Starting 17 Sept

  • I am also plagued with " what if I do everything right and nothing changes for me", but I keep moving forward as I am seeing results now that I am into my 6th week. My body is definatley changing and for the better!!!

    One day at a time and you will see results!!! Work hard, try to reach your 10's, eat clean for 6 days and relax on the 7th. I've tried Atkins and lost about 80 lbs, but along with it !!alot!! of muscle mass and felt really weak and tired, and as a result gained all of it back, this is definatley dfferent this time. I feel really strong, like I have never felt before, this is definately the way to success, I feel healthy, and strong and every day brings new results and I feel even stronger. The key I think is to really push yourself, really push, even if you don't think you can lift that weight, just try, you might surprise yourself! Even if you don't hink you can run faster on the treadmill, just try, and might just run a little faster!

    I'm lov'in this program! Onward and upward on day at a time!!

  • thanks so much for your post livelovelaugh!  It really helped me:)  I am ready for my first day!

  • Hi guys, hope you don't mind if I join your team. I am really excited to start tomorrow on a path to a better, healthier me.

  • yay Kingram!  We can do it!

  • Hi everyone,

    Well, having said i would start today on the forum, I got up this morning,packed my gym gear and....actually did it!  I can't believe it's taken so much procrastinating to get going again, but as soon as I started the workout, it felt like I was back in touch with an old friend.

    I was surprised actually at how much strength I'd retained from the last challenge (10 months ago) and having eaten clean for just one day I'm starting to feel good again already!

    I wonder now if the feel good is associated with a lack of gluten in the diet, I'm in no way gluten free but I noticed last time when I cut out the bread and wheat that I quickly lost that bloated feeling... anyway I'm off the starting blocks... here's how day one went...

    Made kids breakfast and normal routine but just ate half a banana and coffee myself.  One thing I learned last time was if I train in that fasted state, my day seems to produce better results and i can stick to the eating schedule better.  The weights session really does suppress appetite.

    I did my weight session at 1030 - 1115am then ate lunch as my first real meal (chicken breast left over from last night, lettuce and tomato).  

    The weights felt really good, upper body workout was

    Bench press with flys as superset

    Side raises with seated military press superset

    Wide grip pull downs with reverse grip pull down superset

    Dumbbell tri extensions with close grip pull down superset

    Curls with hammer curl superset

    At around 2pm I snacked on an apple and banana

    At around 4pm i ate a can of mixed bean salad

    At 7pm i ate dinner of duck-breast with potatoe, carrots and yams

    I've been trying to drink more water, but drank 2 x coffees today.

    For tomorrow I need to take a drink bottle to keep at my desk.

    One thing I really picked up on last time is the need to plan ahead, I've already got tomorrow's lunch sorted and planned the time for the cardio session before work tomorrow.

    For those of you seeking protein sources, last time I ate heaps of tuna, canned chicken, beef jerky (favourite snacking food) and I'd roast some beef and then slice a hunk off to take to work with a salad most days.

    I found the protein shakes a good space-filler for post weights mid-morning.

    Stay strong everyone, for me last time the scales showed great progress for the first three weeks then stopped going down but my pants kept getting looser each week.... once you get going this is really great fun, I'm loving it already...

  • ...sorrry for ranting, but just wanted to add that the single most useful tool for me last time was the BFL Success Journal, if you dont have one I would highly recommend getting one.  Really helps with planning and tracking progress.

    It's bed time here n New Zealand now so here's to day one, looking forward to day two...

  • I've been gluten free for 5 years and I will never go back! I was ill for a long time, and when I went gluten free, things started to get alot better for me. I feel healthy and strong now, going into my 6th week BFL.

  • Im starting today too!  Im so excited to see that others are starting around the same time.  This is my second time doing BFL.  A minor surgery on my forearm set me back a bit but now IM back.

    Looking forward to this journey with all of you!


  • I am starting today too.  Last week I focused on changing my nutrition this week I am going to start the challenge.  I wish all of us success.  

  • Great work NZmal,

    you're flying the flag for the Kiwi's on here so you got to keep the good work up.

    After a terrible start yesterday, I finally got started this morning. Yesterday work was manic, so that was a bummer, but this morning I hit the gym early and had a good session. I am definitely  weaker than last time I did a BFL, but I guess that will build back up. Here is how the workout went.

