Results Driven - Can It Happen?

  • Hi all!  I am starting my challenge on 9/3/12.  I have read the different success stories of the champions, and it is truly motivating and inspiring! 

    My question is, if I truly stick to the program and put my best effort in my workouts, could I really have those results?  It just seems so far out of my grasp to really have a body that I love like that!  I am currently a size 8-10 (depending on make) and have lost 100 pounds counting calories and doing cardio.  (I'm a 5'9 female).  I have never been happy with my mid-section and thighs, and some of the before/after pics are so powerful.  Can my body really transform like that?

  • You'd really be amazed at what the body is capable of, I was so fascinated by the results my wife and I had that I pretty much lived at the university library deconstructing the program to find out why it works.

    You have to remember everybody is different so my 12-weeks and your 12-weeks will be different as well. It is always helpful if you remember that you have 12-weeks to bring out the best body you can in 12-weeks, you could have results that would defy logic or you may have more modest results. Some of those champs have multiple challenges under their belt working hard until they achieved their goal and others were from their 1st challenge. Knowing a good number of them they are very real results achievable with the will and discipline to get there. I am going to be really honest here and say the champs that had to do more than 1 challenge, learned lessons that have launched new careers and opportunities for them. Those that nailed it in one, didn't reap the rewards of persistence and perseverance, didn't build that inner strength that comes from overcoming. They were flash in the pans and faded away.

    Check these BFLers out....

  • Greetings to you on this Labor Day holiday!

    I have a question about resistance training.  Is there a good reason for finishing all the lifting and squatting and such in 46 minutes?  I don't care for the rushing!

    Thank you.  Have a great BFL kinda week!


  • Just checked out the website you posted above, Jim.  Aaaaaaamazing!  I wonder if someone 63 years old - that would be me - could get that buff!

  • Thanks Dancing Queen!

    Getting the workouts in at that tempo keeps the heart-rate elevated which in turn burns more calories also the body will release fatty-acids into the blood stream and some of those will be converted to fuel for the body, triggers for hormones, etc as a part of the recovery process. Also because the muscle groups never fully recover in between sets they get extra time under tension which leads to more muscle to be repaired during recovery. So yeah, I'd say a good reason, several reasons actually :)

    The LBWO if done to the right cadence it will actually be closer to an hour long. I think there was a slight timing oversight in the book.

    Your last question - yes a 63 yo can get that buff - I have been blessed to see several over 60 competitors in the grand-masters division in bodybuilding and even a couple in figure. Important thing is to focus on letting your best body come to you and see what is unveiled as the layers peel away.

  • Thank you, Jim.  We are lucky to benefit from your experience and expertise!  Did you say, on another thread, that you are a trainer?

  • "... and see what is unveiled as the layers peel away."  That made me laugh!  What if what's under all this is ugly?!  Funny thing.  The one and only time I have ever been a normal weight since my first year of life was when I was 36 years old.  Know what I found out?  I have no butt!  Flat as a pancake.  I had no idea.  THAT SUCKS!  I don't wany any more surprises!

    Just kidding.  There won't be any surprises this time except that it will all be 27 years older.  ... Dang.  I'd better stop thinking about it!

    Thanks again, Jim.


  • Oh no, I didn't think about taking it that way LOL reminds me of one of my clients, she quit when she dropped 2 cup sizes. She didn't realize they'd get smaller and that was that.

  • Aww.  What a shame!  But hilarious!