Anyone just starting?

  • I started 9/3, so far I feel great

  • I am doing another double session today, 1 hour of Jiu Jitsu class then a half hour conditioning session.  I have been doing double sessions so far Monday-Thursday normal days are Friday and Saturday.

  • I'm starting my first challenge on Monday September 17.  I was wanting to train for a 1/2 Marathon for this November and dont know if I should follow the challenge strictly (the exercise part) or if I could add in some addition "runs/jogs to train for the Marathon.  Any suggestions?

  • Where is everyone? Had a solid UBW yesterday and going for my HIIT run later today.

  • Kind of a dead group here

  • Not dead yet! ;)  Just life...anyway...week 1 is done and I feel so good...down over 5 lbs which is great but I just feel so damn good!  How is everyone else doing?  Today is my free day, kind of makes me nervous because in the past I have really let loose.  So far at 10:30 I have no desire to binge out...this is way different from the past.  Hope you all are staying strong.


  • I think Rachel is right we should all move to starting September 10th thread.  I think we will get more interaction if we all move our conversations there...