Just started this challenge & feel I've already failed!

  • Wow ... a familiar, awful déjà vu!

         One week into this challenge and I haven't even gotten off the ground. Feel like its failed even before I began!  The start date was this past Aug 27th ... And what have I done? NOTHING.  The first day or two I did okay with my meals ... not ideal, but ok. And then kaput, not even sure why. A temptation here and there, busy at work and too tired to even drag myself to the gym.

          When I say "déjà vu", it means I've done this time and again -started this challenge SO many times before and always seemed to get sidelined by an injury ... or illness ... or simply just "messed up" too many days with indulgences or lack of exercise I just gave up. Seems like it's happening again. Many have said well, you just Ned to "set your mind to it" or  it's a "matter of willpower". So maybe that's it -lack of those things ... Or not wanting it bad enough? But I DO - have been steadily going downhill over the years. Feel like it will be too little too late. Help. 

  • What are the top 3 things derailing your challenge?

  • It's never too late; what's the alternative?

    No-one here will be able to help you until you have decided that YOU are important enough to help yourself.  I really hope you will find the reasons you need to to make your health a priority. God Bless.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • A failure isn't a failure if a lesson is learned!! Identify what obstacles cause you to go off course and fix that. We all stumble daily, but those who succeed get back up, dust themselves off, and continue on the path. It is a constant learning experience that will continually change. Planning is the key. It is not easy but you will figure it out if you truly want the changes. We can all tell you how great it feels when you look back at what you have accomplished. Good luck.

  • Here's the deal.....10 years ago I did 3 challenges, lost 50 pounds and kept it off the BFL way for 2 years.  Life happened and I fell into depression and stopped working out and stopped eating clean. Voila....weight went right back on.....for 8 years!!!  I restarted time and time again and just couldn't stick with it AND I would get pissed when people said "just put your mind to it"......BUT,  I finally went back to the book re-read EVERY WORD and in the chapter about crossing the abyss I took it to heart...and stopped there for a while.  I wrote in a journal about my struggles and what I thought then, think now and why i want to do this.  I spent a week in that chapter really identifying my feelings, identifying my goals and realizing for myself why I couldn't stay on plan.  For me it was the depression got he best of me and I was very self destructive through that period...I also realized that I just didn't care about ME anymore.....And I cried and cried and cried that week.  But when it was done...I found my strength, got my goals straightened out and realized that is WAS me that needed to get my head in the "game".    Those first few weeks of hard workouts almost killed me (I'm no spring chicken) but I persisted....Now, I feel like i have been lifted out of hell....literally!

    I truly encourage you to please re-read that chapter, do the "homework" and take your time.  When you are really ready, you will know.  THEN plan the hell out of every meal for a while until you feel your back in control. and push yourself through those very tough fist weeks....

    You'll get there!  I can here the desire in your post....now you just need action and that's all about your "head"......the alternative is an abyss you DONT want to stay in.  ANY positive life change is better than doing nothing.

    Good luck!

  • Congrats Shellbells!

    I too did BFL some time ago and gradually let life get in the way. The past couple of years I have been stuck in a bad place and not seeming to see a way out including getting back to a healthy weight. I re-read the whole body for life book just last week and for some reason it finally spoke to me. I started my challenge on Sep 4 and am taking it one day at a time. You are so right, any step in the right direction is better than doing nothing.

    I believe that for everyone there is the TIME and my TIME is now.  From what you have written I believe that your TIME is now too!

    Best of luck! ....... Actually luck has nothing to do with it, so Best of You!

  • If you look at the whole program and how much there is to do and how far we all want to get and how much effort it will take and how little we notice the change...it can be overwhelming. HOWEVER, if one choses to just do what is in front of them for that DAY only, it is totally manageable! And when one starts putting one day after another of doing this, it "suddenly" becomes ones way of living- it is not a diet, it is just the way one lives.

    Give yourself a break- just do this for today and let the rest of the days in the future rest until they are actually the present.

  • Thanks Sandylm!

    I am so happy for you that it spoke to you the way it spoke to me!  Dont you just feel so releived that it finally "clicked"  again?  

    You are in a good place!

    I hope you do AMAZING things!!!

  • I too have struggled, depression hit hard and nearly destroyed my life and those around me.  I finally received medical help - step 1.  Found my voice - step 2.  Now I am on step 3 - get me back by exercising and eating cleaner than I have since, well... ever.  I love what BobbyA said.  Truly the best way to be successful with this or any healthy lifestyle is to focus on one day at a time.  I make out what meal I plan to have x 6 meals, then I prep them.  I do not deviate.  I do the workout exactly like the book says (it is an exercise routine that does not take up a lot of my day).  And most importantly, I do not let myself get overwhelmed about where I want to be at the end of the 12 weeks or my final goal.  I just make the current day the focus.  One day at a time.  Good luck!

  • The important thing is not how uou start but how you end.  Just keep at it.  Please do not give up

  • Hmm... there seems to be a LOT of starts, but no ending :-/    I know I can't give up because things will only continue to go downhill/ get worse ... thank you so much for the support & kind words :-)  

  • I guess that is one of the keys to success ... just focusing on a day at a time. The whole picture itself looks overwhelming sometimes.  And I know I have to follow things exactly ... no deviation, careful planning and do my workouts.  Thank you :-)

  • You are so right ... the plan in whole looks overwhelming sometimes and I just need to focus one day at a time.  And I know I can't look at it like a "diet" ... like the book, says  - is a life plan/ lifestyle change.  Thank you for the encouragement :-)

  • I know ... the time is  now since that is something there seems to always be LITTLE of and something that goes by so fast!  I know it's not luck ... just determination, perseverance and  plain old hard work, right?  Thank you! :-)

  • I know ... the time is now ... time is what seems to be LITTLE of nowadays and the one thing that goes by so quickly.  And I know it's not luck ... just determination, perseverance & plain old hard work, right? :-)  Thank you kindly!