Starting Sept 3 -- This is it!

  • Good morning all!  Got up (a little later than normal cause it is a holiday here) and went and did my UBW first thing.Followed by plan and I think there may be a few sore muscles tomorrow.

    Following my meal plan (ok, I have only had my first meal but I did't stray!).  :-)

    Look out world here I come!

  • Hi Sandylm

    This is my first day also. I cant say it's my first week. It's like 0.5  week or test drive week for me. I'm trying to stick with the BFL book and tweak some to fit my schedule.

    So let our journey begin

  • I am excited about making a transformation and I am starting the challenge today. :-)

  • I had a question about the protein powder at it any good?  I didn't want to buy the whole big can of it and then not like it.  Is it best mixed in milk rather than water?  What flavor is best?

  • Hi, I am starting today too.  I did BFL 12 years ago after my daughter was born and had amazing success but since then have let myself go.  My husband is doing the program with me.  I feel nervous but excited.  I need to trust the BFL nutrition and exercise plan and get through this first week.  I already know this works so I need to just follow the program.

  • Good luck to you all.  I found a great, easy alternative to the protein shakes - I mix a cup low fat cottage cheese and a 4 ounce of fat free yogurt (I but a box of them at walmart).  It really tastes good and gives you options.  I use cottage cheese or egg whites as an addition to meals to get the protein up when needed.

  • DaveBeth96 bare you talking in the BodyForce or the SixStar or whatever it is? If so save your money and get the EAS 100% Whey from Target if you want something to get from the store. That stuff at Walmart was awful - typically if you buy it you can take it back if you don't like it which is true of most stores. I bought EAS Lean15 to try and it was terrible, Target refunded me no questions asked. Look around though and check the reviews from places like to see what people like.

    Consider though that some people are not sensitive to bitter or off tasting stuff and in some cases thing the good tasting stuff tastes bitter so you'll never see a perfect review just go with the greater consensus - again most sports nutrition stores can either hook you up with a sample or like most any store will let you bring it back if you hate what you bought. Just check with them before you buy.

  • Day 2 is under way.  Just finished my cardio workout  - treadmill - and feel good. A little sweaty but that is a good thing, right!

    Time for meal 1. Egg on whole wheat toast -- yummy!

    Have a great day all!

  • I started on 09/03/2012, also.  This is my second challenge.  Great results the first challenge and I am anticipating the same the second time around.  I think I will try supplements like Betagen this time.

  • Day 2 I did my run on the treadmill too, it was really hard but only 20 minutes so I pushed through.  Do you eat a whole egg or just egg whites for breakfast?

  • Good luck Sandy,

    i have also started it on 3 September. i did do a BFL in 2005 and i had great results but i did let myself go after a few years. i 'm now back into it and hope to feel as good as i did before.

    if you ever have a bad day don't worry just carry on the next day.

    hope you to keep going.

    remeber you only live once, be the best that you want to be.....


  • i have one whole egg and two egg white.

    parker UK

  • I started yesterday too! Feeling sore and ready to take on the world! Let's do this, everyone!

  • Thanks for your feedback about the protein powder, Jim!   It's also good to know that most stores will take things back if you don't like them.  I think for now I will resort to cottage cheese, egg whites,  yogurt, etc.  I did buy some protein bars and they're pretty good.  Luna brand.  Sounds like everyone is off to a good start here!  

  • Hi Sandylm (and all)!  Started today (9/5) and had to take a nap!  I got up early and did the exercise....ate less than normal sugar amounts -- my body is asking WHATS UP WITH THIS!!?  I think the challenge will be the food for me.  I love food....ALL food!  I am looking forward to working out and getting healthy!  GLAD you are all doing this NOW!  I hope you post a lot, so I can be with you in this!