after those wkouts.

    I am feeling stronger, and look forward to every strength wkout to get even stronger.  I am also very slowly getting leaner and sometimes wish I didn't have a cheat day to set me back a couple of days, but then I need that cheat meal to keep me sane and keep this  program a lifestyle for life.  It is all about progress.....  (feeling positive today - can u tell?  not always so positive but though I would share while I am : ))

    Happy workouts and clean eating!