Starting September 10

  • Well tomorrow is the big day!!

    Good thing because I ate way way way too much today. Looking so forward to the exercising, it's been too long (almost 4 months) since I worked out regularly.


    Who else starts Monday?? Stay in touch??

  • I'm starting tomorrow too. I'm planning my meals and workouts for the week right now.  I went all out today with food too but we shall be burning it off!

  • I'm starting tomorrow. One last chance this year to squeak in 12 weeks and submit an official entry for this year. I've done challenges in the past, here and there, but haven't been consistent. After taking the summer off and it's finally starting to get cooler outside, I'm ready to kick it in gear and get my life and health back! Best of luck and success to both of you.

  • Thanks! I am looking forward to my workout! (I schedule mine later in day due to work and son's swim schedule)

  • My start date was also today 9/10/2012. This will be my first challenge and I've only had the previous week to read, research and get all my ducks in a row. Here's to a great 12 weeks of eating clean!

  • Starting today also!  Good luck to everyone.  Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize!

  • It is my 35th birthday today and and am starting a challenge - what better day to start!

    I did a challenge in April with amazing results, but then when I hit 6 weeks, I felt like I didn't stick to the plan as well as the first 6 weeks, but still felt good in a bikini after it was over and all summer, as I kept up the workout plan and sticked to the diet, but with a little more relaxation (ie. a glass of wine 2-3/week).

    I just finished 3 weeks of holidays and spent them partying and drinking more than usual.  I had fun and enjoyed indulging a little, but miss how I felt during the challenge, and miss the leaner look I had, and so I am very motivated to do this and stick to it 100% for the 12 weeks, and not just 6 weeks.

    Hopefully we can all stick together in this and act as support.  The forum is what helped me stay on track every day as I didn't have much support at home, but now my husband is on board, making it that much "easier."

    All the best to all of you and hope to check in with you tomorrow.


  • AndyBlye - You can't get in another official entry this year.  The last day for starting was August 26th to do that.  All is not lost so do keep going.  Your entry will count for the 1st round of next year.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hey!! I started today too:).. First day was really good... Hope yours went well too!!

  • My day was good too!  I did the upper body workout this morning and I am sore for sure!  It only reminds me of the muscles I haven't used in a long time!

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  • Happy Birthday, Shellnikk!  What a great birthday gift you have given yourself!

    Good luck to everyone.  Read your goals every day and look at that before photo every day.  It helps!


  • Hi Guys, I'm starting today and I'll be checking in here for help with motivation as you're all starting now too!  Don't let me down. ;)  (For all you codependents who, like me, do better when doing for others!)  

    Actually I figured, like you BFLandy, I needed to start now to be eligible for the contest finish on 12/5.  Then saw the start date had to be 8/27.  I've had the BFL for Women book for years and always planned on taking the Challenge. It figures I'd finally try starting a week or so too late.  But instead of taking it as a sign to put it off... I realized that I'm doing this for ME and not to win a challenge.  So here I am.  Day one.  Maybe I'll enter the 2013 1st Challenge?  Or maybe I'll just be in fabulous shape by Christmas.  It's a win win! :)

    Looking forward to doing this with you guys!


  • Tanny

    You are right that it's a win win.  Also, your entry will count for round 1 of 2013, even if you finish still in 2012. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!