Starting Sept 3 -- This is it!

  • Hi all, starting my tranformation tomorrow morning. I am in my mid 50s and am so tired of not living the life that I want. This is the beginning of my journey to health and the life that is waiting for me.  Completed reading the book this morning and so much of it speaks to me. Excited to see the changes in all aspects of my life that will be coming up!

    | will be checking in with the forums daily to connect with a community of like minded people. 


    Ready.... Set.....GO!!!!

  • Yay!!!  Me too, I'm starting tomorrow as well.  I am 60, eek!  And so out of shape.  I started this once before, 12 years to be exact and I let life get in my way of completing, but in the two weeks I stuck to it I saw results.  Now I just pray it will work again.

    Ready... Set... GO!!!  

  • Hi Scarlet and Sandy! I am starting Tuesday. I am 52. I am not starting tomorrow because i evacuated for Hurricane Isaac and lost all the foods in my fridge anf freezer. I am returning home and getting groceries tomorrow.

  • I should be able to do an ubw tomorrow though. The diet could be difficult.

  • I am starting tomorrow as well!!! Very excited!

  • Me and some from friends are starting tomorrow as well - I think it will simply rock!

    Looking forward to seeing the many posts about your many successes and victories :)

  • I think it may be hard to get to sleep tonight.  I have planned my UBW and my meals for the week. Almost wish I was starting today.

    Scarlet: I know we can do this!

    Killarney: You will still be  on the same track as the rest of us!  Did you lose your fridge & freezer because of power loss or was there more damage to your home?

  • Power loss as of now, although I live on a River that will reach flood stage tomorrow, hope it doesn't flood my house and I can go home tomorow as planned. It should be okay, my house is a few feet higher than the expected crest. Otherwise, my house did pretty well.

  • I will be starting tomorrow as well.  I am 49.  I had started two weeks ago, lost about 4 pounds, but last week my husband lost his job.  Somehow my free day turned into a whole bunch of free days and I am back to square one.  I am mostly interested in toning up and losing about 15-20 pounds and wondered if you all think it is possible to do this without the expensive shakes and protein bars?  I do love the workouts and can't believe that there isn't more exercise to do!  

  • Davebeth, i have done a challenge and it can be done more cheaply. You can buy jars of protein powder at walmart, use them or you can use greek yogurt-unsweetened, nonfat or kefir. Cottage cheese is also a good cheap protein source.

    I like the cartons of egg whites, so you don't waste eggs.

  • Thanks, Killarney!  I appreciate your input.  I will go out tomorrow and pick up a couple of these things.  All the best to all of you, too, for a successful first day!

  • I am starting as well tomorrow, I wish I was a little more prepared I have read the cook book and my neighbor told me all about this and I remember my husband buying this book for me years ago.  I want to loose 50 pounds and I live in Hawaii.  I am tired of not living to my fullest and am very self concious.  I am an emotional eater and for the last 4 years have been eating myself into misery! This is it I am doing it

  • You can do it, Gwynnie!  This is a new chapter in your life!

  • Morning everyone! Congrats on the first day of our transformation! I saw a quote that spoke to me today-

    "there are many obstacles in your path. Don't let yourself be one of them." off to walk my dogs and do an ubw, then leaving to drive back to my house, hopefully not flooded. Lol. Planned my meals as best i could, i am going to get some bars and shakes for the drive home.

  • Welcome, Gwynnie!