HELP!!! How to start? So confused

  • Okay I think I understand the workout part.   I choose 1 exercise per area and do it as they have stated per rep right? I do all reps and then move on to the next set of muscles.

    Now the nutrition confuses there a set guide?  Do I chose a protein, carb and then veggies?  How many protein/carbs do I need per meal?

    Also is there a list of exceptionable protein bars?


  • Hi Colleen,

    I recommend that you purchase the original "Body For Life" book by Bill Philips. It is a great book, and can answer all of your questions, plus give you so much more insight of why BFL is so successful. It goes into great detail about the nutrition plan and the workout plan. You can find the book on Amazon, at bookstores, and can even be found used for very inexpensive.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Colleen,

    Welcome to BFL!  It is a fantastic program.

    As runnermom said, Bill Phillips book is terrific and it will help you get through the 12 weeks and well beyond.  But in the meantime, go to the top of this screen, and look at all the information on the "Library" tab: Information about nutrition, sample menus, a shopping list, recipes, lot of useful, easy to understand information to get you started.

    Very best wishes, and BFL days!



    Mary gave you great advise as well as did runnermom....I look at it this way...think BALANCE

    I try about 40% protein, 30 carbs and veggies for at least two meals.  

    I use the Balance Gold bars (lemon Meringue is yummy) and myoplex light shakes.  I serving each for two of my meals.

    this is a super easy, eating program and with the BFL workouts will yield great results....

    Good luck!

  • Shellbells!  Do you have a carb with the bars, or is that an entire snack/meal?  Lemon meringue.  Yeah, 1/2 dozen of those would last a whole hour.  Is it okay to eat 3 at a time for extra nutrition?!  (just kidding, folks!)

  • They are all correct - I ordered the book online after a couple of weeks into the program and it helped me ALOT.  I follow 40% protein, 40% carb, and 20% fat.  You should have a protein the size of your open palm, hand deep.  Your carb should be fist size.  With 2 of your 6 meals you should have vegetables.  I seldom eat fruit because it throws off my %s but if I have fruit it is only once a day.  I have a myoplex ready to go shake once a day for a snack and I use the EAS soy protein for another meal with skim milk (sometimes I blend in yogurt, water, and ice for a smoothie).  Another meal might be fat free cottage cheese with lowfat yogurt.  I make turkey wraps to take with me for lunch at work because it is easy.  A meal with veggies is something like 4 oz of baked chicken (I bake several once a week) shredded and stir fried with veggies over 1 cup of brown rice.

    There is a list of approved foods under the tab Dancing Queen told you about - look it over.  I used the sample week and shopping list for my first week to help me visualize portions and meal plans.  The turkey chili is terrific.

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you all for your do I need to worry about calories and if so what amount should I aim for

  • No. BFL is about portion control and putting together the right foods.  That is one of the great things - you don't have to count calories.  The book is best, but if you can not buy the book, read all the information available on the website.  There are lots of links on the nutrition tab, etc that can help.  On the meal plan tab you can see examples of what past champions ate.

  • I would be cautious of Balance bars.....lots of added sugars and other not so good ingredients. Processed bars should only be used in case of emergency and not on a regular basis for an optimal challenge. Choose whole, natural foods whenever possible.

    Good luck!