Starting Sept 3 -- This is it!

  • Congrats to everyone starting this week, I started today 09/04/2012 and I can't believe how full I am, my downfall is Pepsi, but I feel like every time I turned around it was time to eat again. Got the workout in, and made the protein pudding for dessert, Loved it. I used Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein mix found at walmart. Don't feel like I will lose any weight with all the food on this program, but trusting the programs. Fully completed Day 1. Yeah! One day at a time.

  • Good Morning!  Congrats to everyone -  we have moved forward another day.  OK, my bed was really hard to leave this morning, but laying there i thought of why I am doing this challenge and that was enought to get me up and moving. So LBW complete and now on to meal 1.

    It is so encouraging to come on here every morning and see the encouragement from everyone working toward the same goals. Love the positive energy!  Keep it up & have a great day!

  • Hi everyone, I started my transformation on 9/3.  I have done BFL in the past (I think I was in college?) but I didn't stick with it.  I am approaching 30 and am tired of saying "another day" to the body I know I can achieve.  I have done my UBWO and Cardio and today is LB.  My car broke down this morning but I am determined to get this workout in no matter what.  Congrats to everyone who is beginning their journey!

  • Good Morning BFLers!  

    Hope all are having a great day!  I did my cardio first thing this morning...still not a morning person, but working on it!

    Keep the faith!

  • Hey everyone!  I started 9/3/12 aslo!  We have made it to day 6!  so far so good!  Good job everyone!  I am a 34y M who is ready to change his life!  

  • Hi everyone!

    I am starting the challenge on monday, 9/10 and I'm hoping to join you folks on this journey to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. I have started this challenge several times before, but never made it past 8 weeks. I plan on changing that and actually completing this challenge successful for once! I am super excited to start on Monday and plan on spending this weekend prepping healthy meals of myself and the family.  Congrats to you all for successfully completing the first week! Woo Hoo!!

  • Good Morning!

    So excited! Finished my first week and the scales are down 4.5 lbs!  So happy!  The work is paying off and I feel awesome. i know today is my free day, but i plan to stick pretty close to the eating plan, but maybe with one little treat. I have a bit of a weakness for Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, but they are soooo bad. Maybe a half sweet one wihthout the whip, great taste and not as much of a hit on the calories.

    Welcome MonRac -- just take it one day at a time, because now, today is what we control.


  • Starbucks has some sugar free syrups.  Maybe the pumpkin is one of them?  That would help a lot!

    Best of luck, everyone.  Have a BFL kinda week!

  • I bought the EAS Lean15 too, it was terrible. I couldn't taste the chocolate flavor, the only flavor I could taste was somewhat sour, like sour milk. I was disappointed, so I could only handle drinking that one. Thanks for the info on being able to return it.

  • Hello everyone, I will be starting tomorrow on 9/10, I'm 52, and extremely out of shape. So it will take several 12-week journeys to get me into the shape I need to be in. Life will continue to pass me by if I don't commit to this challenge once and for all. I'm excited too! Good luck to us all and our new beginning! May all of our endeavors be successful!

  • Hey everyone, week 1 is done and I am down 3.2lbs!  While I am pretty sure it is mostly water it is great motivation!  Today is LBWO and i plan to push it even harder for some progress.  Welcome to everyone just starting and congrats to everyone finishing week 1 esp. sandylm, keep posting!

  • I started on August 30.  So far so good.  The diet is working well for me. I like eating 6 meals a day. I don' get overly hungry now like I did when I ate 3 meals a day.   I am doing the weights at home with dumbbells and cardio with an eliptical machine.  I will stay in touch with this forum.  Support from people with common goals and same interests is just what I need to help me along.

  • Good MorningAll!   Week 3 is already underway and the scale is still slowly dipping south. I have definately noticed that my clothes are fitting better and my energy is great! Uppped (how many p-s should that be???) my cardio this morning and can actually run for the final big push!! Very proud of myself because running is not my thing.

    Sticking really well to the eating plan even on my free days with just one well considered treat. (I'm a bit of a foodie). I have been making all of our family favorites but tweaking them to reduce fats, sugars and calories so that when I reach the end of our challenge I truly have a new way of eating for life.

    Ready for meal 1 of the day -- loving the poached egg on toast for brekkie!

    Have a great day!  Remember just one choice at a time. Choose to win!

  • Into week 5 and i am now into the a zone. I look forward to working out the next morning and i am not overly hungry anymore between meals.