Starting September 10

  • Shellnikk it sucks to be debilitated but glad your groin pain is improving!  I never got back into the swing of things soon like I had hoped. It took me a whole week to get better from the stinking cold/flu.  I am much better now and back into the BFL routine. During the week I was sick I didn't do any workouts but stayed clean with eating. I weighed myself at the end of the week and I remained the same weight which is a good thing since I basically layed in bed most of the time.  This last week was much better with working out. I lost one extra pound!  

    I did not do so good yesterday and feel like crapola!  I overate even when I knew I wasn't even hungry but some how I felt like I needed to eat everything in sight.  I really overdosed on carbs. This morning when I was doing UBWO I had to stop cuz I had upset stomach and threw up.  Man my body was going haywire with the carb overload after going 3 week of healthy eating.  I can relate to Shellnikks feeling of eating clean!  Have any of you been going overboard on Sundays?  I certainly learned my lesson and will tone it down next cheat day!

  • Hi Healthy03 - good job on eating clean while sick.  I find that really difficult b/c I feel like the wkouts keep me in the healthy frame of mind - that is a positive for sure!   And crazy about how sensitive your stomach is to carbs!

    Bad days will come and the best we can do is learn from them!  I had one yesterday - and I am very slowly learning my body and how it works, and this is my second challenge.  My first challenge I went way overboard on my free day (Saturdays) and had wine too, which ended up carrying over to feeling like CRAP the next day, and then the next and it took me to Wednesday to feel cleansed again, which didn't seem like enough time to feel good before I did it all over again.  My 1st challenge I did this every week, beat myself up and then by week 8 or so (can't really remember), I learned to taper these free days off, having 1 glass of wine earlier in the evening so that it is worn off by bedtime (I think I have an allergy or something to alcohol - I feel so depressed the next day - I have a history of depression - but I love how it makes me feel too > : |)  I would also eat something that isn't necessarily clean, but wouldn't go overboard on quantity or choose the greasiest option, ie. Thai food with coconut milk and white rice - really not that bad for you, but so yummy, and I would enjoy it.  The key was that I felt like doing this on my own as opposed to forcing myself to not go overboard, and this feeling came from those 8 prior weeks of feeling like such crap from crap food, that my body naturally made the connection.  

    So continue allowing yourself what you want every free day and if you recover and jump right back to clean eating and 10s at the gym the next day, that is great, but if you feel they are detrimental, your body will learn to adapt and make better choices, without feeling deprived.  I hope that makes sense.

    The other thing I learned is that on leg day, I CRAVE carbs and caffeine, ie. chocolate!!!  I used to be a runner and I had skinny fat legs, but now they are building muscle and when you think of it, leg muscles and butt muscles (esp mine -lol) are a huge percentage of your body, and so they burn a ton of calories when you work them, as oppose to biceps etc.

    Yesterday was a leg day and although my groin still felt a little tight, I tried to hit 10s wherever I could w/out re-injuring, and I had jello legs afterwards and they starting aching within 2 hours of my wrkout, which seemed weird, b/c usually it takes 8-12 hours for that to happen.  Maybe I didn't have enough protein after that wkout?  Anyways, the part I hate to admit, I ate granola bars (the kids' kind), chocolate chips and cookies (a few too many) - and then felt awful!!!  I haven't done that in a while and feel like b/c my body was so tired, I craved this sugar!  It happens whenever I am tired or wkout hard and haven't found a way to deal with this yet, but getting better, b/c doing this less.

    I always think to myself I will write a little, but end up going on and on - sorry : p - I think it helps me though - this is like a diary for me.

    Anyways, we can learn from our mistakes to make positive changes.  I can't wait to feel great again, and know it only comes from clean eating, so here we go!  Good luck with the rest of the week....

    Chat soon...

  • Where is everyone!  MARIAB1, tannyj, jemac, bflandy, healthy me., slade, evalado (and everyone else who started on the 10th......  How are you guys doing?  Any updates on your progress?  What's new?