    Warmup (5 min treadmill)

    Squats 5 reps x 3 sets (not including 4 warmup sets) @ 60kgs (132 lbs)

    Cable Military Press 5 reps x 3 sets (not including 4 warmup sets) @ 50kgs (110 lbs)

    Pull Ups  8 Reps x 3 Sets

    Back Rows 8 Reps x 3 Sets @ 40 kgs (88 lbs)

    20 x Crunches

    20 x Russian Twists

    20 x Air Bicycles

    Stretches & Cooldown

    I have to say I felt pretty spent afterwards. My squats were sooooo weak, so thats something to work on.

    Got home & had a shake, some amino acids & creatine and beginning to feel slightly human again. I will sleep like a baby tonight.

    So that's day 1 done and dusted.

    Let's see what tomorrow brings :)

  • Good work Funboy!

    I've completed cardio today, felt a bit hard but then the old upper body was a bit stiff from yesterday.

    Ate clean all day today but I'm detoxing big time and would kill for a beer! LOL

    Anyhow planning out my lower body workout for tomorrow.  I really need to go out and stock up on some protein shakes, I had hunger pangs today and I remember how well those protein shakes filled me up.

    Hey funboy those Russian twists sound pretty cool, what's in them?

    How did day one go Flyguy?

    Thanks LLL, every time I ditch gluten for a while I realise it's sapping energy from me, I get an instant lift and feel great...but the folk at subway always end up coming out looking for me and I go back to the foot long fetish...

    Nice to have you onboard Rona, there are a few of us retreads here, the shame is in staying away though..not coming back..

    Kia kaha everyone, stay strong

  • Hey Mal,

    russian twists, good exercise. I do them with a 5kg dubbell for now, but will work up to doing them with a cable, which is a killer :

  • Just be aware exercises that put that kind of weighted focus on the obliques will thicken them and can work against an hour glass figure of x frame body.

  • Ok, what are we on here, day 4 I think.

    Just back from the gym, here was todays plan, which will alternate with the one mentioned above :

    Warmup (5 min treadmill)

    Squats 5 reps x 3 sets (not including 4 warmup sets) @ 70kgs (155 lbs)

    Bench Press 5 reps x 3 sets (not including 4 warmup sets) @ 60kgs (132 lbs)

    Cable Crossovers 8 reps x 3 sets (not including 2 warmup sets) @ 60kgs (132 lbs)

    Skull-Crushers 8 reps x 3 sets (not including 2 warmup sets) @ 30kgs (66 lbs)

    Deadlifts 5 reps x 3 sets (not including 4 warmup sets) @ 60kgs (132 lbs)

    Abs: x 3 sets

    Cable Crunch x 20

    Crunches x 20

    Oblique Crunches x 2

    I feel absolutely exhausted now. Feels good though, I need a nap.

    I hope you are all doing well. Let me know how you are getting on !


    PS : Thanks Jim, I have no problem with thickening my obliques, it just means they are getting stronger. I'm doing this for the feeling and function more than the look.

  • Hi Lara1 - you sound JUST like me.  I saw my photos and YUCK!  Was so grossed out!  But everyone kept telling me I look good.  Photos don't lie but the angle and lighting can sometimes be very wrong - my sister took the photo from standing on top of a bed, angling down on me.  I was not impressed but we are more judgemental on our own photos.

    Regardless, I am using that as motivation, b/c sometimes I feel I look good in clothes and ok in a bathing suit, and so I rlax about my diet, but I want to be lean and look awesome in a bathing suit, so this is a reminder.

    I did the challenge once before and I had great results - BUT i sort of gave up after 6 weeks and even though I was following the program, I had too many cheat meals the second half of the program.  So knowing that I had great results with doing it only half-assed, I cannot wait to see the results if I can just do this 12 weeks a little more strict.

    We can motivate each other to stay on track, b/c I want you at the finish line with me : )

    Great job on the sashimi choices!  I love sushi but just so much rice.  I finaly found brown sushi rice and so am going to try to make my own with it, using a lot more protein.

    Stay confident and hang in there.  Find motivation if you feel it lacking, by looking at photos etc.  Below is a link I kept referring back to.  She looked similar to waht I looked like and she changed the way she looked drastically by the BFL.

    I have lower body tomorrow but I am still sore from last lower body, so I am not sure if I should just do another HIIT instead; lower body is killer for me and I crave carbs/sweets on lower body days.  Also my daughters are both sick with colds and don't want to tax myself too much and get sick.  Not sure what to do.....

    Eitehr way I will work out and aim to hit 10s.  Hopefully chat on the weekend!